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The Hellbent Hanchosky’s: Threats, Violence, Lawsuits & A Stolen Child (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


The Hanchosky’s are an absolutely horrible, horrific and hellbent family.  Their only goal and aspiration in life appears to be at this point in time is to have an article removed regarding their son/brother Erik Hanchosky.  The article being referenced is “Erik Hanchosky: A Deadbeat Father, Womanizer & The O.W.E Front (North Ridgeville, Ohio)“, which was published on 7/31/18 and outlined his court documented physical abuse, his alleged refusal to see or support some of his children and the nearly $20,000 in court documented unpaid child support.

Afterwards the Hanchosky family had berated Erik’s ex wife to the fullest extreme.  Reportedly preventing her from seeing her son.  Allegedly forcing her to have to file court paperwork and proceedings in an effort to do so, even though they have a shared custody agreement.  When she would make attempts to pick up her son, the family would be there waiting, screaming at the top of their lungs, threatening her on sight and even before she arrived, blaming her for the article, when in reality, there’s only one person to blame… Erik Hanchosky.

UPDATE 9/4/2018:  It has been reported that mother of one of the children is now able to see her child and that her and the Hanchosky’s are on speaking terms.  As a result the actions and the preventative measures that were taken place previously are no longer in effect regarding the refusal of allowing her to see her children.

Other family members from the Hanchosky bloodline all stepped up into high gear after the first article ran.  With more threats of violence, verbal and even physical altercations exploding in all directions.  Anyone and anything that stood in their way from trying to save Erik’s precious and pathetic reputation came crashing down in a burning ball of fire (or so they would have liked hehehe).

Eric Hanchosky

Erik Hanchosky is a deadbeat father, womanizer & shady business owner.

Erik Hanchosky has been recorded both on audio and via text messages threatening to “kill and beat” name redacted upon sight.  He has also gone as far as to mention that name redacted has a paid contract hit out for this same individual.  Hanchosky continues to show his aggression instead of changing his ways.  He seems to think that people will live in fear of him – perhaps because he has gotten away with it the entirety of his life?  Erik is nothing more than a womanizer

Deborah Akin (Hanchosky)

deborah hanchosky
Deborah Hanchosky

The mother, Deborah Hanchosky, Deborah Wohleber, Deborah Jeanne & Deborah Akin (how many men did this bitch marry for fuck sakes?), has threatened to sue everyone to kingdom come and back again.  Beautiful thing is that she just may do so, however, libel/slander/defamation of character doesn’t come into play when user information is submitted that is factually based.  In addition, if Scumbagged were to be named off of said submission, the case would be entirely thrown out of court as we are protected underneath the CDA (Communications Decency Act) established by the Federal Government underneath then President Bill Clinton.  This act explicitly protects website owners and operators from being held liable or even being named in any possible suit or litigation pertaining to a publication or submission related to a third party. We haven’t even invoked “freedom of speech” at all yet either you #feminazi?

As if that shit isn’t enough… Deborah even went as far as to contact one of the mother’s bosses at work.  Literally, placing a phone call, attempting to cause the woman to lose her job, making up stories, telling lies, threatening to sue, all in an effort to shift the blame in the multi-faceted diversion tactic plot.  Not so fucking fast you evil sick and twisted granny you… 

Not So Fun Fact:  Deborah (insert last name here – could be Belle, as in Albert Belle for gods sake, oh we know, we know) rents two properties that she owns to her children, one to Erik and one to Jennifer.  She receives tax write-offs at the end of the year for renting these properties.  The kicker?  She doesn’t receive any rent for them from her children.  Which means in a nutshell she isn’t renting the properties but owns them and therefore the tax write-offs that she greedily claims each year are falsified, ie; tax evasion.  Not to mention one of the properties she owns a business is being operated and ran out of.  Tssk… Tssk…

Fun Fact:   Deborah (insert last name here) is married to Allen Joseph Akin (the super drunk who had to give Akin & Akin in Ridgeville to his sons) and you make a perfect, and I mean absolutely perfect couple.  Got wet brain from all that liquid you consume?  Hey Allen, maybe next time when you’re plowing your driveway you’ll think twice about being shitfaced and you won’t run another innocent driver off the road (Case Rd., to be precise).

Introducing the drunk snow plow man, Mr. Akins of Akin & Akin.

COBRA Says:  This is my opinion 🙂 (attorney please see previous first 4 words, jackass).  One question here, who the fuck do you people think you are?  You think money buys silence?  You think money or threats squash first amendment rights?  You think you’re above freedom of speech?  You think you’re all a bunch of tough ass gangsters running your mouths threatening women?  Taking children?  You gotta be kidding me.  Sue us you fucking pieces of shit, we’ll counter sue you – with evidence, legit evidence, defamatory conversations and we’ll record the entire proceeding and PERSONALLY run a special expose on your entire fucking charade again.  You fucking cocksuckers ain’t shit, you have zero power – start doing the right thing already you god damn busters.

The Bottom Line:  The Hanchosky’s are horrible indeed.  The family is ran like a wannabee mafia.  One that see’s an awful lot of properties that are owned by mommy dearest that really make you start to question things.  Question things as to the validity of all this money, if she’s claiming all of this rent and income, if she’s really truly hiding her sons company under her name and absorbing that income as well.  Is there a front operation somewhere in the mix here?   All of these things are of interest.  These are all things that show the true character of a woman who is hell bent on protecting her son at any and all costs, even if that means throwing children to the wayside.  Scumbagged.com will not sit by idly and allow for threats to deter our users submissions, we never have and never will and as stipulated in the past, aggressive actions are always met with aggressive responses.  You all deserved this.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  People like the Hanchosky’s are self-centered, self serving, selfish people.  They are takers, they take, take, take.  They will do whatever they can to protect their name and their families, at any cost and at any expense.  You’ve been warned…