In May of 2018, Nate Hill began a campaign to get my cousin removed from a property she shared with a member at Upward Christian Fellowship in Flat Rock North Carolina & where Nate is Jr. Pastor. He stated the church disapproved of people living together out of wedlock & that church people were talking about it. My cousin couldn’t leave as she would become homeless & had lived there for over a year & had rights as a tenant. Nate stated the property belonged to him & several unnamed members of UCF.  He stated the property had been sold and she would have to leave as the new owners were moving in in 3 days.

Nate & another member then threw her stuff out on the front lawn & changed the door locks so she couldn’t get in.  Shortly before this, a member gave me the number of someone who had an RV for sale. It was listed on eBay & a classified website. I bought the RV so my cousin wouldn’t have to sleep in the woods or her tiny subcompact car which someone wrecked while driving drunk totaling the vehicle.  A vehicle he had no permission to drive.  The RV owner said it was in perfect condition, all maintenance was up to date…

Shortly after the sale it had to be sent back to the factory for repairs/maintenance/engine work, all of which RV owner lied about. I had to buy my cousin a car. The whole thing cost me over $30k. When I threatened said church member with a lawsuit & court he came forth and told me everything. He told me that he & Nate got kickbacks from the RV deal & that it was really he that wanted my cousin out so his GF (the woman he was seeing behind my cousin’s back) wouldn’t find out nor his landlord which is Prodigy Inc., not Nate Hill.  His landlord didn’t allow subletting which my cousin knew nothing of.

nate hill
Nate Hill

Member said he was blackmailing Nate because Mr. Hill was cheating on his wife with a man, stealing from the church, stole from his previous church & secretly trying to get church people on his side so he could overthrow the Sr. Pastor & take his job.  Mr. Hill told me personally when I spoke with him that he would contact church members & try to find my cousin a place to live so she wouldn’t become homeless. He didn’t follow through & later said he wasn’t concerned if her son had to sleep on the ground. In fact, he said, “whatever happens is the will of God” & “it’s better to be homeless & walk in the path of righteousness.” He also conveyed that it wasn’t that unsafe for a woman to sleep in the woods.

HAWK Says:  This is blasphemous.  For someone to intentionally undermine another pastor all the while intentionally defrauding and deceiving the masses only means one thing.  That person isn’t godly, they aren’t sincere about their faith and have only selfish, self-centered & evil aspirations. 

I told him I thought he was a moral fraud, liar & hypocrite & that I knew about the blackmail, cheating, church theft. He responded by threatening me & letting me know they (UCF) had the police, sheriff’s dept. & local homeland security in their back pocket. He said they made a lot of donations to law enforcement. I assume he meant legal, political contributions as he didn’t elaborate.

upward christian fellowship church
Upward Christian Fellowship Church

I couldn’t say church member’s name, my attorney advised against it because I’m currently suing him. I will say this person is a convicted felon for meth distribution (cook), still uses drugs (he admitted to me he does), keeps guns in his house which is a parole violation, with 2 DUI’s who was abusive to my cousin during their relationship. This is the person Nate took up the cause of illegal eviction & lied for.

Said church member is also in a leadership position at the church. These men are also supposed role models for young men & women in the church. Nate Hill Fletcher NC aka Nathaniel Elliot Hill-Asheville NC, Flat Rock NC (Upward Christian Fellowship Flat Rock NC) had no remorse for his actions & believed what he was doing was right. I’ve sent messages to the Sr. Pastor but he never contacted me back regarding what transpired.

nate hill
Nate Hill of Fletcher, North Carolina.

The Bottom Line:  It sounds like perhaps it’s time to find an entirely new congregation.  We sincerely hope that you share this article to everyone that is a member at your church so that they are made aware of the conspiracies that are taking place behind the scenes.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Much needed prayer and repentance is owed to account for the depths of which Mr. Hill and “member” went.  It’s a sad day in America when you can’t even trust MULTIPLE people who are in your church to be honest, kind, caring and sincere individuals.  There’s always a bad apple on occasion, but for them to pair up together and attempt to overthrow and overtake the Church in and of itself is utter insanity!




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