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Bridget “The Dopey Dentist” Dorsey: Food Stamps? Sold. Percocets? Snorted. (Elyria, Ohio)


Bridget Dorsey is a strung out junkie with a serious passion for causing problems in her own personal life and that of those around her.  As the saying goes, misery loves company, and this is her miserable ass story…  She’s strung out on percocets, she lost her government food stamps (because she was caught selling them), she has two children who she inadvertently neglects due to her drug use, she’s a liar, she’s also snitched in the past (and lied while attempting to snitch), her mom’s in rehab, her dad’s a crack head (who got evicted from his own home due to said habit) and well, she’s just an overall disaster.

Bridget “The Dopey Dentist” Dorsey allegedly (numerous communications have refuted the claim that Bridget or her friend work at this dentists office) works for a Dentistry in Elyria by the name of Hyatt Kevin J D.D.S (located at 301 East Ave.).    It has been speculated that she received this position based on her looks and the ability to perform “special” tasks.  She is also surrounded by narcotics and other medications, some of which we assume have most likely gone missing (1 or 2 pills here, a bottle there).

Not So Fun Fact:  Bridget also pressed false charges against her ex-boyfriend for a “Domestic Violence” claim.  The charges were dismissed based on her false allegations.  What’s worse than a rat?  A lying rat!

bridget dorsey
Bridget Dorsey is a drug addict and abuser.

Bridget’s currently 32 years old and dating a 21 year old by the name of Josh Kelley.  Mr. Kelley swears up and down that he’s a dope boy, but in truth he’s nothing more than a small timer.  A little fish in a giant pond who likes to rob his potential clients and even the dealers that serve him (anyone up for a dine and dash this evening?).  He’s also strung out on percocets.  Must have been all them titty bumps?

“I work at a dentist you need them gums cut down hoe I’ll hook you up”

HAWK Says:  Just reading through these conversations and the way that she talks truly makes me cringe as a reader.  I would NEVER want her working on my teeth, swiping my credit card or even scheduling my appointments.  Can you say G.H.E.T.T.O!?!?

As if the way she talks to people isn’t bad enough.  Bridget even went as far as to take her menacing on the social networking platform “FaceBook” where she made up blatant lies by saying that she was being stalked by another individual.  When in truth, Bridget is the one who was broken up with, Bridget is the one who walked into her exes home and found another girl (his current girlfriend) in his bed and it was her who started the entire nonsensical drivel pertaining to “stalking”…  All lies here in this FaceBook post of hers folks, all lies.

bridget dorsey
Bridget went out of her way to harass, stalk and then defame another via facebook.

One girl who was harassed profusely by Bridget (see screenshots above) had this to say about her:  “She’s a hating ass bitch that always tries to bring someone down.  Her and her best friend Camilla are both on drugs and work at the same dentistry in Elyria.  It really makes you wonder how the BOTH got jobs there…”

The Bottom Line:  You can only judge a individuals character by the way that they act and the words that they spew.  Bridget’s character grade at this current time is an F.  She fails in kindness, fails in professionalism, fails in common sense and the only thing she passes in is FUCKERY (which isn’t good).

bridget dorsey
Bridget “The Dopey Dentist” Dorsey…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Thinking about dating her?  Or are you her current employer?  In either case, you’ve been officially warned.  She’ll twist and turn your words and make you out to be the bad guy when in truth it’s her whose started the entire fiasco.  #SCUM


  1. This person doe not and has never worked for Dr. Hyatt. Dr. Hyatt’s front desk person has been with him for over 22 years. Please remove post immediately.


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