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Mr. & Mrs. Grinch: How This Elyria Couple Stole More Than Christmas From A Disabled Man (Elyria, OH)


Thirty days have now passed since the “Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser” where Dean & Rochelle Truskolaski (Mr. & Mrs. Grinch) stole Robert Hegedus’s much needed donation money and gift cards – more than $1,000 worth in total.  Money and cards that were donated to help him survive until he healed from an awful accident.  An accident that saw him crushed on his motorcycle and one that ultimately left him wheelchair bound, with several broken limbs and the inability to work or physically support himself.

On Tuesday, November 27th, Dean Truskolaski was confronted in his own driveway concerning this matter where he verbally admitted to only “taking 45 dollars”.   This is a blatant lie.  First, Dean said that he didn’t keep any money, and then he admitted to taking $45.  During this same confrontation, Mr. Truskolaski said that he spent hundreds of dollars from the fundraiser to replace gasoline that he and his wife had used while making errands for the fundraiser.  This is illegal.

Then on the following day, November 28th, Dean admitted to the Elyria Police Department that he did indeed take $300 of Robert Hegedus’s donation money.   The Truskolaski’s had previously stated numerous times (both in public and on Facebook) that they used this money for gasoline for their vehicles.  However, when questioned by the EPD their story changed once again.  It was then altered to them taking $300 (not just $45), and it was used for items for the fundraiser.  Suddenly it was no longer used for fuel (probably because they were informed that it’s actually illegal to use the fundraiser money for gas in this instance).  Dean then proceeded to tell the police that he and Mr. Hegedus had a “verbal agreement” where he would take $500.  This is yet another lie, as there was no verbal agreement in place for the Truskolaski’s to take any money – zero.

Regarding the gift cards, Robert Hegedus’s sister won a gift basket that was donated from Rodan & Fields by a gracious woman named Danielle.  His sister still to this day has not received the gift card that was in the basket.  In addition to the missing gift card in the Roday & Fields basket, there were even more gift cards that were stolen.  In our first article (see: Dean & Rochelle Truskolaski – A Couple of Fundraising Scammers) it was discovered that upwards of 30 gift cards had been stolen by the Truskolaski’s.  A copy of the article was sent to Danielle to make her aware of what had happened. She was skeptical at first, but once she spoke to Robert’s sister and saw what was in her basket she realized that things were indeed stolen from the basket that she had donated.  Included below is a screenshot where you will see Rochelle Truskolaski telling Rodan & Fields (Danielle) that it was her who had won the basket.  This is a lie.   The winner of the basket was Robert Hegedus’s sister who received the basket which included the items that the Truskolaski’s had said were contained within – obviously after removing the gift card…

Proof of theft.

HAWK Says:  Not only did these scumbags take money, they also kept some of the donation prizes for themselves.  How the fuck do these two pieces of shit sleep at night?  This is disgusting, to say the least. 

The Confrontation

On November 27th, 2018, the family of Robert Hegedus confronted Dean Truskolaski at his Elyria home.  During the 7 minute video you will overhear a specific part of the conversation where Dean states “It’s too late you guys already blasted my name, I’ve been trying to reach Rob”.  In regards to giving the money back.  This statement alone is an indicator of guilt in the court of law.  Lot’s of stuttering & alterations in the story, have a listen for yourself…

How Much is Missing?

All in all the total sum of what has been stolen is in excess of $1,000.  In addition to the above screenshot, the screenshots directly below show where Mrs. Truskolaski publicly mentions that they had more than 40 gift cards & filled up her gas tank 5 different times (which goes back to lying to the police about when and where the $300ish in cash that they stole went).

  • $300-350 door cash.
  • Missing upwards of 30 gift cards.
  • Missing door prizes (donations from within baskets).
  • Estimated Theft of $1,100-$1,450

The Sister Speaks

What was given to Robert Hegedus’s sister is only half of what was in the donation basket.

I have seen only a few comments about these allegations being lies but I feel that it is still an important issue to address. I have provided proof, screenshots, details, and dates of everything that has happened. NEWSFLASH: SCREENSHOTS DON’T LIE!! They can say all they want that there’s ulterior motive here, BUT THE FACT IS THIS: THE ONLY MOTIVE IS TO CREATE AWARENESS SO THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE NOT TREATED THE WAY MY FAMILY WAS. I DON’T WANT OTHERS TO BE SUBJECTED TO THEIR LACK OF MORALS AND BEHAVIOR.

To the Scumbagged website, THANK YOU FOR HELPING TO GET THIS STORY HEARD! People can also say whatever they want about this website, but the fact is, if you weren’t doing horrific things, you wouldn’t be on it! Of course it’s all lies, because you’ve been EXPOSED AND YOU DON’T LIKE IT!!!

HAWK Says:  You’re welcome.  We hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and hopefully can get the $300 in cash and upwards of $1,000 in gift cards that were stolen from your brother.

There is also a screenshot provided that expresses how Danielle feels about this situation and what Dean and Rochelle Truskolaski did to my family (shown below).

Robert Hegedus Update:  My brother is currently still going through physical therapy on his legs, and cannot work. He is allowed to walk but it has to remain limited until the bones are completely healed. He was told today by his therapist that his leg might not ever return to normal. It has not been determined at this time when he will be permitted to work again. This has been a tough road for all of us, but we WILL get through it. For the amount of money that Dean makes, he should have never taken that money. What a SHAME. If they ever decide to do the right thing and return his money, these articles can be removed and this will be over. Until that day, I WILL CONTINUE TO SPREAD AWARENESS!

Rob Hegedus

For those interested in helping Rob Hegedus financially until he can get mobile and working again – you can do so by visiting the established GoFundMe below.

Dean & Rochelle Truskolaski stole money & gift cards from a fundraiser.

The Bottom Line:  Dean & Rochelle Truskaloski are officially hereby dubbed Mr. & Mrs. Grinch.  Only two bitter, manipulative, selfish and self-centered individuals would steal money and gift cards from someone who truly needed it.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Hate to say it but this couple is just another piss poor reflection of the city of Elyria.  Speaking of which, have you seen what the Mayor of Elyria has done out there?  It’s something straight out of the Truskaloski playbook…  Mayor Holly Brinda Exposed: Lies, Misappropriations & A Dying City.


  1. The Grinch stutters horribly in the video and you can tell he’s watching his words carefully especially when he mentions that his lawyer said not to talk to them. Totally crazy that someone would do this to anyone, yet it happens all the time in the world. Greed outweighs common decency. You would think for Christmas that these two would just give the man the entirety of the funds that they took and then some to make it right already?!?!? 😳

  2. I know Dean personally and she doesn’t strike me as the type of person to do this. Rochelle on the other hand, I firmly believe that this was her doing. She is definitely capable of doing this. Dean, not so much. He’s definitely covering for his wife.

    • I agree. I’ve known Dean and he is an adulterer but other than that I don’t think he’s the thief here. This was 100% his wife, Shelly.

    • If this is the case he’d do the right thing and return the money THEY stole. Even if in a magical world he didn’t know, he’s still currently keeping the money.

  3. Okay so I’ve just gotta say it……go easy on her folks…..I’m sure that she stole the facial gift cards for a really good reason…..she’s FUCKIN ugly. This skincare line is awesome but it can’t works miracles.

    On the other hand, if she stole gift cards for Sonabella (fat removal) just let her keep those…maybe if she gets 100 pounds sucked out Dean would stop hitting on others.

    Sounds like they are a match made in hell. Give the guy his money back, “Mr. Big Boss” at Republic Waste.

  4. She told people i was on drugs and the state was going to make me give her my child when thats a lie. I went to Rochelle personally and asked her if she wanted my child because i knew i couldn’t afford another child at the time. Tomorrow is my sons 5th birthday and i still have yet to see him. She told people id still be in his life and that was a lie. Shes a horrible person i just hope my child is loved

    • Why don’t you submit her related to this situation? This sounds like something that needs to have its own special place in the world of scumbaggery. It’s one thing to steal donation money from someone, but it’s an entirely difference scenario to steal someone’s child from them. I think this really sheds much needed light into the mentality of these people…

  5. @TRUTHHURTS i dont think i can…. Trust me ive thought about it.. Its been 5 years they are all he knows.. I cant do thst to him.. And i did what i thought was right at the time. I live with regret every day. It was a very poor decision and i know that now but its too late to change it


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