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Mindy Murray – The Toxic Waste and Walking Disgrace (Cincinnati, Ohio)


Mindy Murray is the #1 walking disgrace and toxic waste of human life in the state of Ohio.   Mindy is a lying, stealing, drug using (heroin), cheating, disease filled P.O.S.   She loves dope, loves to lie and manipulate, loves stealing from elderly people when they aren’t paying attention, screw over good people.  She cheats on her boyfriends with both men and women, while carrying and passing stds in the process.

We’re talking about a saint that has 19 mugshots, one for receiving stolen property and five thefts on her record, while she sleeps with every single male and female in the tri-state she possibly can, giving them everything imaginable.  Mindy will go ghost and block good people on social media so she can surround herself with wastes of filth.

She’s never learned how to be truthful and has no life morals because she would rather live “that life” instead of being a mother to her daughter, someone she cares very little about, while blocking people on social media to mask her callousness, something she truly loves doing.

One of the proud pathological liars, thieves, criminals and slut bags you will ever meet and who will drive you crazy.

HAWK Says:  Anyone with this combination of behavioral pattern is truly toxic.

The Bottom Line:  She’s been posted numerous times all across the web and probably for a good reason.  She’s out there ruining marriages and relationships, using drugs to the extreme and stealing and sleuthing her way through life to get them.   Definition of a scumbag…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Stay away from Mindy Murray, if you see her coming, run the other way.


    • She and Darren Ambler would make the perfect match. Both are extreme sex addicts, love drugs, love to hurt and manipulate people without any remorse, and in the case if her, loves to steal without remorse, and use people because she doesn’t have the character to do things in life the right way. Cannot justify someone who loves drugs, stealing, bi-sexuality, and collecting mugshots like her. Add the fact she thinks she should be exempt from her transgressions and the disgrace of a human being she is speaks more about who she is at the end of the day.

      She once told her daughter that drugs are ok and it’s no big deal.

      Let that sink in.

  1. Agree- Mindy is scum city. On an equal level with Darren Ambler. Just as mentioned above that Mindy told her daughter Drugs are ok? I am sure Darren Ambler would tell his kids it is ok to be a Prostitute- and to do drugs and ok to watch Pornography…Right- that is what he does. He would be a Hypocrite to teach his kids otherwise. CORRECT!


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