If Timothy Kopp isnt in an Old Brooklyn or Parma local tavern getting hopped up on cocaine, drinking until sunrise and driving around drunk in his beat up dodge –  he’s off making fake fucking facebook profiles in his mother’s basement.  This narcissist has faked suicide attempts on multiple occasions.  In a recent and fictitious profile he pretended to be an individual by the name of Kim Evanhoff (pictured below) where he faked yet another suicide attempt in an effort to get pity from friends and family.  After being caught he deleted the post that he submitted.

He blocks his family from these disgusting things that he does all while having friends he loves and cares about left worrying to death about him.  I don’t know why he intentionally hurts people but it’s truly a sick and demented thing to plan on multiple occasions.

He gets his enjoyment by attempting to make others miserable, keeps them liquored up and gives away his prescription drugs – to just about anyone. He feeds others addictions to make himself feel needed.  It’s wrong and downright sickening.

Anyone involved please be warned. This guy will break you down, and you know what they say…. Misery sure does love company.

HAWK Says:  This is pathetic, why or what would possess someone to do this?  Only one answer folks.  A scumbag….

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  This is something that would be reminiscent of a high school drama or a toxic puppy love relationship (even then it’s a stretch).  Mr. Kopp needs to seek some treatment and enjoy life for what life offers instead of craving attention in the absolute worst ways…


  1. This is completely false and someone who is obviously hurt and upset with the choices their family member made and can not place the responsibility on them and is choosing to place the blame on someone else. Unfortunately this world is full of people who can’t accept that their family or loved ones have issues and constantly think it’s the people around them when it’s really them. Pretty sure the only scum bag is the person who choose to Harrase and slander tim for their own pleasure. Very ironic huh

  2. Well I found the article that I’m desperately getting blamed for. This is great, really.. I wish I could take credit but I can’t. If were talking of the passing of my sister, I obviously came to terms with and face it daily with my family. With all of the HARASSMENT I recieve continuously from your father, Tim, Micaela.
    If I want to out Tim, I would screen shot the hundreds of calls and texts, post videos of him driving by and send in the hundreds of messages he sends me. So like I said when you took it upon yourself to message me over you dad, i understand your loyalty lays with him. But according to “mutual acquaintances” of ours, he definitely uses your weakness to his advantage too. I mean it when I say I hope your road to recovery is a smooth one. I’d never wish that on anyone.
    If you’re looking for other people that Tim and his borderline personality disorder has constructed in his head that’s at fault for everything bad in his life, I’m pretty low on that list.
    Was it also the state troopers cars fault he crashed into drunk? Its mindblowing how much harrassment I’ve recieved considering he’s still on probation…
    To whomever wrote this, it’s a pretty clear picture. Thumbs up.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss my heart breaks for you. Please do not take what this piece of shit says into consideration. I know him he is harmless but he has a lot of issues. He is trying to drown the guilt with alcohol and drugs but that’s no excuse to treat your family how he does. It’s disgusting. Please understand he only acts this way because he has NOTHING to lose. If he ever had any love for your sister, he would understand the relationship you two shared and back off. His actions speak volumes. Keep that in mind and God bless you and your family.

    • Cocaine, fentanyl, ethanol… Acute intoxication. You partked ,you bought the alcohol, dude you had over brought the drugs, your sister died

  3. slan·der
    Learn to pronounce
    the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation.

    For it to b slander the info has to be fqlse any1 who knows Tim will agree with this post


  5. I have a video from my bar of this man, how do I submit it into this website? I also have many pictures and proof of how much truth is written throughout this post. I’m glad someone (lightly) exposed Tim for who he really is. This man has made his (now) ex wife’s life hell, his children’s lives hell, one of which I’m assuming is defending him and everyone who has ever cared about him has been continuously slapped in the face by him. He suffers from mutiple mental illness but none of which that would cause him to act out in such disgusting, volatile, scumbag ways. He only attempts to beat down people that are at their lowest but seems to forget that there’s so much others have set aside until the time is right to use against him. I have made many friends with multiple bar owners near and far and this man is a known nuisance, truthfully, I’m suprised he hasn’t been picked up by now where he resides. It seems as if many of us neighborhood bar owners have banned him and reported him multiple times to Parma and Old Brooklyn police departments for drinking and driving. Please contact me further via email for video’s, etc.

  6. Interesting read considering it’s all lies. Y’all wanna believe this bs cuz ya know, it’s on the internet so it must be true I know this story from the beginning cuz I worked with this junkie that this is about. Sooooo, let me spill the fkn tea for y’all. This was posted by Melissa Mickey after her junky half sister Sarah Hendricks overdosed and got herself dead on alcohol, cocaine and fentynal. Her half sis wants to blame this man who was trying his best to help this cum dumpster get clean to no avail. When I worked with this Chick she was dopesick all the time, unless our meth head boss gave her perks, or one of her people brought her drugs. These people included her other half sister Pam Mickey, her cousin whatever and her aunt who seemed more of a homeless bag than anything. It was bad enough that our. Meth head boss had paid attention and busted her and sister junky with others out front of the bar crushin and snorting perks. Now, let’s move along to Tim, one of the only people I saw give a shit about this chick and wasn’t trying for just a parking lot blowjob. This Miss as her white trash friends know her doesn’t know this dude Tim, if she says she meanr him more then once she’s a liar. But hey, whatever cuz most everything she put in this post, then edited later has been false. First she says she doesn’t blame tim for the junky sisters death, this bit*h put notes and her sisters funeral card on his car saying “you did this.” But ya know, she’s innocent and didn’t do anything. (Bats eyelashes innocently) Tim wasn’t around, wasn’t contributing and had zero to do with anything they did that night. This. Miss Chick bought the alcohol, the cocaine and provided the place to party. Sarah overdosed to death partying with her own sister who then tried to blame anyone she could, including this guy. Tim did nothing but try to help her sta d on her own two feet with his help but the ho kept right on going to where she could get high. He broke up with her when he found out she was getting high, a heroin addict. But at first just thought it was pills and he could help. Not when your whole family gertin you high. This guy gave her a car, then had to take it back cuz she got her license yanked cuz of a theft warrant in parma. This guy bought her clothes, loaned her money for rent when she lied about her lil fuck dude not paying then turned around months later and loan her a couple grand cuz she bought drugs with the money he originally loaned her. This Chick can go on about being harassed but the facts are, he blocked her and certain members of her family that harrassed him. Notes on his car, stupid comments on posts he put on this junky chicks page when he was mourning, having her friends text fucked up messages to him and even after blocking her, she had her friend from brookpark try to add him on Facebook. Why? So she could continue with the omg he’s harassing me bs. All this is bs, from he has no aunts (who just recently we’re on channel 8 news for their business) to this sh!t about hitting a trooper. Honey, yes he did have an accident but it was a state construction vehicle that was abandoned so the other vehicles could go get high. Look up the records just like I did on the theft case on her junky sis. Not too hard to verify lies. You can also look up the judgement dude won from the state over that one, that whole crew lost there jobs except the one that came forward. This bit*h doesn’t wanna come to terms with their actions so it’s easier to blame others. There are plenty of us that know what REALLY happened and what your sis was all about. This bit*h got the balls to talk to his daughter like this, imagine where here morals lie. God I could go on and on, this bit*h met a good one ans just like what happens.most of the time, it never goes unpunished.

  7. This is Melissa, Sarah’s youngest sister. Let me clarify a few things on this after it being brought to my attention that there were new comments from another person/profile that no one has heard of. In response to “Kathy’s” comment:

    My sister did unfortunately fall victim to the vicious cycle of an addict. Like so many others, I’m sure she’s made mistakes while in active addiction. It’s heartbreaking but so glad that at one point she was able to talk openly with us about them. One thing about Sarah, she really was a lot harder on herself than anyone else could be. Yeah, I bought alcohol to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 16th, the day before my sisters passing. To be exact I bought a 12 pack of her favorite beer. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t and never supplied my sister, who I (alongside so many others) desperately wanted to stay clean with any kind of drugs.

    Here for everyone reading all of these comments and exaggerated stories let me just say this:
    When all of this happened, I needed someone to blame because in my head, my big sister and woman I looked up to— couldn’t have been at fault. I hurt so bad that I wanted to make sure everyone who ever did anything remotely wrong or that I felt contributed to her life as an addict needed to feel just an ounce of mine and her families pain. I’ll own up to that and apologize on blaming anyone for Sarah’s passing. At the end of the day, Sarah was dancing with the devil and as hard as it is to admit: Sarah is the only one to blame for her choices.

    For months and months after Sarah’s death, I was harassed about my sisters untimely passing. Most of it stopped after filing 2 police police reports within the city of Parma. I understand a lot more now than I did when I was forced to go through all of this. Truly, none of this extra shit matters any longer, I’m not filled with anger and bitterness. I’m no longer searching for answers or someone to blame. I don’t need closure and I’m not filled with constant wonder. I know what happened, I know who was a positive person in Sarah’s life and I know who wasn’t.

    With whatever comes of this and whoever reads this: Throughout everything. My sister might’ve done her share of dirt, became an addict and within that hurt those around her but god when she was her true self: she really was such a beautiful person. A loving mother, caring daughter and faithful sister. A loyal friend and someone to confident in. She would have your back and give you the shirt off of hers if you needed it. Those who knew the real Sarah are the ones I don’t need to explain anything to: they understand whole heartedly how on March 17th 2018 the world lost a little bit of its light.

    So to whoever is still commenting on this trying to hurt feelings of mine or my family, you can’t. Hate is baggage and not worth carrying. No longer checking this, continue to spew whatever hatred you want. Tell the humiliation that comes from a person being an addict and really pray that one day you don’t have to go through what mine and so many other families have had to live through. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


    P.S. We don’t love in halves, Sarah was mine and pams whole sister just from anotha mistaaaa. God do I miss her.


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