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The Final Round: The Thot Tiebreaker Decided by T.K.O (Lorain County, OH)


Four months have passed since “The Thot Tiebreaker”  which featured two Lorain County men (Jesse Bender & Matt Kantura) fighting over one Elyria girl (Alexandra Boulton).  The fighting had gone on for many months, with numerous physical and verbal assaults taking place during the time.  Throughout it all,  neither one ever landed the decisive final blow that would have declared who would win the cold heart and luke warm center of Sasha Marie.

Public data at the time (based on a Scumbagged poll) had shown a slight advantage given to Jesse Bender (133 votes) over Matt Kantura (77 votes).  At one time a Facebook video had surfaced that showed a brief fight (see video down below) between the two and saw Bender surrounded by upwards of 5-10 people.  Although none chose to jump in, they were all sorely disappointed with the performance of the fight that transpired between the two men.

COBRA Says:  The events that followed after “The Thot Tiebreaker” showed only one clear route to declaring a winner, here’s the results…

The Original & The Video

The original article, which can be found by clicking here will give you a full history of what this situation is all about.  The video below shows the last fight that the two had (if you wan’t to call it that).

The Loser – Matt Kantura

On 12/19/2018 Matthew Kantura decided that his past relationship status, all of the bickering and fighting was finally enough when he lost all sense of self and went on a brutal attack.  Punching a woman in the face and attacking his own father.  Getting into a dispute with the police and finding himself roughed up (with a black eye) and placed in the Lorain County Jail with felony Domestic Violence charges and an over indictment for Burglary (which will surely be dropped).  Matt still rests in the Lorain County Jail…

Statistical Data:

  • Fights Won:  1
  • Fights Lost:  1
  • Fights Tied:  1
  • Drug of Choice:  Pussy
  • Bond:  $50,000

See News Article:  Man Punched Dad & Woman (The Chronicle)

The Thot – Sasha Marie

Sasha Marie (Alexandra Marie Boulton) also had a run-in with the law recently stemming from a Menacing charge.  One where she apparently had gotten into an argument with her own brother.  Over what, who knows?  One thing is for certain, she was the center of attention during the entire drama sequence and she deserves to take some of the credit for that.

Statistical Data: 

  • Fights Won:  N/A
  • Fights Lost:  N/A
  • Drug of Choice:  Dick
  • Bond:  Posted ($250)

See News Article:  Alexandra Marie Boulton – Locked up for Menacing

The Winner – Jesse Bender

It would appear that Jesse Bender had managed to weather the storm throughout all of the turmoil and turbulence that ensued since the original bouts began.  Bender, is the only one of the three who has managed to remain out of jail, un-bruised and apparently entirely unaffected from the entire situation.

Based on a variety of factors, previous wins during fights (1-1-1), lack of recent incarcerations and an apparent “I don’t give a fuck about the bitch” attitude.  Hands down, the winner of this battle goes to Jesse Bender.  The dude weathered the storm, both on and offline, keeping a cool nonchalant approach in most situations, short on words via social networking when others would fly off at the mouth and only backing up his words with fists (even when faced against upwards of 10 or more people – or the threat thereof).  Granted, the fights we’ve witnessed aren’t the most decorated, but in a nutshell Jesse has come out on top and apparently moved on.  Probably secretly laughing to himself the entire time.

Statistical Data:

  • Fights Won:  1
  • Fights Lost: 1
  • Fights Tied:  1
  • Drug of Choice:  Alcohol
  • Bond:  None (currently)

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  When it comes down to a whore, why fight?  Just fuck, keep your mouth shut, know what the situation is, understand the situation and don’t try to change the situation.  People are who people are, nobody can change that.  You can change yourself though & can certainly make matters worse (or better).  Always choose the high road, or in this case simply avoid the center tunnel straight to damnation!


  1. Remained out of jail my ass! That POS Jesse just got arrested for assault & domestic violence 2 days ago! He hasn’t come out on top, nor moved on. I wonder who his domestic violence was against. Those 2 are living together, but what’s interesting is that as soon as Jesse goes to jail, she has Matt over her house! Nobody’s winning in their love triangle!


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