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An Unfit Mother: Amber Board’s Child Abuse Continues (Elyria to Webber, OH)


Amber Board, 28 of Elyria Ohio is the unfit mother of four children.  She has been accused of child abuse numerous times in the past.  The most recent complaint stems from allegations that her and her boyfriend (Devin) have been raping and beating them. This has been reported numerous times and the cops have still not done anything about it. Their children need justice and these two need to go to jail…

Where they live they have no water for the kids to shower, they have very little food and the food that they do that have is all located in a single room for the kids to fight over.  Her children are aged 2, 3, 5 & 6.   The 5 year told is in custody right now and was recently taken to the hospital.

COBRA Says:  If this shits true, this mother needs to be incarcerated, along with the boyfriend.  If local police are taking these allegations lightly, children services as well, then they also need to be held accountable.

Devin, the boyfriend.

On October 25th, 2018, Amber Board was arrested for interference with custody related to a situation that unfolded regarding one of her children.  She was briefly incarcerated until she posted her bond.

Child Abuse Information:  As of this writing her whereabouts are uncertain.  It has been reported that she moved to Webber Ohio in an effort to escape local inquiries into the welfare of her children.  If anyone has definitive information on the living environment and status of these children they are urged to contact the Child Abuse Help Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800 442-4453.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Don’t have kids if you don’t want to take care of them and love them.  If you do have them and your mentality changes, give them to a family member or up for adoption.  Do not subject them to this type of life out of selfishness for food stamps and government assistance.  Pathetic!


  1. If you’re going to write a story, you might want to get facts straight. Boyfriends name is wrong and so is the city she moved to.

    • We assume you are one of the father’s that reached out to us via email. As we stated in our response. If facts are wrong, then submit the information to correct what is misspoken. Either way, we don’t know who you are, who she is, or have a clue regarding this submissions. It’s a user based publication, just like the rest. Thanks.

  2. As usual, you have all of your information wrong. But the truth will be told, IN COURT, not on social media. This is a hard-working young woman who only has her children’s best interests at heart. She is a victim of two very abusive men, who will stop at nothing to hurt her. This is sinful.

    • @Mark Bauer, the fathers actually are the ones that asked this be taken down and there are government officials and hospital officials that will be testifying in court so yes the truth will come out in court. Why don’t you stop using fake names. And Amber hasn’t worked in a long time or actually taken care of her kids.

    • The 5 year olds father previously obtained an etc by lying to a magistrate in Lorain Country, and running a social media smear campaign. The ETC was dropped as soon as his lies were discovered. This man’s fiance cannot give him kids because she is his FIRST COUSIN. So NOW he has an interest in the child he has ignored for 5 years. The second father is a sociopathic serial reproduce who doesnt take care of ANY of his 5 children.

  3. That’s hilarious because the father of the 5 years old got fixed two years ago because he doesn’t want anymore kids. And the ETC was dropped because children services closed their case. And they are NOT first cousins, just more lies that Amber the Whore Board spreads. And he has emails that he sent to Amber stating he wanted to see Makena and he has the records from when he tried to go through mediation to see Makena and Amber threatened him everytime and refused to let him see her. All these records will be shown in court. And the other father is the only one who has been taking care of his girls and making sure they have what they need, while Amber spent the child support on herself, those records are also going to be shown in court. Along with police testimony and hospital records. Keep believing Amber the whore Board. She’ll kick your old ass to the curb when she is done with you.

    • I know where the f****** chomo f****** w**** is she going to get her ass beat and something’s going to be done about her f****** ass

  4. Oh Amber the whore board is just that a fucking whore, she goes after married men and breaks up there familys. She don’t care about anyone except that nasty ass pussy she has. If you look up her old account on Facebook she wrote this bog ass note about not wanting to be pregnant in the first place. The truth always comes out everyone who is standing up for this nasty ass whore will see the truth people are good at hidding the shit they do. I pray she never see me or I’m gonna take her down! Not only did she fuck up the lives of her OWN children but she fucked up the lives of my 5 children. I hope she fucking goes to jail! Or that someone beats her ass she deserves it!!!

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