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Lewis Wade & Joe White Kidnapped, Raped & Robbed Me – Then Got Away With It (Elyria, OH)


In February of 2013 I left work at 11:00 pm and decided to go to Crissy’s Lounge in North Ridgeville to have a drink.  I was only there for maybe an hour, had 3 shots and was having a fairly good time besides being harassed by the club’s bouncer, Lewis Wade – he just wouldn’t leave me alone.   Upon drinking my last shot (which was my fourth) I noticed that I started to feel different, not drunk, but different.  At this point Lewis continued to approach me and repeatedly asked if I would go home with him.  I wen’t to the bathroom and told multiple girls that I did not want to leave with Lewis Wade and that I didn’t feel right and wasn’t sure what was wrong.

After leaving the bathroom I pretty much blacked out.  It was at this moment in time when Lewis Wade and another man, Joe White, told the bar owner that they would take me home – even though my car was in the parking lot.  The fact that I only had 4 shots should have been a clear indicator that my drink was laced with something. I was unable to walk on my own and that was when Lewis dragged me outside.  At that moment a woman I knew came outside to see if I was okay and told Lewis that she would take me home.  Lewis told her that he was going to take me home to my boyfriend and shoved me in the driver seat of the vehicle and slammed the door.  I couldn’t talk or move my body, I was lifeless, but I do remember hearing some things.  The girl said that she had tried to follow the car but Lewis and White started speeding and lost her.

This is when Lewis and Joe, instead of taking me home dragged my body to a motel in Oberlin.  Lewis used his ID to check into the room and at this point in time everything was a blank because I was totally unconscious.  There was absolutely zero consent given by me and or on my behalf for the things that followed…

Lewis Wade
Joe White

I woke up two days later in a dark room that had a TV playing porn.  I was totally disoriented and somehow managed to make my way into the bathroom and that’s when I saw that I had blood and bruises all over me.  I found my purse and all my money was gone ($300 stolen).  I then stumbled outside and it was snowing.  I had no shoes, no jacket and wen’t to the front desk – where I called my mom.  I was 19 years old at the time and scared out of my mind.  I had also just had a baby and all I could think about was how grateful I was to be alive.

My mom called the cops and when they showed up they took pictures of me and then I was taken to the hospital.  The cops were also able to identify Lewis Wade by his identification that he had used to get the room.  I was able to recognize him and honestly I was surprised that he would do this to me.  At the hospital I had to endure people looking at and inspecting my body, scraping samples from my privates and thighs.  For anyone who doesn’t know, a rape kit isn’t pleasant and no one should ever have to go through what I went through.  I was basically treated like a piece of meat.

After the DNA came back it was positive for Lewis Wade.  They had found it located on my thigh.  The results confirmed that he had cummed on me and his DNA was already in the system at the time because an ongoing case (Oberlin Man Cleared of Child Rape Charge) that he had for being accused of molesting a 1 year old baby.

During the course of the police investigation, Crissy’s Bar tried to lie and say that I was never even at the bar (even though my car was still parked at Crissy’s from the night I was sexually assaulted).  After two long agonizing years and hoping for justice to be served all I got was a call telling me “the prosecutor doesn’t want to take the case because I was drinking alcohol”.  Essentially, they had totally voided the fact that I was kidnapped, raped & robbed.  They didn’t care that one of my shots were laced, they didn’t care that I blacked out and was taken for 2 days.  Totally unfair and unjust.

Lewis Wade and Joe White shouldn’t be free to walk this earth, they should be rotting away in a jail cell for the rest of their lives.  Justice wasn’t served for me but maybe I can prevent it from happening to someone else.  If you know some one who has been a victim of rape or abuse please don’t stay silent!  Your voice should be heard!  Men need to learn they can’t just rape a woman and get away with it.  I hope they both burn in hell!

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip: If you are a victim of sexual assault or have gone through anything like what our submitted wen’t through above please use the available resources below to get assistance.  RAINN provides a free, 24/7 & confidential National Sexual Assault Hotline.


  1. Ass holes like this won’t last in prison there all tough now but when Bubba rolls up on then they will drop to their knees and the funny thing is they will like it the need taken out in a field and shot on the spot

  2. I believe you and you aren’t alone! Lewis Wade raped me back in 2011 when I was a college student at Oberlin. I didn’t feel like I could report it at the time, but when I saw your story a few years ago, I made an official report. Oberlin PD hasn’t followed up since, but I hope they get this man off the streets. He is a serial offender and I don’t believe he will stop on his own. I hope you have found some healing!

  3. This man assaulted me in the club at Crissy’s back in like 2014 or 2015. He wasn’t working there anymore; just having a drink, but I remembered him as the former bouncer. He stole my phone off of the table nearby the stage floor while I was up on stage dancing and not paying attention. I’ve never had to deal with that in any club in my life. What a broke bitch. When I got off stage I was asking people if they saw anyone take my phone and one of the customers pointed him out. He had my white iPhone right in his hand. I walked right up to him n tried to snatch it out of his hand and he started hitting me. He was wailing on me so hard it knocked my wig off. There were several men in the club, including the owner, but the only people that helped me were all the girls I worked with. They all came around him and started hitting him until he let go of me. Pretty sad that in a room full of men the women had more balls than anyone there. It took me getting dressed, packing all of my shit, proceeding to walk out, and saying that I quit for the owner Kosta to finally call the fucking cops. He went and stalled him, because the idiot was miraculously still outside, and the cops showed up. I told them what happened. They went outside, searched his car, and found my phone in his trunk. I proved it was mine by typing in my password. Get this, though – they didn’t arrest him for assault! Of course not! They only arrested him for the theft of my phone, and the piece of shit bonded out the same night. The cops said they weren’t arresting him for assaulting me because apparently he lied and said I put my hands on him and he has a “heart condition.” Mind you this man towered over me at 6 foot something, 200 something pounds, and a former fucking bouncer! I’m a very short, petite, thin woman. How the hell would I be able to fight back against that giant gargantuan fuck? I found out the that night at the hospital that he broke my pinky finger from when I was trying to cover my face when he was hitting me. I should have taken my X-ray as proof and pursued further action but I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that it would cause me more trouble than it was worth. I regret it so much, but I had a horrible feeling that he would get a slap on the wrist and just bond right out like last time, and then possibly even come after me. I was young and scared. Reading this article sent shivers up my spine. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. The North Ridgeville police department failed the both of us, and looks like the worthless justice system failed an innocent, helpless little baby, as well. I saw that when researching him after he assaulted and robbed me and I was sick to my stomach. The North Ridgeville Police department treated the dancers like we were nothing countless times. They never advocated for us and would often come in and arrest us for stupid reasons. One came in when only 2 of us were working. There was 1 customer in the bar beside the undercover. The 1 customer tipped us both on stage and the cop gave us tickets. Apparently Kosta was operating a Gentleman’s Club without a fucking license, yet failed to warn any girl. I’m so glad that hell hole got shut down, but I’ll never forget most of the wonderful ladies and our DJ that worked there – Rest in peace, Eddie. I hope Lewis and this other monster get put away before they end up doing this shit again if they haven’t already. Law enforcement treats sex workers like garbage, and rape victims, as well. They also treat people that are being stalked like it’s no big deal. Another person that assaulted me is already scheduled to get out of prison for assaulting other women. It blows my mind how Lewis Wade is still out there on the street after everything he has done. I am so wholeheartedly sorry to the person above me that was also assaulted by him. My blood ran cold this morning coming across this article. I hope you both find healing. I wish all victims out there healing and happiness.


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