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The Prostitution Sisters – Stephanie Guart & Cynthia Matos: Robbed Me At Gunpoint, Then Left Naked & Stranded (Cleveland, OH)


On Saturday March 23rd I picked up an escort named Stephanie Guart.  I met Stephanie from Facebook and she offered me a threesome with her sister, Cynthia Matos.  In order to make the fantasy come true, she said it would cost me double the money.  Stephanie was charging me $150 for full service (no condom, could cum in her if I wanted too – which I had in the past a few times) so I thought why the hell not…  For $300 dollars I would get to have a once in a lifetime night with two sisters.  I was all in, I just didn’t know that the threesome entailed a gun in my face and everything I had being taken from me!

After I had committed to seeing them both, they asked if I could bring some party favors.  Cynthia said she wanted some cocaine and Stephanie said she wanted some weed, I agreed and brought the supplies with me.  Once we got to the hotel both Cynthia and Stephanie got high and it was time to get down to business.  They both took off their clothes and I started having sex with Cynthia.  That’s where everything turned ugly…

Stephanie pulled out a gun and stole my wallet, car keys and threatened to shoot me if I so much as “moved a muscle”.  They then both quickly got dressed and left me naked in a hotel room on Cleveland’s east side.  I didn’t call the cops since I was engaged in illegal activities, but I sure as hell can submit a Scumbagged article alerting the general public to these two scumbags!

Stephanie Guart

HAWK Says: These two chicks aren’t worth $150/ea.  Let alone some party favors.  To pull out a gun and do this makes them worse than the whores they are, far far worse.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Prostitution is illegal in Ohio and only available legally in some counties throughout Nevada.  However it does happen in every single city across the entire continental United States.  With that being said, it’s always advisable to check certain review websites to establish the consistency of a provider.  Otherwise, you just mind wind up naked, destitute and with a serious case of blue balls (or worse – jail, dead, missing in action, etc).  Or you could choose to not pay entirely, but we all know 86% of men will pay at least once in their lifetimes, so why beat around the bush…

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  1. Steph always provides the service for me maybe the dude didn’t come off right or something but now I’ll have to think twice especially since her dude be blowing her phone up like crazy and If he found out I think there’d be a gun in my face lol

  2. Who is this man who are you stop spreading lies this is crazy police will find out who this is man like this is redicoulous

    • Shut your dumb ass up, Imma set something up and have a gun put a gun in your face you nasty whore. Idk this guy but you’re scummy. So be careful who who set another escort up for because you never know my guy might be next and just slump you and throw you in a ditch.


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