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Jeremiah Joe Clark & Jessica Hayes – “The Sick & Twisted Tandem” (Cincinnati, OH)


Jeremiah “Joe” Clark has lived in many places in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area.  He is the boyfriend of Jessica Hayes, a proud dope fiend who loves being around rapists, criminals, and deadbeats just like Jeremiah.  The two of them are perfect for one another and are nothing more than a sick and twisted tandem.

Jeremiah “Joe” Clark is a grade a piece of shit who has proven time after time to be an abusive coward who loves to force himself, and his hands, onto women (was convicted of domestic violence 3 times altogether).  That is Jessica Hayes’ type of man she would leave her kids behind for, which she had admitted in the past because of her own love and desire for drug use.

Jeremiah “Joe” Clark currently will do anything to work for cash because he isn’t man enough to fulfill his child support obligations because he only cares about himself and other criminals like Jessica.  He is also a runner, given his history of running from police and the resisting arrest/evading from police charges.

Whenever Jeremiah sees a woman near and put his hands on her, he puts a smile on Jessica’s face because Jessica takes pride in seeing other women getting raped and assaulted, and those kind of men turn her on and fulfill her sick and twisted fantasies.

Thorough research on Jeremiah “Joe” Clark shows how erratic his behavior is. His charges include rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, possession of meth, possession of heroin, drug paraphanalia, wanton endangerment, criminal mischief, evading the police by foot, evading the police by vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident with a failure to render aid or assistance, OVI, possession of burglary tools, receiving stolen property, alcohol intoxication, disorderly conduct, and many other criminal charges doing back 16 years. He was forced to attend anger management classes and was even declared an endangerment to others due to his charges and mental state.


COBRA SAYS:  This grade A POS is a dope fiend, woman beating deadbeat that is beyond unstable and erratic in his behavior.  He also has warrants in Boone and Pendelton Counties for child support, where he isn’t man enough to show up to court for.


  1. Here’s an update: Jess was caught with her own arrest warrants and is currently at the Kenton County Detention Center for Violating Conditions of her Release. She basically violated being placed on shock probation for the charges of promoting contraband (she allegedly had hidden drugs in her vagina of all places) and possession of meth.

    You can search her mugshot at kentoncountyjail.org.


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