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Carlos “Crackhead” Gainey: The Womanizing, Abusing, Drug Dealing Cheater (Lorain, OH)


LORAIN, OHIO – Carlos Gainey Sr. of Lorain Ohio is a dangerous felon – one whom has been known to exclusively target vulnerable women.  From the outside looking in and to the naked eye would see a family man, a godly man, someone dedicated to their job (CAMACO) and willing to support those that matter the most to him.  However, behind closed doors his home is filled with random women, some of whom who also have worked with him in the past, live with him or nearby – many of whom are under the influence of one drug or another peddled by him.

Gainey has manipulated, physically abused, drugged and essentially corrupted his way through Lorain women for almost half a decade.  The front window of his home was smashed in with a brick by one woman, and he also has an assault conviction that resulted in a TPO against another, was recently arrested for an assault on a different woman and briefly incarcerated at the Lorain County Jail and even went as far as to drug and stalk his next door neighbor.

Testimony from another abused woman, Sharena Monique, who currently resides within the household at 1729 Pennsylvania Court only further depicts the reality of the abused.  She and her children were repeatedly threatened physical harm and she has stated that he is a “fake” and “not a father”.   It should be noted that Sharena has continuously expressed concerns over him placing her and her children in a perilous, manipulative and abusive situation.


Another neighbor was served by Carlos Gainey after he provided her with heroin, crack cocaine and xanax – most recently on January 29th shortly after his shift ended at 2pm from nearby Camaco.  The woman immediately began puking in her toilet and an audio recording was submitted where Gainey and another unidentified woman can be overheard saying “she was just puking in the toilet and her husbands home, well she better hurry the fuck up”.   He also provided this same woman with more drugs and cash at The Quality INN in Elyria on March 13th, 2021 between 4am & 5am when he visited her in her room at #131.  This encounter was secretly recorded.

Carlos Gainey Sr. – Serial Womanizer Locked up for Assault (Lorain, OH)

READERS NOTE:  It should be noted that another individual was recently named, “CHRIS HORTON” by Carlos Gainey Sr. and has been submitted regarding this developing story.

The young woman had reached out to Gainey and informed him that she would be pressing charges against him if he continued to scream through the vents, bang on the walls, or attempt to break into her home again.  It even got to the point when she was in the process of moving that she had to tell him to leave, that she was leaving and that it was over.  Yet, he still persisted.

Carlos Gainey Sr. drove over a bag of heroin which was laced with fentanyl to a woman staying in the room at The Quality Inn in Elyria.  The recorded transaction resulted in an overdose (not at the hotel property) and the young woman being kicked out of the hotel for having too many visitors which even resulted in the manager calling the room while Carlos was still occupying it.

He’s been monitored extensively from several properties adjacent to his own both before and after several women have come forward and accused him of a variety of wrongdoings.  None of which is more disturbing than heroin and crack cocaine distribution in exchange for sex.

Carlos Gainey was recently arrested in the Lorain County Jail stemming from a new assault allegation from another woman.  The Lorain police arrested him while he was making an attempt to refute claims from a different woman who had been accusing him of stalking and corruption related behavior.

FUN FACT:  Carlos Gainey Sr. has had speculation surrounding his sexuality with other men.  A question that is raised by many women stemming from incidents that have arose over the years.  He also spent considerable time (almost a decade) in prison related to drug distribution and drug use in the past.

COBRA SAYS:  Carlos needs to practice living by the words that he himself preaches.  A good place to start would be by not giving heroin to others or coveting thy neighbors wife, things like that are easily seen in broad daylight by the way you fucking scumbag… 


SCUMBAGGED TIP:  Carlos Gainey Sr., is a womanizer and manipulator.  One who will take advantage of any female that comes within his grasp.  He will whisper kind and godly words in one ear and feed them drugs at the same time while taking exactly what he wants – at any cost.  One flying brick, shattered window and broken home at a time.

READERS NOTE:  If you or someone you know have been assaulted or drugged by Carlos D. Gainey of Lorain you are urged to contact us immediately by utilizing our tip-line, email or article submit feature located here.


  1. He did some of the same controlling crap with me when I lived off of Pennsylvania court one time and got me all the way fucked up I got the hell out of that hot mess as soon as it happened wasn’t no drugs involved just some of the same juvenile crap like fucking other bitches was so juvenile for me

  2. Carlos is a racist not sure why that isn’t in here he hates all white people and thinks that everyone is out to get black people. If he isn’t racist he’s 100% prejudice against white people he literally has called them the enemy. Such a godly person, right?

  3. And each and every one of you lying pieces of shit will be brought up in the eventual lawsuit for defamation along with this piece of shit paper that has written all of these lies with absolutely NO FACTS attached to it. Sex offender Rick and his family making bullshit claims with videos that show NOTHING other than recording arguments. Everyones day is coming. I warned you and this paper before. Glad you think its a game.

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