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Ken “Got A Bad Habit” Tackett (Eaton Estates, Ohio)


Hey Scumbagged this guys name is Ken Tackett and he made a horrible decision that affected countless lives forever.  Mr. Tackett is from Eaton Township in Grafton, Ohio & is well known for his prolonged heroin use.  Through his usage he inadvertently helped to seal the fate of someone well known and loved around the Lorain County area.

In January, of 2017, a 28 year old man from Columbia Station suddenly passed away.  His closest friends and family members never saw it coming, as many unfortunately don’t.  The cause of his death was from an apparent opiate overdose.  However, this mans premature demise wasn’t entirely of his own doing.

On the night of January 16th, 2017, the young man from Columbia Station was riding his bike to his “friends” house.  This friend being none other than Ken Tackett.  Mr. Tackett had gotten his friend strung out on heroin and even went as far as to coerce his friend into to using a hypodermic needle.

Ken Tacket

Sad but True:  Ohio has one of the highest death rates in the entire Nation regarding heroin users.

COBRA Says:  The heroin epidemic is one that has claimed the lives of many loved ones across the area.  The sole blame here shouldn’t be put on Mr. Tackett for his alleged actions that transpired that night.  However, we should take into account him being the initial person to get his friend addicted and the last person to ever see him.

Mr. Tackett used his position as the “middle man” to essentially manipulate his own friend (even if he didn’t and still doesn’t see it that way).  His friend had a job and a steady cash flow and this was an opportunity for Mr. Tackett to obtain additional heroin for himself.  He also now had a close friend that he could secretly get high with; because nobody else but these two knew that the young man from Columbia Station was using.

Last text message sent from Mr. Tackett and his friend.

The friend of Mr. Tackett then rode his bike home after leaving Mr. Tackett’s house and that was the last time anyone ever saw him alive.

After his friends death, Tackett went to extreme lengths to distance himself from the carnage he had created.  He also aimed death threats at people who were calling him out on what he had done.  No remorse.

It should be noted that the name of the young man has been removed – as well as extensive textual content – in an effort to preserve his memories and prevent any family distress. 

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Let this article serve as awareness, a wake-up call and a warning.  Friends don’t let friends do HEROIN.  Drugs in general, but especially heroin.  Heroin isn’t something to mess with and if you’re a user and a real friend you shouldn’t bring your friends down with you.  If you, or anyone reading this has drug related issues of any kind you can check into a rehab for free courtesy of the Wellington Police Department.  You can call them: (440) 647-2244 or contact them via messenger on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Wellington-Police-Department-759508177392915/


  1. I find it interesting that this article conveniently leaves out the part about the older heroin using brother of said “friend with a steady income”. How about the fact that this older brother of said “friend” is who got Mr. Tackett using in the forat place. Maybe it was the brotherly love that got the “friend” addicted. How would that make the parents of these 2 boys look if that was known? Citizens knowing that these parents raised and enabled to heroin addicts might not get them the sympathy that they oh so do not deserve.

    • If you have any balls you’re welcome to talk to me instead of hiding behind this shit. Maybe you need to get all facts. Also you are pointing fingers at a hell of a lot of parents. You’re nothing but a pussy

    • Deb, The parents and whomever reported this is hiding behind this website. I am just a spectator with an educated opinion. I know for a fact how the mother of these two boys exploited them through LCCC by enrolling them in online classes that she finished for them. Just to get money from financial aid and tax credits. If that didn’t teach these boys how to be scumbags what did? It is easy to point fingers at Mr.Tackett for being a scumbag but how about realizing there are many more fingers pointing back at the accuser. Why isn’t this “friend” a scumbag? He used heroin too. He had a choice and he made the choice to use heroin and then he made another choice to use hyperdermic needles. No one pinned him down and foeced him into using. How about the author to this site, do these people have any remorse for what they are doing? Do they feel guilty that someone commits suicide after being publicly shamed? These people find joy in dragging others names through the dirt and no one blinks an eye?! Do these authors feel remorse for what they do if it causes someone who is working on getting clean to use again because they have been publicly shamed and ridiculed by this site? Probably not because the post some rehab link and claim to be making a difference. When in actuality these individuals are scumbags themselves. Everyone makes mistakes in life. This “friend” made a mistake that cost him his life, just like many other souls in Lorain County and spanning across our nation. It is not anyone’s fault but his own. So please stop trying to “call me out” because it will never happen. Besides I wouldn’t want to have to pay your hospital bills after I kick your ads and bring you cm from your own death!

  2. None of this article is true besides the fact that at one point in my life I made the decision to use. No I’m not proud of it and yes I’ve overcome that part of my life. Never one time have I ever made someone use nor have I ever introduced someone to such a horrible thing for the first time. We are all grown ups and can take responsibility for our actions. With that being said the only thing I did wrong was take Shane to the scrapyard that morning so he could get money. When I took Shane home he was perfectly okay we messaged a few times throughout the day then around 7:30 he asked for a ride to kaylas his girlfriend. Some how he got there how as far as I know only two people know and ones passed. well I’m sure more know by now because his phone will tell more of what happened after I dropped him off. His parents will never apologize or admit that I’m not lying about what transpired that day

  3. I find it very interesting on all the articles about addicts the scumbagged tips ALL change overnight last night now trying to protect yourself by acting like you care or want the people you are writing about to seek help.

  4. Who’s the real scumbag kenny for being friend’s with somebody that overdosed or the people who are exploiting his death for their own benefit??? You are worthless to point fingers without knowing him or his family they lost a son and are still grieving his loss people like you will get yours i am sorry for all his family & friend’s he was a good soul R.I.P🙏 👼

    • I got a lot of friends never enabled them to do drugs. That not what friends do!!! This guy might still be alive today if it wasn’t for his supposed friend not being a friend at all! Something is inherently wrong with your comment… 🙁

  5. When someone purposely gives or sells a toxic substance to an individual they are responsible for that person’s death, Why, do you ask, because they knowingly poisoned them. They should be arrested for murder. Yours truly, you are a coward. Sounds to me as though you have become an expert at heroin use. Has someone close to you died from an overdose and you are pissed off at them and take it out on everyone else. Go find someone else to bully with your boring opinion. you should be really careful on who you threaten also.

  6. Yours truly.is this a joke? You’re an idiot. Show me where I enrolled my kids at lccc.I never even knew I could get financial aid for doing this, so maybe that’s something you’ve done yourself or plan on doing. I hope you don’t pay your informants.you’d think if you knew so much you would know who I am. Did you write this or know who did? I’m curious as to the one that gave you your info. The’s questions aregarding for eother of you.. Do you happen to have anything to to do with the school district? Did your info come from someone with the initials S.B.?

    • Also why are you threatening me with physical harm? What did I say for you to make a threat like that? I wasn’t calling you out. I said you can talk to me instead of hiding behind this webpage.

  7. I think this website is pretty interesting but I also find this “article” a little bit disrepectful…not towards Ken or anything thing like that but to the family members of shane… I don’t see how someone could write an article about someone passing from this horrible drug… the only person who knows what honestly happen is Shane. There are so many rumors you hear about what happen and what didn’t happen. When will it stop? Let Shane and his family have peace with what happen.. Do you not think that everyone has not heard this before? Did you think this article was “new infornation”? . It wasnt… This article just brings the anger back out in people…brings the hurt back stronger…brings the tears back faster…brings back the millions questions why…this article does not bring Shane back nor does it solve any unanswered questions.. Everyone blames someone…because everyone is hurt and just wants to know why…so before you actually consider writing another article why don’t you think about what else goes on when reading them… you might be laughing and thinking your doing everyone a favor but everyone already knows about every article you write about…this is a small town….

  8. Kenny, congratulations on quitting. Keep up the good work. Addiction is a tough road to break free of. I’m proud of your hard work. Deb and all of Shane’s family and friends, I am so very sorry for your loss and that your son/ family member/friend did not get the chance to break free of this horrid addiction that has affected so many. To the scumbag writer(s), have you ever thought of changing course and befriending and helping the people that are in despair and need a glimpse of hope or at the least try praying for them that they get the help that they need instead of tearing them down even further? Prayers for all of you despite the comments that are sure to follow. Not afraid to share my name.

  9. It’s such a shame that this article was about Shane and not Kenny . I’m sure the author and the one that didn’t have the courtesy to use their real names. They didn’t know and love Shane. They don’t know how many people called Shane their best friend. They don’t know how shocked hundreds of people were to hear that Shane died of an overdose. Noone ever thought Shane would be one of the statistics from this. They don’t know how much of a character Shane was. His craziness. The years of laughter he gave his friends. They dont know that he has a beautiful litt nephew that he doesnt get to watch grow up. They don’t know that his family will never recover from our loss of him. They don’t know that one of Shane’s many friends wrote a beautiful rap song about him. They don’t know that one of his exes wrote the beautiful poem on his memorial cards that she designed. They don’t know that we had a ceremony the day we placed Shane’s headstone at the foot of his grave and afterwards had a memorial cookout at my house. They don’t know I had to keep this a private get together because I knew I had to have some control over how many would have come to it. They don’t know that Shane was 27 NOT 28 when he died. They don’t know that his nickname No Brainz was not demeaning in any way or that he other nicknames. When he was young he had 4. Mom called him shaneypoo, dad called him shane-o, his aunt called him angel face and friends called him skittles and slim shaney. Thank you to the ones that love us and shane and posted your support here.sincerely, Shane’s mom.

    • This article was submitted entirely focused on Ken and with the various mentions of Mr. Smith. We thought it would be appropriate, as noted within the article itself to strike Mr. Smith’s name and other information that would lead to easily identify him for the sake of the family and friends in an effort to preserve his memory.

  10. That’s weird. Your article seems to be missing what I would think is a pretty important incident that happened earlier that day per Ken. Story has it that btwn I believe Mr. Tackett said 10a-11a they went back to Mr. Tackett’s mothers house where Shane immediately went to the restroom. Ken stated that after several minutes had passed he heard what sounded like a thunk. He said he knew what that sound was as he was used to hearing it and that was the sound of somebody falling out from overdosing. He then said he rushed to the bathroom but the door was locked where he then had to kick the door in to get to Shane and in front of his mother and children he was able to perform CPR and bring him back to life so it’s my understanding that he already died earlier that day and after some time has passed and he was feeling a little better that’s when he left to go to his girlfriends house and y’all know how the story ends. I find it interesting that that’s not mentioned at all from anybody. According to Ken Shanes addiction was no secret especially to his girlfriend who was apparently getting high with him as well so this shouldn’t have been a shocker. What’s sad is Ken takes no responsibility for any of it. It should have been an eye opener but apparently it’s not because Mr. Tackett still currently uses. His own family just discovered some paraphenalia he had accidentally left stashed in his shoes.

    • Sure did & of course you got a slightly different version as did everyone else. If you know Ken then you know most of what comes out of his mouth are lies & bullshit! He minimalizies everything as true addicts do! Sober my ass! Wake up people!!!


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