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The Parents From Hell – Kimmie & Luis Kurnava (Cleveland, Ohio)


Hey Scumbagged!  Here we have Kimmie & Luis Kurnava, these two are parents from hell.  First up is Kimmie Kurnava who is a horrible mother.  Kimmie has two children (her most recent being born yesterday).  Two years ago, she visited her grandparents and left her oldest child with them, only to never to take the child back home ever again.  Yesterday she gave birth to another little girl and unfortunately the baby has to stay in the hospital due to the effects of heroin withdrawal.

Then there’s Luis Kurnava, the father of Kimmie’s second child and currently her husband.  You have to watch out for this guy, he spends his days panhandling and most of his nights robbing family, friends and breaking into unsuspecting peoples homes (even while they sleep).  All of this is done in an effort to supply himself and his wife with their next fix.

While Luis is out and about plotting and scheming, his wife Kimmie is usually walking the streets of Cleveland, Ohio, working as a prostitute who sells herself for as low as $20 just to get another hit of crack or another point of heroin.  She’s also used mediums such as backpage and Craigslist.

Luis Kurnava with his newborn.

HAWK Says:  These two are pathetic wastes of human life.  Sucking everything that they come into contact with dry.  Tax paying citizens, the communities in which they reside, their parents, their friends, their family, even their own children.  Wake-up time to both of you scumbags.  It’s time to take care of your fucking children!

Luis Kurnava has an extensive criminal history, one that dates all the way back to 1989.  If John Gotti were still alive, he himself would look at this record and whistle.

In 1989: Receiving Stolen Property of a Motor Vehicle

In 1990: Carrying Concealed Weapons.  Attempt and Grant Theft Auto

In 1991:  Aggravated Burglary, Theft, Possessing Criminal Tools, Kidnaping with Violence, Attempt, Burglary, then again in 1991 two more Aggravated Burglaries, Grand Theft and Theft both with specifications.

In 1992: Aggravated Burglary and Grand Theft.

Luis was then incarcerated for nearly a decade until he was released again in 2000 where he started up right back where he left off.

Kimmie Kurnava with her newest child who is suffering from heroin withdrawal.

In 2000: Receiving Stolen Property – Motor Vehicle, 2 accounts of Attempted Felonious Assault and 2 counts of Attempted Aggravated Murder.

In 2008: Burglary and Possessing Criminal Tools.

In 2011: 2 counts of Burglary, Theft, Aggravated Theft, Vandalism and Possessing Criminal Tools.  Then again that same year: Burglary, Theft, Vandalism and ultimately sentenced to roughly 2 more years in prison.

Kimmie Kurnava aka Kimberly Rogers also has a little bit of a criminal history herself.  In 2010 Kimmie was convicted of Burglary and Criminal Tools which she was sentenced to probation for.

SCUMBAGGED Tip: You two need to check yourselves into rehabilitation centers immediately.  It’s time to stop being selfish and thinking only of yourself and to start living your lives for someone and something other that just you two.  You’re children and loved ones, friends and family need you to be better people in order for them to live their lives and to reduce the heartache that you’re continuously causing.  Please call the Move Forward Recovery foundation at 1-844-811-8340 or visit their website today http://moveforwardrecovery.com/ to get the help you need.







  1. hey this is Kimmie Kurnava I just want to say thank you for making me famous for putting all that out there so I don’t have to keep repeating myself over and over again when people ask and by the way some of your information is false I did not have a criminal record that would be my sister and I see this was posted on August 11th and the picture you have taken off of my facebook that is was posted a week after my daughter was born because that scumbag Louie was in the work house for a week after she was born and some of the stuff you have posted about his record is not all true but some of it is you know I love my bad boys but again I want to say thank you as long as you’re fucking with me you were leaving other innocent people alone and just to let it be known as a junkie crackhead I did do what was best for my children and leave them with my mom not my grandmother so I don’t know how that is being selfish man I’m such a scumbag I should have took my children with me instead of leaving them with my mom I should have them by my side as I am homeless and fighting a drug problem but again I don’t understand why you’re life is so boring you have to get on here and put my business and here but I’m going to make this short and get off my back page and Craigslist oh yeah you forgot about my fuckbook page is blowing up I have to go suck a dick or two I’m jonesing for a hit feening for a shot some going to make this $20 if you want to reply I’ll be back you know after I’m done walking the streets I really really need my fix


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