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Viral Walmart School Gun Sign Debunked (Owensboro, KY)


Walmart and the world has officially been fooled by a prank.  For the past two days Walmart has been the front and center of local and national news.  Not for it’s free grocery pickup phenomenon or it’s beta attempts to provide home delivery service to online shoppers, but rather for a school sign.  A sign that read “Own The School Year Like A Hero” and hung directly above a rack of guns and ammunition.

Some questioned the validity of the photograph, wondering if it was perhaps photoshopped. It wasn’t, the picture was real and was allegedly taken in Evansville, Indiana, but actually taken in Owensboro, KY.  Scumbagged.com received this information from a friend of the girl who took the picture and moved the sign.

Evansville, Indiana Walmart employees were notified and immediately began searching their store for the signs placement.  No such sign was found, because it wasn’t the right store.  Walmart stores across the country began searching their gun racks for similar signs and again none were found.

Anti-Gun Activist Leanne May took a calculated photograph.

DEBUNKED:  Walmart and it’s personnel were not responsible for the sign that hung above the gun rack, but rather it was at the hands of a gun activist and Walmart shopper who knew what she was doing.

Walmart then went on record and released the following statement:

“What’s seen in this photograph would never be acceptable in our stores, we regret this situation and are looking into how it could have happened.”

“We’ve already lost so many lives, people don’t seem to care.”

A friend of the girl who is responsible for the Walmart prank contacted Scumbagged.com with the following statement.

Leeanna May with her boyfriend who moved the sign over the gun rack in Walmart.

Alena:  “She’s an Anti-Gun Activist and a crazy kid and thought it would generate awareness if she moved the sign from a “back to school” isle within Walmart and replaced it over top of a gun display case.  Her and her boyfriend then took a picture of it quickly, took the sign down & continued shopping.  She waited a little more than a day before she posted the picture online and said it was from a different store than the one she went to so they couldn’t review the cameras.  I’ve included a few pictures of her and her boyfriend for you.  And the store she took the picture at was the one in Owensboro, it’s the Hanson Walmart fyi.”

That person being none other than “Leanna May” who also just so happens to be a strong anti-gun activist.  Leanna then went on record stating the following: “We have already lost so many innocent lives to guns, people don’t seem to honestly care.”

Scumbagged.com then asked “Alena” (name changed to protect her true identity) why her friend did this in the first place and why she said the picture Evansville, Indiana store?

Alena:  “Lee knew exactly what kind of response that her (depiction) would generate when she moved the sign and took the photograph.  She tweeted the picture to Walmart and many political groups and news outlets, who wasn’t going to pick up on it she joked, she wanted more followers for her little band until she realized she could get in trouble. And it wasn’t Evansville, Indiana lol she just said that because she removed the sign after she took the picture and didn’t want them to be able to rewind the cameras and see them doing it.”

COBRA Says:  So there we have it, and it all makes perfect sense.  The reason why no sign was found in any store?  Because nobody knew the real store that this image was taken at originally.   The reason the cameras that have been rewound in Walmart’s Evansville, Indiana store show no movement near the gun rack with a sign, because the sign was moved and the picture was taken at the Hanson, KY Walmart store by none other than the scumbag Lee.  Tssk Tssk.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  There’s other ways to convey your opinions and to generate attention young lady.  Hanging signs like this above gun racks isn’t one way to do it.  If the wrong person in the wrong mental state saw this sign (which the whole world evidently has) it could seriously trigger something horrific to occur.  Stupid people do stupid things and this will ultimately wind up being the dumbest thing you’ve done in a long time, whether you realize it or not.





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