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Mia, The Backpage Escort & One Unlucky Guy (Columbus, Ohio)


Hey Scumbagged, this Backpage escort goes by the name of Mia.  Mia is from Northern Columbus, Ohio, and she offers an absolutely terrifying experience.  I contacted her through Backpage.com yesterday (8/22/2017) and scheduled a rendezvous at her place for 9pm.

When I talked to her on the phone, she sounded like a sweetheart and I was looking forward to meeting her.  All I wanted was to have a conversation with a beautiful young lady.  I’ve used Backpage.com in the past just for this purpose and without any issues. I legitimately enjoy the company of a naked woman simply talking to me, nothing more.

When I pulled into the parking lot of her hotel, which was the Holiday Inn, I immediately had a really bad feeling deep in my gut. So, I decided to take a quick look around the parking lot and having not noticed anything out of the ordinary, I parked my car.  Mia had asked me to call her when I was a minute away, but instead, I called her 5 minutes after I had already arrived and simply waited for another car to pull into the parking lot.  She asked what I was driving and I told her it was the blue Chrysler that I was watching pull in.  She told me that she saw me and then gave me her room number.

Mia on Backpage
Mia of Columbus, Ohio on Backpage

HAWK Says:  A lot of planning and preparation went into this visit.  Pretty smart if you ask me.  Driving around, checking vehicles, giving a vehicle description other than your own, simply brilliant.  It almost sounds like something the cops would do…  

I got out of my vehicle and decided to take the stairs, instead of the elevator, to her room, which was on the 3rd floor.  I got off on the 4th floor by accident, not paying attention & nervous, when I had another weird feeling.  I shook it off and took the stairs back down to the 3rd floor.

By the time I got to her floor, I happened to glance out the front facing window & could see the owner of the Chrysler making his way into the Holiday Inn.  Coincidentally enough, he was a man in his mid 40’s, just like myself.  When I was making my way towards her room, a man in plain clothes had entered the room adjacent to hers.  I didn’t think much of it, except that he had came from the “Vending & Ice” area and that he had no ice, no pop, absolutely nothing in his hands.  Then another man came out of the same vending room as the other guy and he too had nothing in his hands…

“…move on it, he’s in the lobby now”.

I was getting pretty nervous at this point in time, the most recent man to leave the vending room was walking towards me rather quickly, like he was in a rush and looking at me a little too long for comfort.  As I passed him, I could hear the other guy telling him to “get a move on it, he’s in the lobby right now”.

A Columbus Prostitution Sting

Mia, a Columbus Ohio Backpage Escort
Mia, a Columbus Ohio Backpage Escort

Fun Fact:  Police officers have been known to arrest individuals on the spot, for simply pulling into a parking lot or sending a single text message.  They’ve also been known to do some very unethical and perhaps illegal things, once you’ve finished reading this article you should take your time to read one on a Vice Detective out of Cleveland: https://scumbagged.com/2017/07/22/vicious-vice-john-graves/

I hightailed it back down the stairs and into my car, deleted my messages (even though I hadn’t said anything incriminating) and began pulling out… What I saw as I was leaving, scared the living shit out of me.  An unmarked white van pulled up to the rear door of the Holiday Inn and out came none other than the driver of the Chrysler.  He was handcuffed, looked like he was crying and kept saying something over and over again.  I imagine it went something along the lines of: “You’ve got the wrong guy, you’ve got the wrong guy”.

This was by far, the most terrifying Backpage experience of my entire life and I just felt compelled to share it.  As a result of what happened, I’ve decided to not use the service anymore and I wonder what the hell happened to the guy that they arrested.  I also wonder what would have happened to me if I decided to go to the bitches room…

Mia, an escort from Backpage.com
Mia, an escort from Backpage.com

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  It’s illegal to pay someone for sexual favors.  It’s also illegal to receive a massage outside of a licensed massage parlor.  Discussing anything sexual over the phone in exchange for money is also illegal.  There is no such thing as police entrapment when someone is already engaging in illegal behavior, so a cop can by law ask you anything he wants.  However, provided that you didn’t discuss anything illegal and decided to enter a hotel, take a seat in a chair and ask for a non-sexual, no-touching fully-nude conversation or dance, there would be nothing illegal about that.  So, perhaps think about that the next time that you decide to see someone on Backpage…  That is, if you dare use the service ever again.  Which we’re sure you will.





  1. You’re the SCUMBAG.
    You probably ruined some innocent guys Life.
    Because if you were not going to be doing anything illegal why would you be worried about the police.
    Why didn’t you stop the police and tell them the story you just put online. AGAIN, if you were not going to be doing anything illegal why would you be worried about the police.
    Now the innocent guy YOU SET-UP had to explain how his vehicle was the one YOU said you were driving.

  2. so what happened to the other guy he is probably taking a plea bargain for some thing he did not do i just hope they have your phone number and they can trace it to you because the fucking police do not give a shit if your innocent or not now he is going to have an arrest record and that could stop him getting a job or even worse his wife has probably left him so know not only is he ruined but his family is too

  3. This is not true I seen that women. I see her several time. (Scumbagged Reader Note* This user also posted as “Mia” with matching IP addresses.)

  4. These are my pictures. You can have the bs story. But you will not use my pictures WITHOUT my consent. I’ve never even been to a Holiday Inn. I have the texts that I can post and will post where I refused to see a guy and he stated that I “hurt” him. He told me he posted an ad about me, but I thought he was bluffing. You guys are posting lies about me and I have messages WITH dates to prove it. I didn’t offer what he was looking for and I told him he was a set up. He has tried contacting me for a year straight and literally would not leave me alone. Which is why I kept the messages. Any other guy would go see another provider, but he makes a whole damn lie about me. The only thing true is that i do watch cars before they park. It is to allow me to see who is coming to my room. He still texts my phone saying we spoke yesterday not knowing I have his number saved. Trying to lie. I have texts to prove this. Take my pictures down.

  5. Which further proves I was right. He knew I watched cars. That means he has been to me before but clearly never came in. This is why I avoid rooms now. I will be posting the messages where he tells me that he’s going to post this because of me hurting him and not seeing him. It is a felony to post my pictures WITHOUT me giving you permission. I don’t care about him lying. That’s what people do, obviously. My pictures will not be apart of this, however. Why would i set up people using my own pictures? Get out of here. Take my pictures down. I’ll have this whole site down if not. This is a LIE. Try posting facts.

  6. Check my reviews when you see me. I have seen people since this has been posted. No one has been arrested. I was assaulted by someone and even stopped and got a regular job for a while. Now I’m working again and I see this. I don’t offer certain “services” and I’m content in what i do. Remove my d**n pictures.

  7. Myself and a client both have posted here and my pictures are still up. I will be contacting an attorney. It is illegal to post false things about me and a felony to post my photos without consent.

  8. I read the story and feel compelled to tell my own story about this girl…Mia. first, it is definitely her in the pictures. Obviously, Mia is her street or hooker name, not her real name so all this chatter from her is BS. Second, I believe this story is about half of the truth and nnot the full, truthful story.

    Now, for my own experience with Mia. I met her at a Waffle House Parking lot next to two hotels on west 270 below Dublin. I was there early so I saw she was dropped off by a car with several black guys in it. She walked over to my truck and I asked her about it. She said it was an Uber. We agreed on donation as I was getting the room. I went in and paid for a room. I noticed once we got in the room, she was delaying and txting on her phone like a mad man. I finally convinced her to get undressed and we got in bed for some fun. Before I could do anything, there was a loud knock on the door like the police. I freaked out and got dressed as fast as possible. She tried to play it off like she didnt know who it was, however; I could see the car that dropped her off and it was a big black guy. I waited and didnt answer. She stayed in bed. As soon as I saw him go back to his car, I ran out of the door and drove off.

    She had the nerve to ask me for the money via txt after I left. The hell with that, we didnt do anything. I waited around and seen them drive off about 10 min later. They cracked the door so they could get back in the room. I had the key so I made sure the door was shut and checked out of the room.

    Moral of the story is she is good looking but deadly. She will rob you blind. Buyer beware. The sad thing is I would have spent my check on her every week had she been a legit provider of services.

  9. Crazy ass shit man gotta watch het she has stds she sucks and fuck alot for them black guys they own her she will do anything they say cus she is a stupid bad bitch nasty ass lil hoe

  10. Looking back seeing all the negative comments.. this is a huge laugh. Y’all are still pressed and I’ve never had any bad reviews elsewhere 😂 I’ve learned to just let it ride. I’m no longer in the business and a lot of you were upset because once you mentioned sex, I wouldn’t see you. LE tried so hard catching me 😁 they even made this article, and texted me telling me good luck on getting new clients. I STILL made a tremendous amount of money. I wasn’t from Ohio to travel with any men…. and I had no reason to set anyone up. I made good money 💋 If I went back to Ohio now, i would still have my faithful clientele and still gain clientele from others. I have asked nicely for this to be removed. At least my pictures. But now I’ll be contacting my attorney… any one of the 3, that I have on my lineup. Mfs are obsessed with me. Either you couldn’t catch me, couldn’t booked me, or booked me once and I blocked you after. I finesse and I do it very well. That I do, do. I know exactly how to empty your wallet. Without sex. & without a setup. That’s real game. I get so much more that way. I left being it is a dangerous thing to do. Some guys can’t take no for an answer and others rob you at times. I’ve been robbed once and thankfully he could only snatch my phone and cash I had on me. Anywho 🙄 continue with the made up stories.. they’re so amusing. I was 5 star rated anywhere I went for a reason 💪💘 back 2 work. Lunch break over 💋💋💋💋


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