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Corruption In North Ridgeville – The Cops & The Mayor (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


The corruption in North Ridgeville, Ohio, continues and is a frequent topic of conversation within the city.  Submissions have been flying in daily, most of which pertain to high ranking members within North Ridgeville’s Law Enforcement.  Through these user submissions we’re now able (using full names, dates and events) to effectively streamline this information to you, the general public.

This article contains detailed information and sheds much needed light into the various ethical & law violations committed by the North Ridgeville police officers & its Mayor.

Readers Note:  All statements contained herein were submitted by each individual who was offended.  Their statements were made voluntarily and accurately.  Additionally, the vast majority of the victims have sworn to testify (if required to do so) in the court of law.

North Ridgeville City Details

  • North Ridgeville is ranked the 11th safest city in the State of Ohio.
  • There are 32,983 residents in the city.
  • North Ridgeville was first settled in 1810.
  • The Police have an obsession with OVI checkpoints (2 out of the past 3 weeks).
  • The prime real estate located off of Lorain Rd. is being utilized for industrial parkways instead of business attractions.  Tax payers are faced with the burden.
  • The city can’t stop flooding, can’t complete construction jobs on time and can’t commit to any new developments (that have been voted for by it’s residents).
  • The city is filled with corruption from within it’s government and law enforcement agency (which you are about to read).

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The following events are true & the names of the victims are real.

Juvenile Assault – Chief of Police, Mike Freeman

Nick Hinton, choked by Chief Police Freeman
Nick Hinton, was choked by Chief Police Freeman in the principals office.

In 2012 a North Ridgeville High School student by the name of Nick Hinton was summoned to the principals office.  Upon arrival he was asked a series of questions from the school administrators, he refused to answer. The police were then called in to ask Mr. Hinton additional questions.

The officer that arrived to speak with Mr. Hinton was the cities Chief of Police, Mike Freeman.  When Chief Freeman entered the office he immediately got into Mr. Hinton’s face, who was a juvenile at the time.  He attempted to intimidate him into a confession and when Mr. Hinton refused to talk, Chief Freeman resorted to violence.

“I told him he couldn’t touch me like that and he put me down.”

Chief Freeman grabbed Nick Hinton by the neck and began choking him against the wall.

“I was being interrogated by him in the principals office and I was being a smart ass and he choked me up against the wall I told him he couldn’t touch me like that and he put me down.”

We asked Mr. Hinton why he didn’t go to the Police Department and file a complaint against Chief Police Freeman?

“That’s all I really remember and that’s all there really is to say about it. I wasn’t trying to get more involved in any more issues, he was the Chief of Police, who would believe me?”

Fun Fact:  This isn’t the first time Chief Freeman has been accused of police brutality or other ethical violations.  You can read a more in-depth article dedicated to the Chief of Police here:  Mike Freeman – Corrupt Chief of Police (North Ridgeville, Ohio).  In addition, Chief Freeman has an invisible fence around the perimeter of his luxurious North Ridgeville home with two MASSIVE rottweilers that aggressively run towards individuals who walk by his house.  Staying true to the intimidation game are ya Freeman?

Sexual Motivation – Officer John McGraw

Stephanie Mancuso was wearing this dress.
Stephanie Mancuso was wearing this dress when Officer McGraw touched her inappropriately.

In 2014, Stephanie Mancuso was being transferred from the Cuyahoga County Jail to the North Ridgeville City Jail by a North Ridgeville Officer.  That officers name was John McGraw.  While in the process of handcuffing Mrs. Mancuso, Officer McGraw repeatedly slid his hand up and down Mrs. Mancuso’s backside and caressed her buttocks.

Mancuso was wearing a scantily clad red dress and was handcuffed at the time that this event transpired.  Officer McGraw also went on to mention how beautiful she was and that she deserved someone much better in her life (referencing Mrs. Mancuso’s boyfriend at the time).

Fun Fact:  It should be noted that at the time of this event Officer McGraw was an anabolic steroid user and personally knew Mrs. Mancuso and her boyfriend.

Unethical Behavior – Officer West

Kyle McCallihan approached by Officer West
Kyle McCallihan was approached by Officer West in an inapproriate manner.

In 2002, a 15 year old Police Explorer named Kyle McCallihan was taken under the wing by an Officer of the North Ridgeville Police Department.  Officer West took an immediate liking to the young man and on two separate occasions, while off duty, picked up the juvenile from his home during the daytime, with both parents at work and totally unaware.  On the first date he took him shopping at Southpark Mall in Strongsville, Ohio.  While at the mall he suggested that the juvenile wear tighter fitting clothing, such as “Hollister”, and ultimately wound up purchasing clothing that he thought would “look good on him”.

On their second date Officer West took Kyle McCallihan to his house, which at the time was located on the West Side of Cleveland. The two went inside of the officers home when Mr. McCallihan began feeling “uneasy”.  Officer West showed the juvenile around and began talking to him, at length.  At one point Officer West stated, “we have to leave the front door open, because the neighbors would think it would be weird if I brought you over here and shut the door”.

Kyle McCallihan stated that nothing happened inappropriately, but now that he reflects on these events as an adult, something was seriously wrong.

“I’m not sure what his motivations were, but he did want me to dress differently and when we went to his house, he was looking at me in a strange way, I just felt weird being in there, like why did he even take me to his house…”

Fun Fact:  This event might seem harmless, however, being that Officer West is a blatant homosexual – it raises questions as to what his intentions for Kyle McCallihan really were.

Juvenile Assault – Officer Adam Freas

Bryan Marlon was assaulted by Officer Freas twice.
Bryan Marlon was assaulted by Officer Freas twice.

In 2004, 16 year old Bryan Marlon was accosted by Officer Adam Freas of the North Ridgeville Police Department not just once, but in two separate incidents.  The first taking place off of Jaycox Rd. near Mr. Marlon’s cousins house.  He was walking down the street when Officer Freas jumped out of his undercover vehicle and threw the juvenile up against the hood of the car.  This was done in the presence of another officer, Officer Gorski.

The second incident happened while at the police station approximately a year later.  The 17 year old Bryan Marlon was being questioned by Officer Freas once again, when this time the officer threw Mr. Marlon up against a wall and began screaming at him for answers.

Mr. Marlon stated, “I was just a kid, minding my own damn business and Officer Freas and Officer Gorski came out of nowhere and Freas just started throwing me around.  Then it happened again, twice, like who does that?  I’m not a criminal, I’m not a drug dealer, they just wanted information about people and I wasn’t giving it to them so as a result, they roughed me up.”

Fun Fact:  Officer Freas has a long history of resorting to intimidation tactics against juveniles.  He’s questioned juveniles without the presence of their families, attorneys and has made threats to defame people in public if he didn’t get the answer he was looking for.  Ie; Showing up to places of employment, etc.

Animal Cruelty – Officer Barry Accorti

Kittens that were killed by Officer Accorti.
Kittens that were shot and killed by Officer Accorti of North Ridgeville.

Retired Police Officer Barry Accorti worked as a Humane Officer for the city of North Ridgeville.  On three separate occasions he was found to be killing animals that residents had called and asked him to take to save.  He murdered kittens, raccoons and baby rabbits.

In 2013 Accorti arrived to a residence to find five kittens and a feral cat.  He told the homeowner “the animal shelters are full and the kitties are going to kitty heaven”. He then shot each kitten with his handgun.

In 2014 Accorti responded to a call of a trapped baby raccoon. Upon arrival he shot the raccoon in front of three 10 year old screaming and crying children.

In 2017 a man was cutting his lawn when he accidentally killed a mother rabbit with his mower blade, he then discovered a den of baby rabbits. The North Ridgeville Police Department was called and Accorti arrived on the scene.  He grabbed the rabbits and began smashing their heads on the tailgate of his truck.

“We didn’t even exchange five words, it was just thud, thud, thud, and their necks were broken. He tossed them in the bed of the truck”. Accorti then came back to the man and asked him “Where’s the dead one?” and tossed it in his truck and left.

Fun Fact:  Chief Freeman could have prevented the innocent bunnies from being murdered as well as the raccoon that was shot in front of children.  Instead of removing Accorti from his post, Chief Freeman stuck to the “brotherly code” and not only refused to fire him, but stood by his actions.  

Ultimate Corruption – Mayor Dave Gillock

Charlie Gillock, the mayors Grandson is being protected.
Charlie Gillock, the mayors Grandson is being protected.

The Mayor has protected his grandson, Charlie Gillock, who is a known pimp and who sexually assaulted two juveniles when he was in the North Ridgeville and Olmsted Falls school systems (see that article here:  The Mayors Misfit – Charlie Gillock).  Rumors of a cover-up ensued.

“We never had any information about a cover-up brought to our attention, nor are we aware of any cover-up,” Garrow said. “We investigated very thoroughly.”

Coincidentally enough, at the same time that the North Ridgeville sex assault case came about, Chief Freeman was having issues of his own stemming from his wife stealing from various stores.  The two situations worked hand in hand for the Mayor and the Chief.

Mayor Gillock then proceeded to unlawfully hire the father of his grandson, Charles Ralston, who had numerous convictions and was handpicked to work for the city owned water treatment plant over thousands of applicants who had pristine records.  While on the job, Mr. Ralston then raped one of his fellow co-workers.  As a result of that, the city of North Ridgeville was sued for $240,000 by the victim.

COBRA Says:  Nobody should have been raped, nobody should have been sued.  It simply wouldn’t have happened if the Mayor hadn’t hired Mr. Ralston for personal reasons.

Fun Fact:  The Mayor has 3 related articles on him already, read them all here, in extreme details:  A Serial Predator, A Coverup & A Mayor, The Hillbilly Mayor – Mayor Dave Gillock & The Mayors Misfit.

Unethical Behavior – Officer Matt Gorski

Rick Humphrey & Amber Horvath
Rick H. & Amber Horvath were belittled by Sergeant Matt Gorski.

In May of 2017 when Officer Gorski was engaged in a telephone conversation regarding applicable laws (unrelated to any criminal offenses) with Rick H.  He proceeded to call Mr. H’s girlfriend a hooker.  “Who are you bringing up here, a hooker?”  Rick stated that he was “Appalled by his statement” to which Mr. Gorski responded “I don’t care”.

Gorski also went on to say that he “didn’t know what kind of person Rick was” and that he “was much different than officer Gorski”.  Rick stated “I’m an american citizen, I have a social security number and I’m a tax payer just like you”.  Gorski stated “I don’t know what you are.”

Listen to the audio of Sergeant Gorski below.


Fun Fact:  Gorski has been known to share confidential information, spread blatant lies and use consistent condescending and belittling talk about anyone he wishes.  He resides in North Ridgeville off of Lorain Rd, near police Chief Freeman.

Total Incompetency – North Ridgeville Police Dept.

Jennifer Thacker was nearly beaten to death due to incompetency.
Jennifer Thacker was nearly beaten to death due to incompetency.

On September 24th, 2016, Jennifer Thacker was beaten almost to death.  Her own son, Christopher Thacker, snuck into her home and broke nearly every rib in her body.  Mrs. Thacker was hospitalized for 4 days after the attack.  The kicker?  It shouldn’t have ever happened.

Earlier in the morning on September 24th, 2016, Christopher Thacker was stopped by the North Ridgeville Police while on his mothers property.  Mrs. Thacker had, by this point in time, already placed a restraining order against her son for domestic violence related charges that occurred months prior.  When the police arrived, they didn’t arrest Mr. Thacker for violating the protection order (which they knew was in place), but rather, the scumbags escorted him off the property and without any criminal complaints.

Later on that night, Chris Thacker returned, and almost beat his mother to death.  He had always vowed that he would kill her if the police ever pressed charges on him for the first domestic violence.  The events that transpired are all documented.  Yet the police and their incompetency almost resulted in Mrs. Thacker’s death.

COBRA Says:  Her medical bills should be paid for by the NRPD, she should also be awarded a comfy settlement for their neglect to follow the law. Furthermore, Mike Freeman, the Chief of Police should apologize on the entire behalf of his department and demand an inquiry as to how this man was able to walk away in the first place.

Fun Fact:  The North Ridgeville Police Department has consistently operated on their “own terms”, time and time again.  Instead of following through with procedure, they make their own or avoid it entirely in certain situations.  

Unethical Behavior – Police Dispatcher

Even the dispatcher doesn’t behave in a professional manner for the city of North Ridgeville.  One resident was sworn at and another was threatened.  The dispatcher could be heard screaming at the woman saying “I DON’T FUCKING CARE”, “GOODBYE” and “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS”.

Listen to the audio of the Dispatcher getting irate below.


SCUMBAGGED Tip:  The majority of these officers have many commendations, and in some cases, served for decades solving cold cases and protecting North Ridgeville residents fervently.  Their good deeds, however, should not be allowed to overshadow the various atrocities found within this article.  We urge these specific officers, and others that have yet to be brought into the light to remember their Oath of Honor…

On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.







  1. Ridgeville is filled with tons of corruption, far too much to fit on this page and if I shared what I knew it wouldn’t be good for me, being a resident of the city. So I’ll just mind my own business. This site has balls and that’s what we need more of in this country, unfortunately my balls are shriveling just thinking about the individuals I could out and the retaliation I would certainly face. Tata!

  2. My mom got drunk alot and one story that popped out of her mouth often. Was how the north ridgville police had something to do with my birth dads death.

  3. The one about Kyle McCallihan is totally fake. I was there during that time. In fact, it’s laughable. That kid had almost no involvement in the program. No one was taking him anywhere. Fake news.


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