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Dwayne White – The Sociopathic Sexual Deviant (Broadview Heights, Ohio)


Hey Scumbagged this guys name is Dwayne White, he’s a 53 year old sociopathic sexual deviant from Broadview Heights, Ohio.  Dwayne has been living life like one of the rich and famous for the past decade.  His lavish lifestyle is propped up primarily through a dangerous level of deception, consisting of; lies, deceit and blatant theft.  In 2002 he was arrested and charged with multiple counts of Rape, Kidnapping, Gross Sexual Imposition, Tampering with Evidence and Endangering Children.

Mr. White lives in excess and way outside of his means, docking his boat at the Venetian Marina in Sandusky, because he was kicked out of Bay Point Marina (due to charges that stemmed from Mr. White touching a 12 year old girl inappropriately – which he served 6 months in Sandusky Jail for).   He has an obsession with strip clubs & he absolutely loves cocaine.  In order to support his playboy lifestyle Dwayne constantly borrows money from his parents.  Dating back to just a few years ago his mother (Audrey White) allowed him to liquidate the entire equity of her home, without the knowledge of his father (Curtis White) – who would be livid if he ever found out.

Dwayne's Boat
Dwayne Wight’s boat purchase via skimming.

Not So Fun Fact: Anyone that wants to invest in any development or real estate ventures with Dwayne White it is known that he steals from his investors by embezzling and skimming.  Also, instead of paying his child support, which is in excess of $10,000 (and prevented him from obtaining a passport) he chose to pay off his boat instead.

Dwayne is also a severe womanizer, physically assaulting numerous women, punching them with closed fists, leaving black eyes, bruises and swollen lips.  His ex-wife, through his own sexual deviances, is now a lesbian.   He’s obsessed with having threesomes and would force his ex-wife to engage in other sex acts with women.  He also hangs out with homosexual men.  One girlfriend asked him why he associates with gay men and his answer was absurd.  “Because they make me feel better about myself, gay people just make me feel better.”

Dwayne Lavish
Dwayne White living a lavish lifestyle

Getting into the various criminal aspects of Mr. White’s daily affairs, we can start with his last investor, Michael Smialek.  Mr. Smialek spent over $200,000 on a property located off of West 65th & Franklin in Ohio City.  Dwayne began skimming off the top from the very beginning, using his partners money to do renovations at some of his own personal properties and pocketing all the excess cash that he could. He owes his business partner, Mr. Smialek, upwards of $10,000.

Dwayne is also a deadbeat father, one that totally ignores his own son.  In addition, being that Dwayne is a convicted sex offender, he cannot get a job with any banking and loan institutions, which is his forte.

He enjoys swinging clubs and hangs out with a guy named Greg Michaels quite often.  Mr. Michaels offered to suck his cock, yet, the allegedly straight Dwayne still hangs out with him (probably because things happen when the lights go out and nobody is around).  He also likes his ass played with, extensively.  He will lick his fingers and then stick them inside his of his own asshole to clean it out – in preparation for any sexual festivities regarding his ass.

He had to borrow thousands of dollars off of his younger girlfriend and still owes her approximately $3,500.

Dwayne White’s Contact Information

  • Birthday:  53, November 20th, 1963.
  • Address:  2511 West Wallings Rd, Broadview Heights 44147,
  • Cell:  (216) 533-1441
  • Landline:  (440) 230-1441
  • Email:  slmrent@aol.com
  • Business Registrations:  Syndicated Leasing Management Inc, Alpha Business Consulting LLC., White Enterprises, Genesis Building & Contracting.
  • Websites:  Ahomesaver.com, SaveYourHomeToday.co.

He engages in high risk sexual behavior.  The night that he had his bachelor party that he married his wife, he hooked up with a prostitute and banged her without a condom.   Perhaps some of his outrageous behavior is an attempt to compensate for his small, extremely thin 4 1/2″ fully erect penis.   He’s always trying to be something that he’s not, he’s very controlling and basically wants to party like a rock star.  His family is wealthy and once upon a time he used to make really good money – until he screwed up his career.  He thinks he knows everything and is also extremely hypocritical of just about everyone and everything.  He has this extreme desire of being in the upper echelon and feeling better than anyone else.  His daily life consists of basically going out on his boat, getting drunk, snorting cocaine, adderall (secretly crushing the pill into peoples drinks that he has dubbed “Sex with the Captain”) and hounding pussy.  He loves being captain save-a-hoe.

Dwayne Victim
Dwayne with a “Sex with the Captain” victim.

When there’s a vacant property and a house is being shown and he’s short on cash, he’ll take multiple deposits and make promises that the property will be theirs.  Then he will return their money a month or so later and tell them that they weren’t approved for various reasons.

He has a house in North Royalton that is in his sister and laws name.  He consistently pays late and has permanently ruined her credit.  The only reason he has his own house is because he begged his father to give it to him so he could have a place to live.  Basically, he would be living on the streets, if it wasn’t for his parents never ending supporting.

Last, but certainly not least.  In 2015 while Michelle Sboukis was passed out from a long night of drinking, Dwayne, without consent, started eating her pussy.  She woke up and told him “NO” to stop, he lingered and ultimately quit.  Lucky for him, Michelle didn’t decide to press charges.  Otherwise he would be looking at yet another sex crime.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Stay . Away. From . Dwayne.  He will try to take advantage of you in any way he can.  If he doesn’t get his way, he’s going to put his hands on you, if he goes into business with you, he’s going to try to rob you.  He doesn’t care about anyone other than himself, he doesn’t even care about his own son.  Dwayne has taken advantage of his parents relentlessly and without remorse.  He is the definition of a Scumbag.





  1. Holy sh*t I met & dated this man in 2005 for about 2-3 months until his true colors started showing…
    When the red flags where glaring at me I quickly got away from him, at which point both his mother & ex-wife contacted me stating I was wrong about him that he is a good guy who was misunderstood & that I should give him a chance! Thank God I listened to my instinct because my daughter was about 12 years old at that time! Me & my children had gone out boating with him & it gives me the sickest feeling in my stomach to think what could of happened.
    It took me filing a stalking report to get him to stay away….

  2. He raped me still stalks me after 30 years. Broke in my home many times. Once forced me in his car didn’t bring me home I woke up called cab. He’s very convincing that you tell no one due his son it’s a lie
    He’s still stalking me all these years. I wish I never met him. I was 19 in college was out dancing. He grabbed me broke it off months later. He will find you I don’t know how. He does. Yes he will earn your trust don’t please don’t get near him. He loves his drugs loves giving drugs in your drinks water alcohol ect. Stay away from him. He ruined my life. He’s crazy. Funny I tried telling people well they didn’t buy it he will take all your money he grabs you pushes you stay away.

    A concerned person


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