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Area 51 – Censorship & The Future Of Scumbagged.com (Cleveland, Ohio)


The website that started exposing the corrupt and devious individuals who hide behind powerful positions, badges and fake personalities is officially being censored. On 9-4-2017 our website was shut down for approximately a 3 hour period due to a TOS violation that was reported on a specific link.  That link is still visible on our website, but will redirect you to our home page, and is being censored from your view (for the time being).

Nowhere in that article or any other article are we in violation of the hosting providers terms of use. Attempts were made, but were done so without any success to make the link public once again.

The Censored Article:  https://scumbagged.com/2017/09/05/caitilin-anderson-backpage-whore/

Our Response:  As you will soon read, we are currently migrating servers.  After this has happened we will feature a full 24 hour site-wide redirect from all pages on Scumbagged to this article.  In addition, we will launch advertising for this specific piece #CensorThat 😛.

When creating this site we were assured by our legal team that there would indeed come a time when legal charges (civil suits) would arise and that we should comply with the federal governments CDA (Communication Decency Act) to avoid any liability.  This is something that we have done extensively.  To any upset readers who feel that this site specifically targets based on secret adgendas you are mistaken.

Scumbagged is based, designed and functions solely on user submissions.  These submissions then, depending on the author who approves the content (because we have to ensure that there isn’t any nudity or other illegal aspects that violate our TOS) will then either approve or deny the content.

Anonymous Submission
Example article view submitted by an anonymous user.

As of this writing, the Scumbagged team consists of one attorney and three “authors”.  Please keep in mind that the definition of an author should not be misconstrued with someone who writes the articles, but rather, is someone who is in an approved position to moderate user submissions.  Once submissions are approved then the original username is overtaken.  For example, if someone submits an anonymous article under the username of “Ralph” the username is cloaked by the approving moderator.  In most cases the article then inherits the name of either “Cobra” or “Hawk”.  Due to legal purposes the original submitter information is retained, this includes the email address, username and ip information of the author.

With that being said – we are dedicated to allowing any user that doesn’t abuse our terms of service to submit articles.  We do not fact check – therefore some of the articles on our site could indeed be falsified and therefore would deserve a takedown.  Any and all information regarding takedowns can be found on our Legal FAQs page.

No removals
Never will we remove content without a subpoena.

Please understand that we will never take down an article due to public dismay or threats.  In fact, the sole purpose of this site is to afford you, the public, an outlet that otherwise never would exist.  One that provides its users with the opportunity to share a story anonymously.  In most cases, these submissions shed light into the severe character defects of individuals and companies.

Now, as a result of the censored content and various attempts to silence our first amendment rights we have been working fervently behind the scenes.  The following are new developments and only offer a brief expectancy of what is to come.  Thank you so kindly for motivating us… 

Area 51 (WARNING)

Effective immediately – Scumbagged is launching private investigations into individuals that warrant such inquiries.  These investigations will be self funded through our advertising proceeds, user donations and personal expense accounts.  The investigations will be handled in a professional and legal manner and only conducted by licensed detective agencies within the radius of the individual in question.  Investigations will be user selected and done so through a polling system that will be made available to the public in the coming days.

Private investigations
Private investigations are already underway!

We have already hired one private investigator in the Cleveland area based on a personal user request and a significant donation.  These investigations will be allocated to what will become known as “Area 51” on Scumbagged.com.

Area 51 will be dedicated to full blown exposures and include vital details of the entity or person(s) investigated.  This will include but not be limited to the following; Photographs, personal information, whereabouts, associates, and any and all information provided by registered and certified detectives.  Also contained within Area 51 will be featured applications for mobile devices, instant submission capabilities and a profound network that can be utilized on your behalf – all of which will pertain to Scumbagged.com.

Scumbagged Proclamation

Lastly, this is our permanent proclamation to you the reader…  Whether you are a fan or foe please note that any attempts to silence our first amendment right will only be met with an equal  response, our responses to your actions are outlined below.

Censorship:  As a result of censored content we are moving the website offshore to Hong Kong, China and will begin allowing adult related submissions.  This will include pornographic video submissions.

Facebook:  Repeated falsified reports of bullying have resulted in our page being shutdown twice and therefore we will be phasing out the Facebook page in the coming weeks and pushing all users to install our SCUM Desktop, iPhone and Android applications.

Advertising:  In response to the upcoming adult content our current advertising sponsors will be removed and replaced with direct sponsors that have shown interest in placing ads on our website.

Information:  We will provide users with guides and tools to better submit articles, more effectively, more openly and most importantly, more detailed.

Unity:  We will be launching the “Scumbag Squad” movement which will offer fans and foes alike a unique opportunity to show their support or dismay for Scumbagged.com.

Anti-Scum:  We will be launching a new website which will feature the good aspects of people and businesses in the coming days.  These two websites will ultimately become polar oppsites of one another.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Further attempts of aggression or threats will result in ramped up advertising, extensive investigations and further developments to define our first amendment rights.

ERRATIC Says:  I sincerely hope that you didn’t think we were taking a hiatus over here.  Now that I’m personally involved, all of you better start licking your wounds.  You’re in for a very big surprise.

Kind Regards,

Scumbagged.com 💯


  1. You guys are crazy as hell. You can’t publicize private investigations that’s why they are private and you can’t allow porn that’s called revenge porn. Good luck with that if you do this you’ll definitely be shut down and sued.

    • Sure we can and we will publicize the findings. Regarding revenge porn – that’s not allowed and will have to be reported (credibly) if and when that type of content is submitted.

  2. hate this fucking site total pieces of shit total garbage waste of time waste of effort do something else with life stop fucking posting shit on other people we all know it’s one person we all know what the fuck is going on god damn just stop

  3. I’m so fucking pumped!!.. I’m so glad you guys are keeping this great website going. How can we donate to the cause?. Also do we know when the new app will be up and going?.
    Cheers to the Mods/admins of scumbagged!, you guys rock!.


  5. I always LQQk foreward to seeing and reading the newest and latest Headlines, News and storys! Its always been interesting and informative and I’ve found out much important and needed information that the local news media Sure as Hell Dosent want “WE THE PEOPLE” to know ANYTHING ABOUT!! Or they Sugar Coat their Version and BULL SHITT us with what they want us to believe is the truth. NO THANKS i Don’t believe for one minute anything anymore from local news media!!! I TRUST SCUMBAGGED They Haven’t Lied to me or Sugar Coated ANY BULL SHITT and tried to pass it off as the TRUTH!! GREAT JOB SCUMBAGGED KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

  6. Hummmmm ok guys over 2 weeks ago I posted a nice comment about Scumbagged. But this is starting to get ridiculous NOTHING new has been posted on your page in at least 2 weeks. I’m tired of OLD NEWS!!! And I’m sure MANY others are also. Please get back to posting the Newest and Latest Scumbagged information.


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