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Mercy Health Urgent Care Failing Pregnant Mothers (Elyria, Ohio)


The newly opened Mercy Health Urgent Care located at 1120 E Broad St. in Elyria, Ohio is playing a risky game with thousands of expectant mothers and potentially placing the lives of their newborn babies at profound risks.  Risks that are being seen in growing numbers of newborn babies contracting viral infections and flu like symptoms from their mothers within days after their birth.

As of this writing, Mercy Health of Elyria is refusing certain patients with the flu and or viral infections any treatment.  Citing new policies related to fears of creating future superbugs that can sprout as a result of the bug itself developing antibodies and immunities to the very prescriptions that are designed to kill them.  This approach is disregarded and medications, antibiotics and viral medications are prescribed to individuals with compromised immune systems however.  For example, individuals with Diabetes, HIV or other auto immune diseases are immediately prescribed powerful medications in an effort to combat the vigorous invasion of ones system.  Pregnant mothers, however, do not fall into this category.

A concerned resident of Lorain County spoke with the Manager of Mercy Health today and inquired into why pregnant mothers are not receiving antibiotics or viral medications when further along in their pregnancies?  The resident informed Mercy that “as a result of their failing to prescribe the necessary medications to help cure the cold that pregnant mothers have, they are now giving birth and their newborn children are contracting the deadly cold from the mother”.

Not So Fun Fact:  This flu season has show an unprecedented rise in deaths to an all time high over the past 9 years.  The reasons for this spike is primarily due to the strains injected into would be flu vaccine participants being ineffective and the flu itself is a morphing and compounding superbug, one that actually grows in intensity over the course of months if gone un-treated.  What starts out as simply body aches and lethargy rapidly turns into extreme congestion, followed by coughing fits, bronchitis, fever and vomiting.  

St. John Medical Center has had numerous cases of untreated pregnant mothers in their delivery rooms who all have had lingering colds – in all instances & almost immediately, St. John prescribed antibiotics and or viral medications to help treat their symptoms.  Many of those cases stemming from the Mercy Urgent Care in Elyria, where pregnant mothers (in their third trimesters) went untreated.  As a result of the lingering and untreated colds these mothers then passed along the highly contagious viral infections to their newborn babies.  In some cases as early as 2 days after birth one mothers newborn was showing signs and symptoms of the flu (without even so much as leaving the hospital room).

COBRA Says:  There is absolutely no excuse for a newborn baby to contract the flu from his/her mother when the virus/viral/flu, whatever it may be, could have been treated before hand.  That is nothing more than incompetency and malpractice.  What moronic Scumbags…

In an extremely rare moment, Scumbagged.com reached out to Mercy Health and inquired into their policies and practices regarding this situation.  Kim Y. of Mercy, a manager at the facility, went on record to state the following.  “It’s something we haven’t seen before or in a while really, the flu season this year is devastating and really something that we weren’t prepared for.  The vaccinations weren’t effective with percentages as low as 20%-40% this season being effective.  We do have protocols for preventing the spread of disease and also have to take into consideration the effects of medications on creating stronger strains, but for a 7+ month pregnant woman to go untreated isn’t something that we should be doing and I will strongly bring this to our advisory board and practitioners to ensure that the spread of any viral or bacterial contagions between mother and child can be reduced or prevented in the future.”

“A pregnant mother certainly should fall into the category of receiving treatment”

She also went on to state “A pregnant mother certainly should fall into the category of receiving treatment, certain treatments that can be given because there are restrictions on what can and what can not be prescribed during pregnancy of course, but being pregnant means a reduced immune system as a result of the child being carried and depleted nutrients, plasma and proteins which also don’t bode well for fighting off anything standalone.”

The Bottom Line:  The United States has consistently ranked as one of the highest nations in the developed world for deaths of infants and stillborns.  Perhaps the medical community needs to asses their practices in the medications that they fail to prescribe and the ones that they so readily and handily do to help reverse this abysmal trend.




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