Amanda Tabor is from Rocky River, Ohio, and she has a huge jealousy problem.  If she see’s someone that she wants to be with, even if the guy is in a relationship, she will go to every single length to try and get with him.  Literally, she’s been stalking one of my boyfriends on Facebook for going on years.  This isn’t the first time that she’s done this and I’m sure that it isn’t going to be the last either.  It’s just beyond ridiculous already and I’m sick and tired of it!

She will go through an entire Facebook profile page and like EVERY . SINGLE . PICTURE.  With hearts and smilies and likes.  Then, after she has done that she will try to send message after message after message.  Then, she will try and get the phone number and hookup for a quick one night stand or anything to get an attention.

Amanda will literally throw herself completely and utterly at someone else’s man.  She won’t stop until she get’s what she wants.  She should have a fucking special label on her Facebook profile that reads as follows:  Amanda Tabor (* Facebook Boyfriend Stalker*).  I mean how hard is it to find a guy that isn’t already in a relationship?

Psycho Facebook Boyfriend Stalker!!!

Incase you don’t believe me, I took the time to take screenshots of her liking every single image that was on my boyfriends page.  Of course she didn’t like any pictures that had me in them.  So yea….  Her FB:

ERRATIC Says:  Ladies guard your boyfriends, put them on lockdown, the Facebook like status stalker is coming for him! 

The Bottom Line:  Likes are not indicators of stalking but that’s a shit ton of likes in that screenshot you submitted lol.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Why go after someone whose already in a relationship?  Not a good image for you to have.


  1. I have know her since we were kids and I think this is just miscommunication. First you dont know what he has blocked her from seeing (which is why she doesn’t like the pictures your in) or what if it was just an old friend? Lakewood has always been like that. I highly doubt he posts that much in a single day for her to like that many posts very often. Btw. Grow a pair and send her a message to see if your man is playing you. Shes actually really nice and I’m sure she wont mind.

    • She went through every picture on the page .. Stalked him knew when he was at the house thanks to snapchat location. Shes a whore who even said “I will never stop ” . pathetic enough she’s having a kid with Her ex fiances brother. Way to go keeping it in the family!!!. Couldn’t get one brother to marry her so she gets knocked up by another 😂 . shes been told about how her boyfriend still contacts his ex , sees his ex when hes supposed to be working, oh but she may have had him block her on fb but the test messages and ig are still there looks like she really won here. Its what she gets for being so desperate .


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