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Adrian Boitan: An Internet Troll From Italy to Africa (Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo, Italy)


This is Adrian Boitan (aka SUPER SR10 on YouTube), a home-wrecking, wife stealing manipulator.  He has been avidly pursuing and persuading my wife to leave me for months.  He has consumed her whole life with his 24/7 video chat sessions he forces down on her.  He has brainwashed her to the point where she believes anything that he tells her.

Back at the ranch, he threatened my life several times. Making statements that I need to fuck off or he will sort me out.  He even went as far as to have her send emails to cover up his cheating ways. This after I emailed the family named business. I asked him how many times to leave her alone, he just ignores my messages…

What I find astounding is, he is a Romanian citizen living in Italy. Most probably exiled due to similar antics. We live in South Africa, my spouse has never personally met him, yet he tells her how much he loves her and wants to marry her.  He tells her all these sad stories of his family and his parents being handicapped. Yet, he is 32 years old, lives under their roof and still hangs on their necks looking for handouts from them.

online troll
Adrian Boitan stays trolling online.

He trolls the internet 24/7 looking for his next victims. I personally had been contacted by previous victims telling me how he stole their credit card details, maxing it out. His main objectives are explicit pictures, exploiting it for his own personal gain and credit card details.  Ruining a marriage is just a added bonus for him.

HAWK Says:  Well I would rest on the comfort side of things, at least he’s in a different country.  However, if your wife is entertaining such a notion with a stranger from afar, shouldn’t you be more concerned with what’s happening while your off to work every day?

I was even sent screenshots of how he chats to different girls while he is supposedly “on-line dating” my wife.

I have never in my whole life came across such a deranged and sick person.  Please share and beware of this sick predator. Your family/wife might be next.  Below is his “family business” details. Note that his mobile number is the main contact details.

Artistic Workmanship Marble and Stone
Boitan Radu 

Location Schioppo, 2
37020 Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo – Verona
Cel. 349 2950850
CF: BTN RDA 67M21 Z129X
P.Iva: 03059810238
Inscr. CCIAA of VR n. VR / 49416/2000 Reg.Impr.

The Bottom Line:  If you’re married then you should be faithful.  If you aren’t being faithful then you owe it to your partner to at least inform them of your actions and feelings for someone else.  Regardless if this individual resides half a world a way or not, cheating happens in many forms.  This is a prime example of one of those forms.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  As for the husband in this situation.  I think it’s best to assume that you shouldn’t just be concerned with Adrian Boitan.  If your wife is seeking attention in far away places, we can only begin to assume that she’s doing the same locally.




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