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Talib Kweli Greene Exposed: The Racist Rapper, Sex Offender & Hate Monger (Brooklyn, New York)


Talib Kweli Greene is a racist rapper, sex offender & hate monger.  His daily ritual consists of venomously attacking people on the social networking platform, Twitter, in an effort to entertain his 1 million+ followers.  Many of whom have also shown the same hatred and racism that he embodies.  Through Twitter, Talib Kweli Greene has built a hateful following that despises anyone that isn’t black.  His racist comments and deliberate hate speech aren’t just directed at whites, as he’s been found launching racial tirades  towards muslims, mexicans, puerto ricans and anyone who doesn’t meet his classification of being “black”.   Mr. Greene is a five-percenter and believes that he “is god” or has a variation of god in him.  He also believes that the white race is the devil and that blacks and only blacks are supreme.

Talib cannot stand being the small man on the totem pole.  So much so in fact that he would rather delegate an entire youth or any of his followers down the path of victimhood.  One that sheds light into the limited mentality of a self-consumed sociopath.  One who has manipulated dozens of women, forced himself upon them with kisses and inappropriate touching, held on to others music in an effort to ensure his position of power and manipulated the 1.15 million followers on his Twitter account.

He hates white people for being successful (for those who are).  He hates mexicans because they account for roughly 18% of the American population whilst simultaneously overtaking african americans (who currently make up 12.7% of the population) and he obviously hates white people for making up 63% of the population.  He even hates puerto ricans for having an opinion.  He is a racist and even self proclaims such on his Twitter account with the slogan “The Racist Rapper”.   Talib Kweli Greene has also been outed for his sexual deviancies, typical sexual motivations that encompass many in the rap and hip-hop industry.  Throughout his life Mr. Greene has been on record taking advantage of women with money and sexually harassing those that are under his label.

Fun Fact:  Talib Kweli Greene has an actual net worth of $44,000 USD, not “$4 million”.  He lives in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York with a “friend” and doesn’t even own his own home…  His business isn’t thriving and his albums aren’t selling.  His meager existence and squandering of his money has turned him into a resentful hate monger.

RES, a recording artist (see her music here: https://soundcloud.com/res) who Talib Kweli had signed to his label also was sexually harassed by Greene 4 years prior.  He made advances towards her – making her feel uncomfortable and threatened.  In a leaked private email by RES, Mr. Greene attempted to manipulate and basically admitted to sexually exploiting her for self gratifying sexual purposes.  He then held her record and refused to release it as a result of not getting his way, to the point that RES had to take him to court…

talib kweli greene
Talib Kweli Greene attempted to assault, sexual exploit and defame another female artist.

Email Proof

sex offender
Talib Kweli Greene admits, threatens & attempts to manipulate RES.

Racist Rants

Talib Kweli Green’s Twitter account is filled with racism.  Twitter isn’t the only place he spews his racism though, as his lyrics of worthless meaning typically include 1 or 2 bars of racism snuck into the multitude of his songs.  Also, don’t forget about the racism towards muslim that were exposed in 2016 (http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/08/22/rapper-talib-kweli-greene-continues-with-twitter-racial-abuse-against-maajid-nawaz/)

Racist/Hate Lyrics

The following lyrics are only sampled from the first 5 songs that were evaluated.  It should be noted that in many of Kalib Tweli Green’s songs he raps about drugs, selling drugs, soldiering up, shooting people, promotes black violence, while yet preaching against cops who shoot blacks, promoted race baiting, while yet proclaiming racism against blacks.  He is a mass manipulator, one who commits sexually based offenses against females, who degrades whites, muslims, puerto ricans and hispanics at will.  One who is anti-authority and represents evil.  We can only imagine what else is out there…

Song, Shock Body

“Wack niggas get passed over so much they seem Jewish
Better leave and do it now or seem foolish”

(Kalib consistently makes threats and racist remarks against jews in music and on social media, best comparable to Nazism)

Song, Get By

“Yo, I activism – attackin’ the system, the blacks and latins in prison
Numbers of prison they victim black in the vision

(Where’s the whites?  Whites don’t exist to Kalib, they are the great evil (all).  FACT: Between 2009-2016 there was 486,900 blacks, 439,800 whites & 339,300 hispanics federal & state prisoners… Read more here

Song, The Proud

“The precedent is set, don’t matter if he follow the law
I know I’ll give my son pride and make him swallow it all (damn!)
F*** the pigs! I think the pigs killed Big and ‘Pac too
If they didn’t they know who did, they got to!”

(Kalib references telling his son about how cops will shoot and kill him when he grows up.  However, earlier on and throughout the song he is talking about shooting, killing and hustling.  If you’re involved in that life style, true, but if you’re raised properly, not even remotely true.  Racist.)

Song, The Perfect Beat

“The rawest, crack cocaine heroin survivors with beats
We avoided the cops, we focused on beefs
Spittin, all we saw was stacks of rhymes written, elite
Way too smart for the system of course
We know a smart free black man just pisses ’em off!

(Again referencing ’em off’.  Meaning them, ie; cops/whites.  Racist throughout.  Uneducated and breeding hate, race baiting.)

Song, Head Up Eyes Open

“Communion Sunday, my twenties, went in the bowl
Forgive me lord for them bitches the night before”

(Kalib is also a sexist and has pushed himself on numerous women over the years, attempting to take advantage of his position in various ways.)

Personal Information

Companies:  Javotti Media LLC.  Registered on November 8th, 2012 out of New York. Currently active.  The broke ass bitch didn’t even have the money to hire a registered agent.

Address: Talib Greene, 1995 Broadway, New York, New York, 10023.

Websites:  JavottiMedia.com & KweliClub.com – both websites are extremely low traffic volume and represent the entirety of the Kweli’s cash flow.  Take JavottiMedia.com for example.  The website is ranked 10,518,975 (see chart: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/javottimedia.com#trafficstats) in the world based on traffic company ALEXA (which is owned by Amazon.com and is highly accurate).  This means JavottiMedia gets on average 10-30 visitors per day.  KweliClub.com is ranked 6,508,486 (see chart: https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/kweliclub.com#trafficstats) in the world which puts traffic still well below 100 uniques per day.


Feel that Talib Kweli Greene has gone far enough?   Have you been offended?  Send any information and tips to Scumbagged by Submitting an Article here.

Twitter needs to know, feel free to report any and all abuse that you can find on his account.  Refer to Twitter’s Violation FAQ page for more information on how to effectively report the Racist Rapper:  https://help.twitter.com/en/rules-and-policies/twitter-report-violation

racist sex offending rapper
Talib Kweli Greene, the racist, sex offending rapper.

HAWK Says:  Talib Kweli Green is a racist who believes he is god and should be banned from Twitter.  His hate speech, if reversed and perpetuated by a white Twitter user would have been banned ages ago.  Dude is a washed up, racist scumbag…  There’s really nothing more to say.

Not So Fun Fact:  It has been rumored (on the internet) that Talib Kweli Green abuses prescription drugs and occasionally dabbles with crack cocaine (chore boy and stem).  This could perhaps make some sense as to his personal ranting that takes place with unbelievable frequency and can last for as many as 48-72 hours. 

The Bottom Line:  Individuals such as Talib Kweli Green should simply stick to rapping – or get a real job.  After combing through this submission, the allegations of sexual misconduct and his personal Twitter account, only one thing can be said about Talib Kweli Green.  He’s a scumbag.  Any female in the recording industry that is approached by him should steer clear, anyone who is following in his footsteps will help to create further division in this country and set themselves on the incorrect path, one that will not result in achievements, but result in actual detrimental progress.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you’re black and live in America Mr. Green would have you believe that you are a victim.  He has classed you as being a victim, as being lesser than other Americans, and he himself is your supreme ruler (aka GOD).  His mindset is one that breeds further discord, hate and riles up the ranks of his followers, but the end results only further empower him and devalue the african american community.  If you feel like you are a victim (regardless of color), it’s time to stop twittering, unfriend Kalib and start doing something about your misery.  Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck in the same vicious cycle of complaint for the entire duration of your life, lead astray, wading in mud, and when reality sinks in, it might be too late.  You’ve been conned, used as a puppet to further an agenda and promote someone who has no sincere values or morals other than his own personal enrichment and self glorification.  Why not focus on yourself in a positive way?   Leave the racist rapper where he belongs, small, alone, and all by himself…


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