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Kristi Lynn Fitch Jailed: Secret Indictment Nets Felony Vehicular Homicide Arrest (Elyria, Ohio)


On August 28th, 2017, Kristi Lynn Fitch, crashed her car into Vicki Hill’s 2007 Jeep Liberty.  Hill was waiting at a traffic light at the West Avenue and Third Street intersection in Elyria when the accident occurred.  When officers arrived on the scene, flames had fully engulfed the Jeep driven by Mrs. Hill and she sadly lost her life.   They were however able to remove Fitch before her car caught fire.

Shortly thereafter, on August 31, 2017, all charges stemming from the incident against Kristi Fitch were dropped (she had a pending OVI).  According to court records, the Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office specifically requested for the OVI charge against her to be dismissed – so a more in-depth investigation could be completed.

Then 8 months later, on April 27th, 2018, a submission (Kristi Fitch – The Avon Ford Plant Killer & Drug Dealer) was sent to Scumbagged.com regarding Fitch.  One that provided specifics of what had really transpired that fateful night.  One that allegedly accused Kristi Lynn Fitch of using heroin on the way to the Ford assembly plant where she worked and indicated that she had nodded out as she barreled into Vicki Hill’s car.

Vicki Hill’s car engulfed in flames courtesy of Channel 5 News out of Cleveland.

The article took heat as Facebook was set on fire and a storm raged as a result.  Friends and family of both parties begged to differ, accusations were thrown, threats ensued and through it all the submission remained, a beacon of hope for the Hill family and a dagger in the back for Fitch.

Then on August 2nd, 2018, the Hill family was finally vindicated and a sigh of relief could be had as Kristi Lynn Fitch was officially arrested and brought up on charges from the 2017 incident.  Justice would be served as she was booked into the Lorain County Jail with a $100,000 bond on the following charges:

  • M-1;  OVI OF ALCOHOL AND/OR DRUG OF ABUSE, 4511.19(A)(1)(A)
kristi lynn fitch
Elyria Common Pleas Court Docket


This should hopefully put closure and peace in the hearts and minds for the Hill family.  A long drawn out process where a loved one was lost out of selfishness and addiction has finally been brought to a closure.

COBRA Says:  Kristi Fitch is where she deserves to be.  The selfish self serving piece of shit couldn’t wait to get her next high that it came at the expense of another human life.  Hopefully the judge will max her time out as she has only continued to get high ever since the accident happened and has put countless others lives at risk in the process.  The definition of a scumbag…

In Memory of Vicki Hill

vicki hill
Vicki Hill


Vicki L. Hill, 58, of Elyria passed away unexpectedly Monday, August 28, 2017. She was born May 25, 1959 in Oberlin, Ohio.   Vicki graduated from Elyria High School, Class of 1977 and was a member of the marching band. She was employed with Comprehensive Logistics as a Materials Technician with many years of service. As a youth, she was raised in Second Baptist Church, where she attended Sunday school and was baptized. Vicki loved watching sports, was an avid LeBron James fan, and Cavs fan. She enjoyed cooking for her family.   Vicki is survived by her daughter Takori D. Brown of Elyria; mother Fannie Hill (nee Thomas) of Elyria; grandson Adrian S. Oliver; sister Tracey A. Hill; nephews Taryl Holloway and Trey Ross; niece Taylor Hill, and several great-nieces and nephews.   She was preceded in death by her daughter Taylia Hill and her father Floyd Hill.

The Bottom Line:  Individuals such as Kristi Lynn Fitch are a prime example of why Scumbagged.com remains a go-to website for law abiding and structured individuals across Lorain & Cuyahoga Counties.  When there is zero recourse available to those in distress, when people have been wronged (as in this case a life was lost) and they have no alternative outlet to turn to, they come to Scumbagged as their last resort.  And sometimes, this outlet provides them a certain kind of solace, sometimes their post generates attention, sometimes their submission helps them get through to the next day and sometimes it makes the difference in life.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Time and time again our website has faced threats from people just like Kristi Lynn Fitch, threats of “defamation, libel & slander” lawsuits, threats of action against us for posting false information.  The reality is, outside of us not even being able to be held liable for what our users post – our users tend to submit legal, lawful and factual information.  Sometimes in the extreme, sometimes so far fetched it’s hard to believe and down right embarrassing, but true none-the-less.  This here is a prime example of one of those situations.  If you don’t want to be featured on our website it’s pretty fucking simple…  Don’t drive while high or drunk, don’t do scumbag things like rape, rob, murder, pillage, beat on women, don’t break the law (unless it’s gray area and doesn’t hurt people in your community or family or anyone in general – we’ll excuse that kinda behavior), don’t be a deadbeat father, don’t be a scumbag mother, don’t be a bad business person, just be a normal civilized individual and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Be a good son, a good daughter, a great mother, a great father – hell you don’t even have to be great.  Just don’t be a scumbag & you won’t get Scumbagged…