Unfathomable things are taking place all across Lorain County, Ohio.  Normal, average everyday Americans are entirely clueless as to the true operating procedures of businesses that they pass or frequent on a daily, blind to the true nature of their local governments, their elected officials and even the police that have been sworn to protect them.  This is largely a result of local municipalities, corporations and individuals having gone to extreme lengths to cover up their nefarious ways.   This article will shed light into “The Top 20 Most Unfathomable Things Happening in Lorain County Right Now”.

Lorain County is comprised of the following 18 cities; North Ridgeville, Grafton, Avon, Avon Lake, Columbia Station, Amherst, South Amherst, Amherst Township, Wellington, Elyria, Lorain, Sheffield, Sheffield Lake, Eaton Estates, Oberlin, LaGrange, Kipton, & Rochester.  These cities combined have a total population of 301,356.   Not all of the cities that comprise Lorain County have been featured in the top 20, however, more than 6 of the 18 made the cut, with some featuring numerous entries contained within their set rank.

The following list is ranked in descending order, starting from #20 (the least unfathomable) to #1 (the most heinous, deceptive and manipulative of them all).  As this article will demonstrate, looks can truly be deceiving. has also excluded “inmate” related articles from this list as they have previously been broken down and exposed.  For specifics on crimes and inmate related articles, please refer to Lorain County Arrest Reports.

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Readers Note:  All of the following listed incidents are still on going, not one of them has seen a resolution.


POLICE GIVE OUT Free Needles & RIGS for Heroin Addicts

The Wellington Police Department has decided to begin giving free needles to heroin addicts (via a needle exchange program).  The thought behind this move is to reduce the spread of STD’s and other diseases by providing clean needles to addicts.  On the flip side, individuals with diabetes would like to exchange their needles as well for free and have been told that they will not be able to utilize the service.  This has frustrated many tax paying citizens and a public outcry against the program is mounting.  In addition, residents of Wellington have voiced that the program is bringing unwanted crime and traffic into their communities that otherwise wouldn’t.

Full article:  Against All Odds: Police Chief Announces Lorain County’s First Needle Exchange (Wellington, Ohio)

#19Avon Lake


The Mark Pi’s Chinese Restaurant was exposed in March of 2018 for serving portions of food that were on someone else’s tray to a customer.  The situation unfolded with a married couple who had been long time customers of Mark Pi’s.  Most recently, another individual had an issue at the restaurant and claimed the following:  “I found a long blonde hair in my food & my food was cold and soggy on top of it.  I asked to speak with the manager when they refused to give me a different order.  When the manager/chef came out, he instructed me that it couldn’t have been a hair from them because nobody has blonde hair.  The funny thing was that I have black hair and they all have black and brown hair.  That’s when I was going to leave them a negative review on Yelp and found this article on your website.  It’s obvious that if the color doesn’t match then the food came from someone else’s plate!”

Full Article:  Mark Pi’s Exposed:  Chinese Restaurant Admits To Serving Old & Pre-Ate Food (Avon Lake, Ohio)


ELyria municipal court posting social security numbers publicly

The Elyria Municipal Court docket, which is a public database that can be found here, has been discovered making individuals social security numbers public.  This sensitive information, which isn’t intended for public use, is done unbeknownst to the plaintiff.  In addition, this isn’t the first time that the Elyria Courthouse has done this as they’ve had to scrub the entire online database at least once in the past of social security numbers.  Furthermore, the court house which is located at 601 Broad St. in Elyria, Ohio, is violating some of it’s very own laws according to the website.

Full Article:  Elyria Municipal Court Illegally Makes Your Social Security Numbers Public (Elyria, Ohio)

#17 – Lorain

city of lorain is defrauding it’s tax payers via manipulated water meters

The City of Lorain has been hounded by it’s residents for their ever growing water and sewage bills, with thousands of the cities 63,700 residents complaining about the repeated rate hikes and profound increases.  Over the past year, several investigations have been launched into specific cases where some water bills increased by more than 50%.  The results are astounding…

What was discovered is that the city relies upon radio frequencies that are transmitted by their meter readers.  These frequencies can be manipulated by the homeowner, a neighbor or even by the water company.  In addition these same radio frequencies often experience RF leaks (a different form of leaking) and can be jammed and send incorrect packet information.  In 2013 when these devices were widely installed around the city of Lorain it was done without most residents even being aware.

Full Article:  Lorain Water Bills Exposed: Highly Manipulative Radio Frequency Meters (Lorain, Ohio)


two Elyria businesses support and profit off of crack cocaine

Two stores in Elyria are supporting and profiting off of crack cocaine.  The Dairy Mart located at 128 Lake Ave., in Elyria and the Sunoco Gas Station located at 404 East Ave., both sell what is known as “kits”.  These kits are accompanied with glass stems and chore boy in a brown paper bag.  These two devices are essential to smoking crack cocaine.  The irony behind these two locations are that Dairy Mart is within walking distance of the Elyria Police Department and the Sunoco Gas Station is within a mile of the Elyria High School.

Full Article:  Gas Stations Gone Wild: Crack Kits, Sex & Prostitution


lorain Dairy mart selling crack kits under cops noses

The Lorain Dairy Mart / Marathon Gas Station located at 2806 Grove Ave., conveniently doesn’t just distribute gasoline, but also sells crack kits.  Once again, just like the two businesses in Elyria above, this company is explicitly aiding and abetting the use of crack cocaine.  For without the glass stems and chore boy made so readily available, these users would have far more difficulty smoking their product.  As a result, this company is making money hand over fist off of some of the worst addicts in the region.  Tssk Tssk…

Full Article:  Gas Stations Gone Wild: Crack Kits, Sex & Prostitution

#14 – North Ridgeville

marathon gas station profiting off of crack cocaine epidemic

The Marathon Gas Station located at 35600 Center Ridge Rd., in North Ridgeville has been selling crack kits for years.  Hector and Skinny for years have been keeping brown paper bags behind the counter stuffed with glass stems (masked as roses) and chore boy in those same bags that they sell for $7.50.  These are the little things that degrade and destroy communities that go unnoticed…

Not to mention just how much of a hound that they are when would be women walk in the store to purchase said “kits”.  The unbearable truth about these neighborhood gas stations and businesses only begins to shed light into the true under workings of various stores and individuals in and around our communities.

Full Article:  Gas Stations Gone Wild: Crack Kits, Sex & Prostitution

#13 –  North Ridgeville

Lucky Bezak, the owner of Aces Bar & Grille located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, has been using his establishment to act as a front for a variety of illegal and shady endeavors ever since he first opened the doors.  In addition to the North Ridgeville Aces, Lucky also owned another Aces located in Middleburg Heights.  He used the Middleburg location as a “farm system” for unsuspecting young ladies.  Lucky has also extorted over-exuberant patrons for getting into minor altercations.  His kitchen staff is full of underpaid & overworked immigrants (possibly illegal) and last but not least, he operates an illegal sports bookmaking operation out of these establishments.  Hiding behind the company name “Aces” to perpetuate his various criminal enterprises…

Full Article:  Lucky Bezak Exposed – The Aces Bar & Grille Front

#12 – Elyria

On March 6th, 2018, Andrea Reed and her mother wen’t out car shopping.  Andrea was searching for a vehicle that she could purchase for her son and so off the two went to Sheffield Automotive Sales located at 42383 N Ridge Rd., in Elyria, Ohio.  When the two arrived on the lot, they found a vehicle that was of interest and decided to test drive it.  The owner & salesman, Brian Griffith, shook Andrea’s hand, gave her the key’s and told her to have a smooth ride…  That’s when everything got bumpy…

Full Article:  Brian Griffith & Sheffield Automotive Sales: The Racist Cokehead Convict

#11 –  Lorain County

CenturyLink Internet is being exposed for it’s sluggish speeds, false advertising & poor operational standards.  CenturyLink, which promotes itself as a “high speed internet” provider is facing a local class action suit as well as dozens of other class actions across the country.  The premise of these class actions primarily stem from the company allegedly & falsely advertising it’s services as a high speed internet provider and therefore overcharging it’s customers.  In addition, the company is also facing suits for routinely up-charging, without consent, ie; unauthorized fees, that are added to thousands of CenturyLink subscriber accounts.

Full Article:  CenturyLink Internet Exposed: Sluggish Speeds, False Advertising & Class Actions

#10 – Lorain County

LifeCare Ambulance Inc. has officially launched a coverup campaign.  Their first act of business after our exposé wasn’t to increase their severely underpaid employees wages, but rather to turn off the spigot from which the information was flowing.

The company issued verbal warnings to all employees that any individuals found to be providing company related information to would be immediately terminated from their employment.  They also forced all employees to sign a confidentiality agreement.  Specifically citing “critical pay-related, salary or otherwise sensitive information”.

2nd Full Article:  LifeCare’s Coverup Campaign “Stay Silent or Else”

1st Full Article:  A Lavish Lifestyle Puts LifeCare Workers “On Life Support”

#9 –  Sheffield Lake

Facebook’s dumbest drug dealer is hands down a man who goes by the name of Tim Brandon.  Tim lives in Sheffield Lake, Ohio where he sits behind his computer screen attempting to accrue illicit pharmaceutical drug sales.  In the past month he contacted me directly through Facebook messenger and asked if I wanted to buy any of the following:  Perk tens (percocet’s), opana’s, adderall and even heroin.  I refused to reply to him and thought he was done when he told me he had contacted me by accident.  That wasn’t the case because he then continued to message me and even tried calling me via video on Facebook.

Full Article:  Facebook’s Dumbest Drug Dealer – Tim Brandon

#8 –  Elyria

The Motel 9 in Elyria (previously known as the Howard Johnson) is one of the worst motels in Northeast Ohio.  Hotel guests have been raped, robbed, murdered & diseased from staying at this location.  The Motel 9 has had numerous bed bug outbreaks, the hotel cleaning employees are crackheads and the owner enables all of the illegal activity that transpires.

Full Article:  The Crime Riddled, Infested & Diseased – Motel 9

#7 –  Elyria

As the deadline for the May 8th primary approached the finish line, emotions were running high and tensions between Judges were at their boiling point within the Elyria Justice Center.  The actions and events that transpired leading up to the election and the behaviors of the incumbent Judges and their counterparts can best be compared to “The Godfather” film series according to one of the Elyria Judges.  Intimidation, threats and even a murder were all in the mix…

Full Article:  Lorain County Judges Exposed: Intimidation, Threats, A Murder & More

#6 – Sheffield Lake

Anthony Campo, the Sheffield Lake Police Chief finds himself in the hot seat once again.  This article illustrates the Chiefs involvement in more than 30 questionable underground online gun sales.  The sales spanned across two online forums and go as far back as 2009.  In many cases, the guns that were sold were to individuals of unknown backgrounds and who used fake online identities.  Many of the guns that were sold were of standard Detective makes and models which raises questions as to how they were obtained (Anthony Campo was a detective prior to being the Chief).

Full Article:  Police Chief Anthony Campo Exposed: Underground Gun Sales & Dark Secrets

#5 –  Sheffield Lake

In Sheffield Lake, Ohio, citizens and would be passerby’s can expect to get jolted when they get pulled over.  According to the towns police Chief, Anthony Campo, the police department has no issue with unholstering their weapons, fairly regularly – even during minor traffic violations (listen to a secret recording of the Police Chief further in the article).

Full Article:  Sheffield Lake Police Chief Exposed: Police Will Draw Guns During Minor Traffic Stops


This small village of only 4,866 residents has the highest cluster rate of confirmed MS (multiple sclerosis) cases in the United States – based on its population. Roughly 1% or 44 past & present residents of the Wellington population account for individuals who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This article is dedicated to the truth and exposes the companies that for decades illegally dumped and spewed untold numbers of carcinogens and chemicals into the villages water supply, underwater tables, crops and air. Also, embedded within you will read official documents furnished by the U.S. Department of Health and the EPA related to the MS cluster and through it all you will finally begin to understand the true nature of the beast.

Full Article: Multiple Sclerosis In Wellington Exposed: The Highest Rate In The United States

#3Avon Lake

This article exposes the facts surrounding the source of extremely high cancer rates in Avon Lake as well as documents that carcinogens that specific companies are responsible for.  For almost half a century research has repeatedly shown that pollution in the air, dumping chemical waste in Lake Erie and the culmination of these toxic elements seeping into the under water tables are not the direct cause of the cancers found clustered in Lorain County.

Full Article:  Sheffield Lake & Avon Lake Cancer Clusters Exposed: A 5 Mile Radius of Contamination

#2Sheffield Lake

Two small Cleveland suburbs are experiencing extremely high clusters of cancer related illnesses.  For decades, residents of Sheffield Lake & Avon Lake have been plagued with an abnormal number of cancer related deaths, upper respiratory conditions, stomach & skin conditions, rare forms of leukemia, brain tumors and cervical/ovarian cancers.  For those who have lived in either city for generations know all too well the stories of Jim who passed away from lung cancer, Jeanie the next door neighbor who died of stomach cancer, Judy who lived across the street and passed from a rare form of liver cancer, a 5 yr. old named Cody who lost his battle with leukemia and on and on it goes, down the line, home after home after home, residents found to be rife with terminal illnesses caused by cancer and losing their lives.

Full Article:  Sheffield Lake & Avon Lake Cancer Clusters Exposed: A 5 Mile Radius of Contamination

#1North Ridgeville

The amount of corruption taking place in North Ridgeville as we speak is unfathomable.  The city, which is allegedly ranked as one of the safest (not sure how considering individuals blow their brains out in the Police Departments lobby, dead bodies are piling up in fields, people are kidnapped and missing) is nothing more than a mere illusion of sorts.  Most recently, the cities new Fire Department won’t open until next year due to the city misappropriating the necessary money to finish the hundred or so yards of needed concrete that needs to be poured.  The Mayor (Dave Gillock) and his board didn’t veto the positioning of the North Ridgeville Mosque which will be taking up space smack dab off of Center Ridge Rd., huge vital business opportunity lost there.

However, nothing is worse than having a Corrupt Chief of Police, some Officers, a Mayor, the Mayors Grandson (who is a convicted juvenile rapist, drug user, who has resided in Mr. Gillocks home on and off for the entirety of his life).  The lengths of which he illegally went to get his son in law (Charlie Gillock’s father, who has a criminal record) – who then raped a woman while on the job at a job he should have never had to begin with.  And as a result the city was sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars due to Mayor Gillock’s illegal hiring of his grandsons father.

North Ridgeville is the epitome of corruption.  Working hand in hand with Federal Authorities only WHEN the Government comes in to aid and assist in homicides, corporate or drug related matters.  Other than that, even the Federal Bureau of Investigation keeps the North Ridgeville Police Department at arms length.  Why?  Well you can read all about the Mayor, the Chief and various members of the cities high ranking law enforcement officials at the links provided below…

The Bottom Line:  There’s a lot to learn about the things that are going on around you.  Sometimes all it takes is to keep an open eye, but most importantly to express the things that you personally know.  It takes only a few minutes to Submit An Article on our website.  By doing so you can help to inform those around you and possibly prevent future hardships for those in your community.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  This list is highly impressive and shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  The reality is that this is just the tip of the ice-burg.  Unfortunately, this next year will certainly unearth far more developments and more Scumbaggery in our local communities.  Not to worry, we’ll be there every step of the way to put the Scumbag’s on blast, right where they belong…


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