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Kristen Brill – Mulligans Bartender Caught Serving More Than Booze (Strongsville, Ohio)


Kristen Brill, a 49 year old bartender who works at Mulligans Bar & Grille in Strongsville has been serving her patrons with much more than your typical beer and appetizers.   Kristen, who is a resident of Brunswick has been having sex in exchange for cash – sometimes even in the Mulligans parking lot located at 20880 Royalton Rd., Strongsville, OH 44149.

Kristen also knowingly had an affair with a married man who has 5 children and uses motels in Elyria and other Northeast Ohio cities where she performs sexual favors in exchange for cold hard cash.  It is speculated that she gets paid anywhere from $40-$100 per trick that she pulls.  It is also unsure as to whether the management is aware of her “extracurricular” activities going on whilst at work.

HAWK Says:  She’s not good looking at all, totally busted.  Who would pay this chick to do anything?  I wouldn’t even give her a tip.

Kristen Brill will do anything for a bill.

The Bottom Line:    Sex for cash, who cares really?  Fucking a married man?  Not cool.  This woman clearly has zero values and morals.  Flip side, Mulligans bar is probably going to be getting a lot of local area John’s heading on up there this weekend as a result of this submission.  LOL.  You’re welcome!

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Hey Kristen maybe you should stop fucking your clients in the parking lot and screwing married men.  Something leads me to believe that this submission derived from the married man situation.  You should be ashamed of yourself for that one… If not anything else.


  1. This story is bogus and has zero evidence. Why dont you get a life and stop trying to deface others. I hope she sues you for this


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