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Nick “The Dirty Little Dick” Dubecky: Arrested, Facing Eviction, Robs Clients & Employees (North Ridgeville, OH)


Nick Dubecky is the owner of Dubecky Landscape & Design LLC., and he is also a prime example of why Scumbagged.com was created.  Nick has been robbing many of his clients & employees over the past 2 years, even his own family. The 24 year old North Ridgeville resident is currently being sued for $15,000, facing an eviction from his father, stolen $10,000 from his brother, defrauded 3 recent employees along with dozens of clients and was indicted for a felony related to passing bad checks. 

On October 22nd, 2018, Nick Dubecky wrote a bad check in excess of $7,500 to Bulk-N-Bushel, a North Ridgeville company.   The check was for a month’s supply of landscaping materials.  When Bulk-N-Bushel attempted to cash the check – it bounced, they immediately called the North Ridgeville Police Department and a warrant was issued for the arrest of Nick Dubecky.  Dubecky was arrested shortly thereafter and posted a $5,000 bond.  His next court hearing is scheduled for 11/7/2018 at 1:30 pm.

UPDATE ALERT:  Areas enclosed with red [brackets signifies that the article has been updated with new content.

On October 23rd, 2018, a $15,000 lawsuit against Nick Dubecky lurched forward with a ‘Summons in Civil Action’ being marked as processed.  The suit stems from blatant theft that took place and was filed on behalf of Moscarino Outdoor Creations Inc. for incomplete work.

Nick Dubecky Exposed

Adam & Vinny, Nick’s own brothers were the foundation of Dubecky Landscape & Design for the better part of the past year.  They were the knowledge and the skilled laborers that were capable of getting the jobs done.  How did Nick treat them?  He screwed Adam out of $10,000 and started to not pay Vinny.  Adam quit in February, while Vinny quit just 4 weeks ago.  When Adam left, Nick called his brother’s family and told them that he was a drug addict and thief and was fired as a result.  No word yet on the treatment Vinny has received since his departure.

Adam:  “I thought I didn’t have to worry, you know, he’s my brother, my brother will pay me I thought.  It was winter time and work was slow and when I finally told him I couldn’t work anymore, that I have a wife and two boys I have to feed and rent to make and I’m not coming to work unless you pay, he flipped and went ape shit!  Started to accuse me of being on drugs, of being a thief and a liar.  Refused to pay me, still hasn’t given me a dime.  He owe’s me $2,500 for snow removal from January to February, and owes $8,500 in wages.” 

Not So Fun Fact:  Nick stole an air compressor, sander, finish gun, table saw, 6 ft step ladder from his brother.  He also bounced checks with Aaron and never gave him any money for those bounced checks ($1,500 total).  

37855 Butternut Ridge Rd. (Nick’s home)

Nick even screwed over his own father…  His Dad, who owns the property located at 37855 Butternut Ridge Rd., was renting half of the home to his son for $450/month and another individual who rented the other half of the property for $450/month.  It has been more than 1 1/2 years since Nick Dubecky paid his father a single penny in rent.   Nick’s father is evicting him as a result and will be putting the home on the market in the coming weeks.

It is estimated that Dubecky has defrauded individuals on more than $100,000 worth of work and or pay in the past 2 years.

[Issuing Threats:  Dubecky took legal action against Jeremy Davis for posting negative remarks about his business on FaceBook and attempting to let the community know about his thievery (Jeremy just wanted his money that he was owed).  Nick also threatened two additional customers who threatened to leave bad reviews.  Tssk… Tssk…

jeremy davis
Restraining order filed by Dubecky when Jeremy Davis attempted to get compensated.]

COBRA Says:  Hi Nick!  Hope all is well, wish we could see you’re face as you’re reading through your own moment of fame, but alas, we cannot be so fortunate.  We know you’re notorious for threatening people with slander, libel and defamation of character suits, so guess what?  ::Drum roll:: We . Don’t . Care.  You’re nothing more than a spoiled, thieving, little bitch. #SoSueUs

[More Employees Robbed:  The list of employees that Nick Dubecky has defrauded is quite lengthy, it just goes on and on and on.  The list below are all individuals that were previously employed by Dubecky Landscape & Design and all are still owed outstanding paychecks.

  • Lemuel Hernandez
  • Anthony Yates
  • Nathan Varady
  • Chad Sanford
  • Aaron Matty
  • Vinny ?
  • Lem Hernandez
  • Adam Depolo

Nathan Varady is another individual who not only was robbed by Mr. Dubecky on more than $2,000, but was also given checks for roughly the same amount that bounced.   The following is what he had to say regarding his situation and Nick Dubecky…

“My last date of employment was in Feb right around the 14th. He owes me roughly 2 grand. Refuses to give me my last check or any over time pay. (He fired me because I left work to go save my wife’s grandpa who was having a stroke). I cashed 2 checks at Walmart with the total being around 2 thousand, they bounced so now I’m being held accountable for it.  Also, when I first started he screwed over an employee who’s name was Nick. He got injured on the job and needed help with medical, Nick pretty much told him hes fucked and not helping him.  Then fired him.”

Fun Fact:  Nick also just went to court for not paying into the workman’s compensation – which is the state of Ohio requires every business pay into.

Not So Fun Fact:  Nick also tried to screw over a veteran owned landscaping company (Dr. Landscape).  He owned him roughly 8 thousand dollars for a prolonged period of time.  Dubecky finally did make good with the company though. ]

How “The Dirty Little Dick” got started:  He started out his company from the blades of grass, literally.  He could be seen cutting his neighbor’s homes for years as a young adult and then started doing limited patio work which eventually turned into a full blown landscaping company.  One that saw him hire workers, delay pay, state repeatedly that he was waiting on customer payments and essentially force employee after employee to leave due to non-payment.  All the while, further enriching himself in a rinse and repeat operation that saw him taking more vacations and extended trips in an attempt to maintain his appearance of living a rich and lavish lifestyle.

A predator in the making?  Nick would savagely attack even his best friends girlfriends.  On more than three occasions Nick Dubecky has stalked, harassed and chased other’s girlfriends, fiance’s and wives – bordering pure obsession.  [He even broke into his ex’s house and stalked her and even admitted to putting a plug in GPS on her range rover so he could track her] (no charges have ever been pressed).

Nick doesn’t give a fuck about the customer, all he cares about is money.

Ex Employee:  “Nick doesn’t give a fuck about the customer, all he cares about is money.  Doesn’t care what the finished product looks like, has zero customer respect, none.  Takes money and does the work but doesn’t know how to do it properly.  Thinks it’s right, but it’s half ass.”

Nick Dubecky is a special kind of stupid…

Corporate Casualty:  84 Lumber is currently sitting on (and screwed out of) $1,200 in materials ordered in February of 2018.  The building supplier that ordered all the materials stated “what am I supposed to do with all these materials, Nick never came to get them”.

Client Casualty:  Also in February of 2018 a customer who wanted a custom fancy handrail for their switch back staircase was robbed.  Nick received 50% down ($1,700) and simply left upon receiving the deposit, never to return again & did absolutely zero work.

[Nick Dubecky’s Response]

The following screenshots are Nick Dubecky’s official response to this article.  This communication was sent from Dubecky’s cellphone directly to the Scumbagged.com tipline…

[Legal Issues]

Nick Dubecky is also on probation out of Berea Municipal Court related to telephone harassment.  He has violated his probation and has a violation hearing scheduled in January of 2019.  The screenshots below document the entirety of the crime and the sentencing.

Want to see more court specifics and related information on Nick Dubecky and Dubecky Landscape & Designs?  Check out his other detailed article below:

Dubecky Landscape & Design LLC.: Scamming Customers, Employees & Vendors (North Ridgeville, OH)

The Bottom Line:  Nick Dubecky is a very skilled salesman, that’s about all he’s good at.  He doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to landscaping.  He’s not skilled in building, designing or implementing any of his work.  Do not utilize his services or his companies, you will regret it!

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  People like Nick Dubecky should be ashamed of themselves.  They should also live in fear.  People who do this kind of shit to family and their community need to sincerely wake up.  Your days of hiding behind thin veils is over.  You will be Scumbagged, one day or another, and when that happens you’ll have nobody to blame other than yourself.  Welcome to the Scumbag club Nick, you totally deserve it!


  1. This is so easily laughable that Nick step brother would go out of his way to make this. This is so far from the least bit true. Nick had to fire his step brother for doing drugs on the job, buying heroin in Nicks company truck, and stealing Nicks equipment. Good try though, Nicks Ex Step Brother. Your mom is even crazier that Nicks dad had to divorce her. LMFAO. Crazy family clearly. HAHAH.

  2. This is all lies and bullshit. All the stated employees used and abused his kindness and leaniency at work. They were destroying his company from the inside out. I’m the last remaining one left of all these employees and this is a 1/4 of the full story. There’s many underlying things that these so called employees did in attempts to ruin or screw the company over. Not to mention the step brother being the worst one. The allegations of him using drugs was all true. I have proof and I witnessed the incidents. The numbers are blown way out of proportion. We’ve all made mistakes but this is low. If the people weren’t paid it was due to THEM not holding up to their responsibilities and not earning their way. He’s done nothing but try to help ALL of the listed names including myself. Difference is they took advantage and used and abused his kindness as long as they could but enough was enough. This is all a joke. You wanna know the truth talk to the one that’s been there through it all and witnessed it all first hand. We all make mistakes and these people act like they are saints. They were there to screw him over as often as they could. Using company cards to purchase personal items because they couldn’t afford it themselves do to “habits” most of them had that they tried to keep quiet, but it all came out in the end and he did what was best for his company. All of these people were given the money they deserved and when they broke their contract it was not given and he had every right to do so. Everyone makes mistakes no ones perfect. He’s out here struggling to do what most of us only dream to do. Leave him be and move on with your pitiful worthless lives.

    • Explain the probation violation for harassment in Berea as a result of his felony passing bad checks in Ridgeville. Explain the lawsuit against him in Elyria Muni and explain the plethora of negative reviews. You’re using diversion tactics. Perhaps you are the last remaining employee, the only one he has left that he has paid, but everyone else cannot be wrong. There is just a multitude of shit going on here. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it’s a fucking duck.

  3. Hey cobra it’s pretty easy to talk shit behind a name on the computer huh. The only type of person who would run a site like this is a scumbag themselves 🙂 none the less to post a story like this, that is all completely 1 sided. Why don’t you get the view from the people on the other side of the wall and see how much it changes. Amazing how you fucking retards believe everything on the internet. Not to mention, half the people in the story all have or had court cases for non payment or felonious/misdemeanor crimes. Get a life ya keyboard warrior.

    • So you’re saying Dubecky also only hires criminals like himself to go to individuals homes? You mean to tell us that the ENTIRE company is criminally oriented? Makes total fucking sense. We will be sure to amend the article and the business article with this fact. Thanks for the info scumbag.

  4. Wow


    Wondering how Nicks posters ,which sounds like one would feel if they appeared on the watch list in Lorain county for a known drug user

    Being pulled over at the drive thru at Mc Donald’s sucks when all u have is a gram with your and kids in the back seat

    Being behind in a few bills is ok. Look at the Democrats they invented TARP. They forgot more loans then Nick could ever not pay back

    Paying back late is ok. Not paying back is back. Nick has a long time to pay back what he is owed. The people he owes. Well they still sell to to them

    As any knows who makes more then 100k a year. You will have a few employees that work for a pay check then disappear and then come back and want to get another high

    I strongly suggest that Nick meats with those who post about his m openly with a captain to move be meeting a long

    Maybe the holder of this site would like to host this event. If so Post a message. I will reimburse you for your time in orchestrating a meeting with Nick and those who speak Ill of him on here.

    Sleep well

    Enjoy your family at this thanksgiving


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