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Lorain Man Jumped In His Own Front Yard – Police Do Nothing In Response (Lorain, OH)


Lorain Police Department were called to an assault that took place recently on the West side of Lorain.  In the call, two males jumped another because they didn’t want his children playing in his own front yard.  The man was jumped by his neighbors, who left visible bruises and marks on his face and upper chest (it should be noted that the man also has heart issues and seizures).   The police arrived on the scene, took pictures as the man was leaving in an ambulance due to chest pain – and no one was arrested.  The police then inform the victim that he needs to take it up with the prosecuting attorney in order to pursue charges…

Rewinding a bit, as the cops spoke with the ones who committed this crime – another party drove up and started shouting vulgar names and taunting the man who was assaulted.  The Lorain Police didn’t inform them to leave or keep down, instead they allowed them to continue screaming threatening and profane words at the assaulted man.  Keeping in mind, that there were two men whom had jumped him already with another 6 standing by in the front yard as it happened.  The way that Lorain police handled the situation is both bizarre and disturbing.  Nothing like blatantly saying no proof, no consequence, yet here we’ll humor all Scumbagged readers and provide some photo’s that apparently don’t matter to the Lorain Police these days…

COBRA Says:  Fairly certain that if the tables were turned and you had jumped someone else that you would be in jail right now.  Double standard, sounds a bit prejudiced to me…

lorain man
Lorain man jumped by 2 individuals on his own front yard, left with more questions than answers.

“I got jumped today by my downstairs neighbors because they my kids wanted to play outside. The neighbors are Hispanics who think they need 6 cars in the yard, which takes up some of my lawn and then they bitch and say my kids need to stay away from their cars…  This ain’t the Fast and the Furious tf… Anyways the Sergeant that showed up was also Hispanic and guess what…no one went to jail even though I had a visible mark under my eye and on my chest and had to go to the fucking hospital.  Lorain Police are corrupt as fuck in so many ways.  I mean technically we live in the same house so it could be domestic violence in which someone is required to go to jail…”

“I’ll be filling a complaint against him as well.”

“Since there is 12 people living in their half of the duplex and they all speak Spanish to the Hispanic Police Officer, nothing was done.  Sergeant that was talking Spanish with them was being buddy buddy.  I’ll be filling a complaint against him as well.”

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  These people all live in the same duplex so they have to live here and what? Pretend it never happened? Be afraid to let their little ones play in their own yard? This is not the 1st issue that they’ve had with these neighbors.  The police did nothing and the home owner disregards numerous complaints so who do you do? What happens when they retaliate?  If it was me, I’d personally send in the goon squad (any individuals whom are both calculated & reckless and in some cases high on methamphetamine after being up for days on end).  Wouldn’t ever be a problem again.  That’s just me though, in your case, you’ve done the right thing, nothing much else that can be done, except for maybe begin video documenting all of the nonsensical drama.  We can go after the landlord, the tenants, etc., one by one.  Problem solved.


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