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“We Feel Like Hostages in our own Homes” – A Neighborhood Lives in Fear of This Local Woman… (Columbia Station, OH)


COLUMBIA STATION, OHIO – There’s nothing worse than worrying if your neighbor is going to break into your home, steal your kids toys out of the yard or try to take the change out of the center console of your car in the middle of the night.  Sadly, that’s what many are dealing with in the small town of Columbia Station all because of one woman.  One woman who many say bring some of the areas worst individuals into their neighborhood at all hours of the night and a woman who continues to cause them grief and worry.

Brandi Basch has been terrorizing her neighbors and their neighborhood say many nearby residents.  One neighbor stated “I feel like we are hostages in our own homes”, while another stated “there’s nothing but drug dealers and drug dealing and criminal men in the neighborhood at all hours of the night because of her”.  Many local residents have filed protection orders to keep her out of the neighborhood.  Items such as bikes & dirt bikes have come up missing or stolen, cars & houses have been broken into for months and the neighbors have had enough!

Basch who was just released from jail today after posting bond is now back into the community and neighbors are terrified of her return.  She was just locked up in the Lorain County Jail for Passing Bad Checks, Falsification and Complicity.  She was also arrested for breaking into one of her neighbors homes by video surveillance which caught her in the act.  All of which has occurred in just the past few weeks and all the while she continues to occupy a home she has zero financial right to other than her name being on the deed (read that original story here:  Brandi Basch – A Notorious Thief, Compoulsive Liar, Scammer, Cheater & Drug Addict).

I feel like we are hostages in our own homes”

Basch has also robbed those whom were close to her.  Individuals such as Tyler Ellis and Michael Jarvis (both live in boyfriends).  She also robbed another boyfriend who was living in the house that isn’t hers.  She’s also repeatedly put utilities into other individuals names without there knowledge.  Jarvis was her first initial victim after the homeowners moved out.  She also wrote a bad check to one of her ex’s grandparents who had let her borrow $1,500.00, alas, should come as no surprise – that check bounced – they are taking civil action in regards to that matter. 

Brandi Basch was recently locked up in the Lorain County Jail.

COBRA Says:  Oh hey look it’s the innocent Brandi Basch being submitted once again, what a fucking surprise!  Not!  Below is an email sent from Brandi Basch to Scumbagged since her initial article was submitted.

COBRA Says:  Our Response:  Don’t give a shit what you think you know and HELL NO to the removal!

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Keep the cameras rolling, it’s the best thing to do.  Also ensure that you keep your straps locked and loaded, bikes chained up, car doors secured and any and all valuables tucked or hidden away.  Basch is back in town and it’s only a matter of time before she terrorizes the neighborhood once again!


  1. I came to get her out of there a d someone called the cops on me. Not only does she steal he threatened my 90 year old grandmas life and talks about peoples moms and kids. I went to stop her mouth and the people that are so scared of her called the police on me. I dont get it at all if you guys are scared y not let someone do what they have to and not call the cops

  2. Just so everyone knows she is no longer in Columbia Station. She is with her Mother. My son suffered so much financially and mentally but, has come thru and is on his way back to a normal life without all of the drama and heartache she caused him. She sold his dead fathers gun and sold flooring he had in the garage to install in the house with not one ounce of regard for his feelings. He let her stay in the house until she could find a place and she had several men move in to pay her utilities. Her 90 days turned into 9 months of hell for my son. She refused to leave and it wasn’t until God stepped in and she was arrested that he got his house back. Yes she told everyone it was her house but, he made the mistake of putting her on his deed. She never paid a dollar out of her pocket. My heart goes out for her children. Signing off of his deed was the first human thing I seen her do. At the cost of another 1500 dollars. I wish for her children that she would get help and make her life better for them . Quit lying and stealing and live an honest life. If anyone knows of the where about’s of the gun we would love to hear from you and be able to go buy it back. She is sticking to the story of it being in the attic at the house and we have looked several times. The flooring is a lost cause but, how does someone do this to another person that she was suppose to love. You have to know what love is to be able to love. The neighbors are all so happy now and it will take some doing but, it will all work out.

  3. It’s not just her you have to watch out for. I’d avoid anyone in the state of Ohio with that last name. They’re ALL disgusting trash – mother, father (remarried), sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts, grandmother, all of them. All they talk about is Jesus, but they’re the most disgusting group of people I’ve ever seen in my life. They’re all a bunch of hillbilly trash.

  4. Obviously another one of Brandi’s junkie low-life friends try to defend her by attacking others. The police reports on her tell you all you need to know.


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