Dawn Sheehan is a mom on a menacing mission & this article sheds the light on the truth of the matter.  What you are about to read took place over the past year.  Dawn has consistently told people that I am not who I say that I am and not to mention this person has been bullying not only our community but also a person who is simply like her trying to make a difference.  She almost cost me my career and a lot more because of this senseless bullshit that she brings to the table.  This is what we were cosigning and the true predators that are here that take those of us who are fighting the good fight and try to use funds to shut us up.

I give a voice to those who are afraid to speak out and I am not shutting up until this wonderful woman gets her whole social media call out that she wanted to give me and to clear my name because I have more respect than to allow someone to take away the achievements, to hide the behaviors that other people had already uncovered and she decided to drag someone who never asked to be brought into it.  I always told her this would end with a public apology but then again according to Miss Sheehan I am merely a person with serious mental health issues and has a pathological lying problem with all the paperwork to back up my facts…

This whole situation now finally can be put to rest and Dawn can deal with the repercussion of this because I refused to let this continue in this community especially when too much was/is at stake.  Who do we believe here?  Well, I’ve attached numerous emails that show explicitly as to what took place behind the scenes and they can be found below…

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The Email Proof

Cease and desist EARLE VAN


Dawn Sheehan

AttachmentsSun, Jan 20, 2019, 2:25 PM

to me

Ms. Amanda Romero

Attached you will the conversation via FACEBOOK messenger between you and Mr. Van. On several of these he has asked that you no longer contact him. This letter will serve as a cease and desist letter pending you returning your address so that you can be served one via his attorney.  These documents are also being forwarded to those whom  may  be interested in this show of unprofessional behavior on your part.
Please email back your full name and address and you stated that you would like it sent to you but did not provide your address or full name as apparently you have ” one hell of a last name” however did not provide it.
This email can and may be used in any legal proceedings that may come of this matter.
Dear Ms. Romero known as Amanda Romero on Facebook,
RE: Earle Van
Defamation of Character / Demand to hold any further contact
Dear Sir or Madam,
         Mr. Van reports that you have made threats against him and have continued to seek to communicate with him  even after being asked not to.
         Mr. Van is committed and devoted to assisting persons struggling with drug abuse issues.
          Under Delaware law, as well as most other jurisdictions, it is unlawful to engage in defamation of character and reputation. Moreover, as in the case here, statements that malign one in trade , business or profession are actionable without proof of special
damages. Your statements and threats that you have made to Mr. Van also constitute harassment as you were told to not contact Mr. Van by Mr. Van and you continued to do so.
       Accordingly, we demand that you immediately cease and desist your unlawful harassment of Earle Van . Mr. Van hereby specifically retains all other rights to such relief and/ or damages to which he and/ or his organization may be entitled.
      If you do not comply with this demand Mr. Van may seek monetary damages and injunctive  relief, along with an award of attorney fees and court costs.
       Should you have any questions you  may send them in writing to this email address.We will be awaiting your full name and address , should we not receive it we will contact the ADDICTION POLICY FORUM FOR THE SENATE and have it sent to their address for you.
Best Regards,
D. R.


Manders Espana

Jan 23, 2019, 7:08 AM

to Dawn

Dear Dawn,

 Please do not include yourself in here say and please be aware that these were statements that transpired directly between him and I, also please advise that the subject matter has to be true.
Now feel free to advise your clients your crew or your team that you are taking on someone who is center core in the middle of the government and I also work very closely with the state of Va as well as other formats.
I have blocked this crew on my phone so now if you have any further threats please continue to waste my time directly not through a keyboard my phone number is 443-822-9802 I do not answer restricted calls and as for this whole email. I PRAY there is more because this proves the whole sole purpose why this cat does not need to be out here doing this sending a cease and desist through gmail? A bit more research should be placed if you want anyone to take you seriously now I will let you know I am going to allow my network to hear about the bulshit behind this including following me on instagram being blocked and several other things and well yeah. Hope on Deck, not doubting him as an individual allegations were made they were founded and now guess what you and whoever you want can’t stop it so have a nice day and also if you want to sit and see exactly who I am I live in MD I also provided the ABOVE MENTIONED with my address to serve me with real paperwork lol as well you know this could be considered borderline menacing gonna have to make sure we mention this as well. PLEASE CONTINUE TO CONTACT ME I do so love that you think we have nothing better to do then worry about a man who is trying to do a good deed but has no guidance nor reception to when people try to let him know the things that he is doing are wrong.
                                                                                                                                                Sincerely Amanda Lee Romero-Espana Peer Counselor Specialist state Va Md Co-Chair APF
CEO Mander’s Renegades Reflections from Addiction Facing Addiction Voices Project SHALL I CONTINUE with my resume…. how about my work within the government and sex trafficking you all REALLY SHOULD HAVE GOOGLED ME…… Oh and also I am an investigative journalist SOOOOOO I am also a person who is in media…. Now since your email is bulshit I respond with do you have any further questions? You are not worth my time nor my effort I attempted to branch out to this group and quite frankly can not wait for the findings oh please be aware that I had a very big role in bringing to light very serious situations in our community and now am very much on the defense because of such levels of fear.

Dawn Sheehan

Jan 23, 2019, 11:07 AM

to me

Ms. Romero,

    I am in receipt of your email. Please be aware that the email was sent to cease and desist, as stated, was only a temporary note letting you know not to contact Mr. Van an this was noted as we asked for your correct address to send an official one . As stated , now that we have your address, our attorney will be sending one through the US postal service.
   The contact of the inboxes between you are Mr. Van has been sent to the attorney and also sent , along with a picture of you since we did not know your entire name, to the Addiction Forum of the Senate.We will also now notify and forward this information to the Virgina Senate.
    We also have noted the time and date that you did receive a call and a message was left  telling you to please send an email to our Hope on Deck email account with your company name and any questions. This was recorded. You never emailed that account.
    As stated in the message , you may , through email, ask whatever you would like after we confirm your credentials and if the questions are valid we would be happy to answer them FOR YOUR PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT through another representative.
    Mr. Van currently has a lawsuit pending in Pennsylvania with a person who also said he represented his Advocacy related Company. Now that company and this person is facing liability. We will be handling everything in a respectful legal way with all business ventures to protect against anyone who defames or hampers Mr. Van’s ability to help those suffering with addiction.
Best Regards
Hope On Deck
* I volunteer at all this my career consists of working for a towing company….*

Manders Espana

Jan 26, 2019, 4:46 AM

to Dawn

Dear Miss Van,

This is my reply to you and this matter and will be my final one I am beginning to become annoyed at your attempt to threaten me with such bulshit, and I find it very insulting that you underestimate that I am not kidding you in the matter and am aware of the fact that I did nothing wrong.
Now this is my response to you and is also posted on facebook because I unlike you have nothing to lose I have been doing this for several years and I can assure you I have not stayed and maintained my role by acting out of character. This being said I gave you all of my information and I assure you that I do know what I am speaking about once again. Please stop contacting me as I have blocked Mr. Van from all my social media ps after you sent this email was not smart for him to start following me on instagram this is a primary example of things that you might want to know in your thirst for being accurate. I hope you have a nice day and I assure you that I am going to be reaching out to some of my friends up in Delaware who also do similar things like me and going to request that your rep contacts me to show you exactly the extent of how tolerable this is for your entire state and our recovery community I assure you this behavior is not in any way acceptable especially since you keep on trying to cause disturbance based on allegations and thinking you are able to manipulate this situation in your corner so I assure you as I stand you can contact whom you choose and while you are at it you can also check out the work that I was doing down in south florida like I said as well as other things we have uncovered within this community, the light always shines through the darkness and guess what sugar I am not being mean but you are not on my radar for me to care about, I have my own issues and problems and well I got folders that get compiled and I hand off my findings this is all I do then it gets further researched and I do not care the outcome this is not my place nor do I care about the findings of the initial research because why, I have my own treatment I focus on but I also know what parents go through when they have people like you ( AS DISPLAYED IN THIS EMAIL AND PRIOR HOSTILE CONTACT THAT YOU HAVE BEEN COMING AT ME WITH) and yes it is hostility because when I am letting you know that I am not giving you false information you are trying to manipulate what I am saying so once again please stop this childish behavior and where you seem to fail to understand who I am I assure you I know who you are, like I said I do my research this is why I am so respected and if you want to see more about me and the role that I established please feel free to mention my name anywhere online as manders and you will find out exactly how popular my honesty and transparency have been in this community. Also you can ask Ryan Hampton and the other people who actually have been here in dc and know the role that I play in this whole scene.
~~~~~~~~~My facebook post~~~~~~~~~~

I do not normally play into this but I am getting angry. First off as for facts allow me to clarify this situation. I do not know these people nor do I care to we all know what I do in this community and we are all aware that I am the official co chair for the ADDICTION POLICY FORUM through the state of maryland… FACTS. I said that I am looking into some things and asked for contact did not bring them to anyone elses attentions kid chose to ignore me FACTS. I sent an email expressing that I was throwing some issues relating to things in our community and said that I was placing some questions on the table so I did not take someone by surprise, I am very honest and I come to people out of respect. Now allow me to explain something to you.

I will not sit back and allow you to think you are going to continue to harass me and try to intimidate me because now I am going to state facts one, I keep getting these emails and I keep blocking these people from contacting me because I have nothing further to say to or about them, now they are in direct violation of the same thing they are accusing me of so this is where I am choosing to make a counter statement. I only provide facts I am not running around on facebook and calling you out I do not do screen arguing or threats and I assure you that if you ask MaryBeth Cichocki exactly what role I play here in my senate PS MARYLAND KEEP YOUR INFORMATION STRAIGHT LADY. I am studying in Virginia as for the picture you have this is not an updated one since I have blue and jade colored hair now I can send you a recent one if you would like now I am politely giving you this message I assure you that all you are doing is making it more evident that the information that you think I have is questionable I never came at you and I only cleared up the information you thought you knew about who you were typing to on the other end of the keyboard. So with your CEASE AND DESIST papers please be aware they need to be SERVED to be actually in play and hun when it comes to me taking it to the senate there is no way to stop that, like this is my right as a person who was asked to sit as this position and I volunteer to do it and like I said I am very into this scene so please tell me once again how your precious idle threats are going to bring me down I will tell you one thing though I am going to check and see how legal it is for you to keep harassing me and not getting the right information for me to allow you to pursue your idle threats. Waiting for the mail and I hope it is notarized and completely legit because this is another issue that I was concerned about the way that people are confusing how constructive you are to handling situations with other addicts and obviously this is an exact display on why this is not a positive thing right at this point. Intimidation is not cool and you can not intimidate a leader so now politely stop contacting me or I will request a sit down with your rep and discuss this issue with them. Like I said I am very welcome at the Hart building and I attend a lot of our activities here and also get invites to attend certain events most of us never imagined possible so when I come to you and advise you that there is an alleged conflict well I was trying to let you know that there was a red flag then I take it to the proper authorities so I assure you that once again your reply is as follows lady stop digging yourself a deeper hole because where you have no idea who I am I am very well aware of who it is that is harassing me and I can back up my talk so I am not blocking you from my email but if you could please leave me alone and also worry about the things you need to I would greatly appreciate if you would stop trying to make me have panic attacks because as of currently its been mere asthma attacks from laughing at this nonsense. Please try to turn this behavior around and realize that I do not back down and honestly I do not call people out unless they need to be held accountable on a very public level so this is my official response I would appreciate that you all do not contact me out of respect this means that along with this post and the email I am sending in reply to your current one I ask that you no longer try to interfere with my life and try to menace me because like you have your backers I assure you I have mine as well, Sincerely Amanda ROMERO-Espana I already gave you my address and all the other information that you thought that I would not give and like I said this needs to stop.

~~~~~~ And this is displayed on the Amanda Romero page it does not have your name on it but be assured now this ends, because this will be the final threat you make to me and if I get this letter in the mail like you are stating it is my right to post it online because you are falsely accusing me of something and have no grounds to stand on therefore opening yourself up to a countersuit. Please have a great day. Oh as well I am going to be sending the Addiction Policy Forum my findings and what I am taking to the seat and am pretty sure this will be another thing that is looked at as a great thing to find a way to give back healthily instead of toxic behavior like bullying through social media.

Manders Espana

Jan 26, 2019, 4:54 AM

to Dawn
oh yes and I will not receive any calls from anyone because one my phone does not accept restricted calls secondly I owe you nothing and as for anything else I am telling you that I am not engaging this any further the next thing will be me doing a full detail story on my media outlets about this whole situation naming HOPE ON DECK as an organization and as for this being about Mr. Van this is about the llc not him so, I guess that all this is really becoming more evident that you need to please focus on the people that are actually attacking you or whatever you think but I will give you a run for your money shall you continue to threaten me. This is coming to you from the Heart because you really are unaware of how close to you I truly am and this is not a threat I am being serious this is what I fight for to make sure people do not get taken in by individuals like yourself. So please do me a favor and ask around to your local people prior to the next contact with me and give it some thought because from here on out all contact from ANYONE FROM HOPE ON DECK OR AFFILIATIONS contacts me I will simply add the communication and forward it to add to the original things that are of concern Good Day to you and yours.

Dawn Sheehan

Jan 26, 2019, 12:14 PM

to me

Ms. Espana,

      As stated we are handling everything legally on our end.
       I contacted the Addiction Forum for senate. YOU DO NOT sit on their counsel and in fact they are NOT affiliated with you . That is a complete lie and was confirmed.  They were very interested in the screenshot were you said you were on the counsel . I also forwarded all  emails including those with your phone number and address to the Addiction Forum . Since you committed fraud and it is is writing all information was emailed to them so this could be resolved  . The fraud issue to be resolved in now in their hands. I suggested to them that if you fraudulently claimed to be on the counsel and are not to us you may have done it to others. They stated they will be looking into it and your information is going to be sent to the proper parties. They apologized to me  that we were victimized in this way by you .
    I also sent the screenshots and emails  to the PA Senate, the VA senate  and also the MD Senate.I will be in communication with all of them again come Monday and will continue to have communicate with them while their investigations are being done.
    To clear some things up at no point have you been threatened however you continue to threaten myself, Earle Van, and the Hope On Deck Team. Asking you to stop contact and telling you our attorney was involved and sending you a cease and desist is not threatening.
     I have not yet posted these findings on social media about you . If our attorney gives the ok then I may to warn others about you. Your claims constitute FRAUD !!!!!
    This email as well as the ones you sent this morning will all be forwarded to those mentioned in this email as well as to the attorney.
     I’m making this CLEAR . YOU ARE NOT TO CONTACT ME , MR. VAN or any of the Hope On Deck team by any means. This includes email, facebook, by phone etc. . Once you receive the cease and desist from counsel you may contact them directly. THERE IS TO BE NO MORE COMMUNICATION> ANY COMMUNICATION RECEIVED will be forwarded to all concerned parties.

The Bottom Line

HAWK Says:  My brain hurts from reading all of this!
SCUMBAGGED Tip: That was a lot of information to take in, we will let the reader decide.  The only advisable tip would be to say something along the lines of “silence is golden” and “less can often mean more” and yeah…


  1. I appreciate you putting this information out here for people to understand that somethings are not as cut and dry as they seem. I want to also state the fact that I had merely reached out to Mr. Van to invite him to be part of some things we were doing here in D.C he ignored me and then ended up going and in a fit of delusion creating all this conflict. I try to avoid having to publicly make these things known but sometimes the actions need to be taken to our peers and we can form opinions of Facts vs Fiction as well as the whole provided content. P.s The original inquisition that we all were asking was for public records on the funds coming in to the LLC and this was when we were requesting everyones information to see if they were willing to be transparent to see if there was guilt…..

  2. Please, be advised that this is cease and desist order to all parties involved. My brain will no longer tolerate such babbling nonsense.


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