LORAIN, OH – Megan Elizabeth, 30, is a fake-married (more on that later) abusive, neglectful and pathetic mother of two.  Several days ago her 7 year old escaped from the Euclid Avenue home in an attempt to end his life by jumping off of the Henderson Bridge.  Thankfully, the Lorain Police were able to locate the child at Valero gas station where he informed the officers of his suicidal intentions.  He was promptly pink slipped and taken to Mercy Hospitals Psychiatric ward and where was the “Welfare Whale” when all this transpired?  Laying in bed smoking weed and ignoring her children just like always…

Her neglectful parenting can only be matched by her porky pig style eating habits that in comparison make even “Fat Bastard” look fit.  She lays in bed whenever she’s at home and ignores her children to the extreme.  Her and her husband are both lazy and incapable to functionally take care of their children, let alone ducks, dogs or even their small living space.  They have to continuously be told to clean up their mess left in the kitchen, the yard and even their bedroom by a 60 year old who rents the vast majority of the house and shares a small portion of it with them.  This same elderly woman also does most of the cleaning, yard work and monitoring of the children.  Megan & Jeremy have purchased ducks that have went unattended and left feces everywhere, adopted a dog that was neglected in the basement and trapped inside of its cage for days and weeks on end.  The list goes on and on, but nothing is more important or devastating than the neglect placed upon the young children located within the Lorain home.

Megan is loud and obnoxious but even violent.  She’s been seen beating her children, smashing them down on chairs as hard as she physically can even at the young age of 2.  Screaming at her children at the top of her lungs and feeding them like dogs (all over her bed and the floor).  The consistent abuse has finally taken its toll as now her oldest maternal son (aged 7) has reached out to the community for support.

Henderson Bridge, Lorain OH

“I ran away and was trying to jump off of the Henderson Bridge”

Consistent physical, mental and emotional abuse will drive anyone insane or at least cause them some form of depression or another.  Whenever a 7 year old tells an officer “I ran away and was trying to jump off of the Henderson Bridge”, there is a serious problem on the home front!  Sadly, he isn’t the only child that Megan has as she also has a daughter and is currently pregnant with another welfare baby.

Megan’s not-so-distant relative, Fat Bastard

She’s been seen walking around stuffing her grease filled fingers into party bowls and eating overtop of platters, making food and leaving it out for days, not taking out garbage or cleaning her or her children’s room for weeks on end.  She constantly complains of health issues yet has zero problem hocking shit from local flea markets or dumpsters to afford her marijuana and never ending bed-ridden smoke sessions.  Hell, her 8x too small shirts are always inappropriately pulled down (and somehow in-appropriately pulled up at the same damn time), no matter the occasion.

The real but fake wedding.

On July 28th, 2019, Megan tied the knot in an official (but still unofficial) wedding ceremony that took place in her yard.  The two have still not officially received their marriage license in an effort to defraud the State of Ohio’s welfare office as both of them consistently have jobs which would affect their bottom line food stamp income, amongst many other things.  To this day they both live in the same Lorain home together where they share 2 bedrooms for sometimes upwards of 6 or 7 people (just in their living area as the home has upwards of 10 or more people at any given time).

COBRA Says:  Sometimes its best to shut your mouth in certain situations.  For example: not minding one’s mother fucking business & talking about matters unrelated to you, stuffing one’s face uncontrollably and without regard for human or animal life, violently and irately screaming at one’s children, etc, you know – common sense stuff like that.

Do You Have Information?

Megan “The Welfare Whale” Elizabeth is an abusive & neglectful mother.

As of this writing it is unknown if any formal charges have been brought against Megan Elizabeth or to the current condition of the 7 year old mentioned within this article.  If you or anyone you know has additional information regarding this situation you are urged to utilize the contact information contained below.


Daytime Phone: 440-329-5340 and ask to speak with a referral specialist.
After Hours : 440-406-5121.


SCUMBAGGED TIP:  You know what Scumbagged faithful, sadly in life people require harsh wake up calls because everyone around the degenerates are simply overly polite, soft or blind to state facts and say or do what needs to be done.  This is one of those situations.  This goes for anyone out there in general (as always)…  Eat healthy and cherish your children.


  1. Those poor kids. Hopefully the state will get involved and will remove them from that environment.

    Reading this was bad enough…but Jesus! Check out the picture with her gut flopped out! This cow looks like she has constant staph and yeast infections, underneath those flaps. You know her pussy smells like hard boiled eggs and fish on a good day.


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