ELYRIA, OH – Rachel Marie Koscinski is supposedly a recovering heroin addict.  In recovery (and especially while on probation) one abstains from all drugs and alcohol.  Unfortunately on 3/16/2021 she failed her drug test (once again) at probation court which resulted in an alcohol ankle monitor being placed on her.

Recovery court and staying in a sober house doesn’t help much when you are with Nick Charles Bungard.  Bungard is an active drug addict who snorts suboxone, cocaine and takes handfuls of different types of benzos due to the belief he will die without drugs.  No doubt they are using heroin with each other at this very moment.

NOT SO FUN FACT:  Look on the bright side, at least they are using clean needles right?  Nick loves to brag about that plug on needles he has.

Nick Bungard

These are two people who have the connect on virtually every single drug in Elyria.  They deserve a serious round of applause for their accomplishments!

HAWK Says:  The sober life isn’t made for everyone.  It’s not an easy road to recovery either.  People, places & things right?  These two are toxic, need separated ASAP… 


SCUMBAGGED TIP:  Don’t do drugs folks.  Never ends well, take it from someone whose been down that road.  We’re not here to bash addicts, this is an open platform for whomever, sometimes it takes a little tough love to get a wake up call though aye?

Drug Addiction Information:  If you, or anyone reading this has drug related issues of any kind you can check into a rehab for free courtesy of the Wellington Police Department.  If you have misdemeanor warrants and even low level felonies you have a chance at still going to rehab if you’re upfront with them and truly seek a change.  All you have to do is give them a call at: (440) 647-2244 or contact them via messenger on their Facebook page:


  1. You sound like a jealous cunt. For real. So she slipped up and got an ALCOHOL monitor. 😂😂 at least she’s not on heroin still.


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