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Sherman Michael Williamson – “The Cracked out Kangaroo” (Wakeman, OH)


WAKEMAN, OH – A cracked out kangaroo is on the loose and his name is Sherman Michael Williamson.  Sherman is also a liar, a thief and a woman beater – amongst many other things.  Out of the kindness of my heart (and before I knew the wiser) I made the mistake of allowing him to stay at my Wakeman home where he stole $300+ from me and my family while I was at work.  He gave a sob story about how his mom kicked him out and he had nowhere to go and sent me desperate texts and pathetic pictures of him being homeless sleeping on the porch or in his car.  So I let him come stay for a little while and boy did I get burned….

On the outside he may seem like an alright guy but he is nothing more than a con.  Be aware of him when he is around, do not trust him whatsoever and always go with your gut instinct when it comes to him.  You never know what he has planned.  This scumbag isn’t a man and I really don’t even have the words or energy left to describe him.  I mean what kind of person claims to have children but their not even his?  Come to find out that “his kids” are just kids from past relationships that he uses as leverage for more sympathy from others in a sick and twisted attempt to get even more financial support.

Sherman has been known to bounce back and forth from hotels and local Lorain County neighborhoods stealing hard earned money from not just me, but anyone he can worm his way close enough to.  After I was robbed I decided to do some research on who could do such a thing to someone so kind.  I discovered that he has multiple domestic violence convictions, that he’s a drug addict that smokes crack and snorts cocaine and currently has an active warrant out of Summit County.

I’ve never experienced or witnessed anything like him first hand in my life.  When he needs to hide out that’s when he runs back home to mommy – who’s name is Kimberly.  He doesn’t have a driver’s license and wouldn’t you know it, neither does she.  His sister, Trista, is another one that is always trying to find ways to scam people out of money and even food. Come to find out the family is known for burning down houses just to claim insurance money and his father is in prison for rape charges. This whole family is out of control, not just him.  Whole entire family.  Don’t make the same mistake as me…

COBRA Says:  People like this just make good people not want to help anyone anymore.  Keep the faith, not everyone is a scumbag like Sherman.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED TIP:  Being that it’s 2022, it’s pretty safe to say a guy in his mid 30’s that is relying on his mommy to look after him isn’t necessarily a good person.  It’s a person that doesn’t want to help themselves, so why even bother to waste your time?  Whether it be in a relationship or any other facet, let this dude deteriorate all on his own.


  1. this man can not be trusted at all he’s a narcissist and will lie to people to get them thinking that he’s a good guy and make people think you’re the bad person. He’s crazy and claims he has a daughter but who really believes that? He’s very down grading to woman and don’t know how to respect them. He will take advantage of anyone that he can. he’s a pathological liar as well he acts all sweet and innocent in the beginning but then he changes after awhile. He’s also a theif!!!!! anyone who hangs out with him is bound to go down with him he’s no good!

  2. He also likes little girls, he doesn’t know how to be faithful, he’ll tell you what you want to hear, and if you have something he wants he’ll use you for whatever you got! He’s a user, He’s unstable if you don’t give him what he wants he’ll threaten you, he likes to sneak in peoples houses and steal from them!


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