AKRON, OH – Social Media Monster is now playing at the Cut Film Series in Canton, Ohio.  The film will remain in theaters until the 6th of November.  Showtimes are at 7:00pm each night and a single ticket only costs $7.  Those interested in attending are urged to visit Cut Film’s website here.

Social Media Monster

Social Media Monster is a documentary about a man named Matthew Berdyck (from Akron) who trolled and harassed a whole city in the Midwest and got away with it. Directed by Columbus filmmaker Peter John Ross, the story unfolds with interviews and clips as a kind of study on how the internet and social media can do a lot of damage and how little recourse people can have.

The documentary has a run time of 83 minutes and features commentary from a variety of individuals across the Midwest who were affected by Berdyck.  The documentary has other surprises as information was obtained from numerous state and federal agencies in regards to Matthew Berdyck over the course of time.

Peter John Ross, filmmaker.
Peter John Ross, filmmaker.

The original article plays a key role in the documentary according to the filmmaker.  That article and several others that covered Berdyck can be found below.

Breaking News: Environmental Activist Who Threatened Terrorist Acts Heading Towards Perry Nuclear Power Plant (Lake County, Ohio)

Super Fund Research ( A Toxic Organization Used For Immense Personal Profits

The Daily Independent Journal: Fake News With A Secret Agenda

Matthew Berdyck Strikes Again: Psychopath Attacks Homeless Shelter, Residents & Owner (California)




  1. In reality, these people sit out here and write about me, almost obsessively, but I’m just living a regular life and almost nothing the print about me is accurate, relevant, current, or true. When attempts have been made to correct them, they won’t do so.

    • By far the most well mannered response we’ve received from you to date. Perhaps there is hope for you yet? From our understanding the documentary is entirely accurate and depicts you word for word. It also sheds light on how you probably need help. Whether it be counseling, medication or incarceration – or perhaps a combination of all three? Either way, we hope you stop bothering people, harassing people and threatening people. There’s way more to life, much more important things you can use your energy on.


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