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Scumbags from around the world on the internet. Using their websites to deceive and to produce scum results.

WJunction.com Exposed: World’s Largest File Sharing Forum Raided by Feds (HoneyPot)

WJunction.com, the world's largest file sharing and warez webmaster community in the world has been raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  The website,...

eHost.com Exposed: The Largest Web Hosting Scam In History (Burlington, MA)

eHost.com, a web hosting provider that at one point had more than 1,000,000 customers, officially holds the title as operating the largest web hosting scam...

David vs. Goliath: Scumbagged.com Sued By Nik Richie & TheDirty.com (Cleveland, Ohio)

A David vs. Goliath (Scumbagged vs. TheDirty) battle appears to be taking shape in the Federal Courts this coming week.  This morning Scumbagged.com received...

ABetter.bid Exposed: The Most Dangerous & Deceptive Auto Sale Website (USA)

ABetter.bid, also known as A Better Bid LLC. are scammers.  For starters, the website fundamentally operates on a series of rigged backend programs.  These...

Nik Richie Exposed: TheDirty.com Engaging in Blackmail & Extortion (USA)

TheDirty.com, an extremely popular website that is almost identical in comparison to Scumbagged.com, has been discovered engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.  The...


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