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The Seibert Family – Drunky, Spunky & Oh No! (Columbia Station, Ohio)


The Seibert’s are one of the most turbulent families currently residing in the Lorain County area.  The depths of their “scumbaggery” and degenerative behavior can be felt across multiple cities, hundreds of homes and is injected into countless lives all across Northeast Ohio.  While residing in the city of North Ridgeville the family accrued extensive charges, charges ranging from cocaine and heroin possession to multiple thefts and more.  Domestic violence was also prevalent within the home pertaining to both verbal and physical abuse, with one charge after another being filed in the Elyria Municipal Court system.  These charges and incidents all stem from Jack & Melissa Seibert, the parents of Katie Seibert and Katie Seibert herself.

The family consists of a drunkard, crack addicted mother & father, one who works for Columbia Fence and the other a stay at home smoker.  As a result of their dysfunction and atrocities, their only daughter has followed right in their footsteps.  In this newest installment of the Seibert family, “Drunky, Spunky & Oh No!” are back at it again, this time with active warrants and hidden whereabouts.

Oh No! aka Katie Seibert currently has 3 active warrants for her arrest.  On March 5th, 2018, Katie was issued a warrant out of Columbia Station for “Obstructing Official Business”.  She also has a previous case with a warrant for her arrest issued on January 9th, 2017, this one stemming from a “Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments” in which she was found guilty and ordered to serve a 5 day jail term.  On September 19th, 2017 a warrant was again was issued out of the Elyria Common Pleas Court for failure to appear regarding a drug assessment for a felony “Possession of Drugs”.

Drunky & Spunky aka Jack & Melissa Seibert’s court involvement’s go back as recently as 2016 for Melissa driving under an FRA suspension.  Both Jack & Melissa have disregarded even the most minor of laws regarding their operating license’s being up to date.  Jack Seibert’s history dates all the way back to 1998 in Cuyahoga County where he was convicted of a felony for “Attempted Drug Possession”.  In that case a capias was also issued for his arrest and refusal to appear in court.  Ultimately ending with his capture or self surrender and some form of jail sentence being handed down.

According to the Elyria Municipal Court, the Seibert family currently resides in Columbia Station where drugs and crime are a common occurrence within the household.  It should be noted that there is a true epidemic taking place in the middle class communities of Ohio and the Seibert family is a prime example of what drugs can do to society.

The Bottom Line:  The Siebert’s are not necessarily bad people, but they surely are conflicted.  They need to re-asses their daily lives and truly work on helping one another in a positive way.  This does not mean to support each other getting their next high or to continue harboring their daughter from the police, but to seek treatment and better themselves.  It’s truly an unfortunate and dire situation for individuals who are going through drug addiction – especially when their choices and the drugs that they abuse roll over and directly effect their children, their community and everyone around them.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  In a previously written article, Katie Seibert was harshly outed for her various deceptions and crime during the course of her drug use.  It should be noted that these actions, perhaps do not represent the true person.  From within, a person is only a shell of themselves while using hardcore drugs and narcotics.  If anyone is a sober and true friend to this family – a serious intervention is needed.  An intervention that can set them on a course correction to sobriety and achieving a normal living standard, one that can help uplift the entire family and those around them.

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