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OPINION: The Truth Behind America’s Prostitution Empire & Why Backpage Shouldn’t Have Been Shut Down


The reality behind America’s prostitution empire is one that the common reader may have a hard time grasping.  The industry is operated in much the same way that the casino’s were when they were built in the 1940’s.  Prostitution in America first secured it’s security blanket with various entities by padding the pockets of distinct levels of law enforcement.  These individuals who received compensation were and are from lower level municipalities and go all the way to the very top of the government – with congressmen, senators and the like.  The purpose of the continued padding is to ensure Prostitution remains illegal in the majority of the United States and is contained explicitly in Nevada and Nevada alone.

When prostitution was first truly ushered in it was done so in the form of bordello’s.  These establishments were extremely successful in mining towns – so successful in fact that authorities just let it slide entirely (while also choosing to utilize the services themselves).  Members of congress & local branches of government were greased and so ushered in Nevada’s dominance in the Prostitution industry.  This is the same exact process that the casino’s took in the 1940’s when they formulated…

It took almost a full 60 years before Casino’s were allowed outside of Nevada and regulated for regular average American’s to play.  The same however cannot be said for Prostitution.  Between todays legal brothels (21 as of 2018) and the illegal (underground) stronghold’s that these same groups and their various entities have maintained for decades – there is simply too much undocumented income for far too many players to lose.

Prostitute in Cleveland, Ohio.

This is where the consistent falsified and manipulative barrage against legalizing prostitution comes into play.  One that portrays the industry as evil, abusive and needing to be stopped by any and all means.  When in truth, the violence, the forced sex-labor, the minors and slaves being coerced and compelled are a direct result of the ineffective monitoring of the industry.  Best compared to the disaster that struck from the Prohibition era, where mobsters were able to make billions of dollars off of the blockade – which also resulted in thousands of deaths, gang wars and the strengthening of various criminal outlets.  The United States Government essentially allows criminal enterprises to flourish without regulation at the expense of normal average day American’s, children & foreigners.

As of 2018 prostitution in the United States alone generated in excess of $20 billion dollars.  These numbers in all actuality are much much higher.   A prime example can be gathered from a one on one discussion Scumbagged.com had with a retired pimp from Cleveland, Ohio.  A small market that he says generated more than $365,000,000 in revenue in 2015 (the last year he operated) and approximately $225,000,000 in 2007 when he first started.

COBRA Says:  Prostitution is viewed as a evil, wicked and immoral thing.  Yet the USA has legalized abortion, gay marriage, allows individuals as young as 18 years old to sell their bodies for war/combat and die for their country.  Yet individuals don’t have the right to choose prostitution as a profession? #legalizeit

A Controversial Cleveland Pimp

One of the largest self-proclaimed and most controversial pimps in Northeast Ohio had a sit down one-on-one with Scumbagged.com.  We asked him a host of various questions related to the industry.  It should be noted that he hasn’t operated in the industry since he retired in 2015.

Ex-pimp from Cleveland Ohio speaks with Scumbagged.com

Who are you?  How did you get into this?  “My name doesn’t matter.  I’m a nice guy who did this for money, just like everyone else.  Except I took pride in building a reputation for getting girls sober, taking them to rehab, not providing them with drugs, cutting back their hours if they started to spend their money unwisely and being the highest earning employer in the area.  I cared about people – that’s what made me different.  I took pride in what I did, made sure everyone was safe.  That’s it.  Everyone else ran it like crap, junk cars, junk hotels, dirty girls, girls not happy, going to crappy areas, taking bad deals.  Not us.  Highest rates in Cleveland, less clients per day, more money, more security.”

Do you consider yourself a pimp or a manager?  “No.  I don’t like the term Pimp, I think it’s degrading to women and I wouldn’t allow any of my partners to call me that if they did.  I did this for about 8 years (2007-2015) off and on and not once did I ever get referred to as “Pimp” or “Daddy”.  My name was my name, their name was their name (until it was time to go to work then we would use the stage name that they had created just to stay on script and be prepped for the day).  I viewed myself as an entrepreneur and someone who was just working and doing a job.  I was also friends with my partners and we were partners that’s what we were.  Our roles were both important, we treated each other with respect, we had laughs, we had set times to start and set times to end.  We had off days, we had bonuses, we had structure.”

How many girls did you have work with you between 2007 and 2015?  “I’m not interested in sharing that sort of specific information with you at this time, sorry.”

When you say roles were both important what were their roles and what were yours?  “I had to make sure that I thoroughly vetted who we were going to see.  I did this based on their location and the way that they spoke (I would listen to each and every call).  We only saw individuals who we talked with on the phone, if we got bad vibes we would pass.  We were never money hungry, safety was always first.  We weren’t so much concerned about the police as we were about some psychopaths who wanted to kidnap, rape, rob, beat on or murder someone.  Thankfully that never happened and everyone was happy for the most part.  We also didn’t go to hotels without the individuals giving up their names, allowing us to call their room number, taking a picture of their junk next to a room key, etc.  Our vetting process was pretty intense.”

For the most part?  “Usually when someone wasn’t happy it was because we had an “off day”.  Off days were usually attributed to the Browns games, it actually got to the point where we stopped working Sundays during the NFL season because every single fucking dude in the area was watching the games.  It was absolutely pointless.  Same thing with Saturday afternoons during College football.  Things slowed down dramatically during those seasons.  Best to wait until after the last game is played, then hit it for a few hours and get the stragglers who were depressed at yet another Browns loss (laughs).”

How much did the girls that you worked with earn per day?  “A female worker could earn anywhere from $1,000-$2,000 per day (or more) on an average while seeing in excess of $5,000 per day on weekends and holidays.  These numbers are based on the standard Cleveland rates that fetch $200-$300 per hour with normal fs (full service), gfe (girlfriend experience) rates.  These rates are excluding bb (bareback), greek (anal) and fetish (kinky stuff).  If bb, greek and fetishes were to be included with some local Cleveland girls the price could soar as high as $1,000/hr for bb and $500/hr for greek for some.  These numbers might seem far fetched, but in all actuality some girls in Cleveland charge even more than we did per hour (and then there are the morons who don’t see their value and charge $100-$160 an hour – or less and would rather have 20 clients a day instead of 4 or 5).  Cleveland isn’t a very large city.  New York and Miami prostitutes as an example fetch averages of $400-$800 per hour.”

Was this incalls or outcalls?  “Both.  Primary incall location was Westlake Crocker Park area. It’s a safe place to be, people feel cozy there, you can charge more and there’s a lot of cameras around as well for safeguarding.  Not to mention most of the managers are on lockdown and there’s some really informative people in that city.  Westlake has a Human Trafficking Division which might scare some, but it’s not a bad thing.  They are just doing their job and if you’re good at what you do there’s nothing to worry about really.  Respect is given to those who do things the right way.  Outcalls were the #1 source of income though.”

Would you consider Cleveland prostitution in high demand?  “Oh yeah.  The suburbs especially.  From Mayors & Judges to Fire Fighters, Lawyers, Business Owners, Police Officers, everyday average guys, there all big time spenders.  Young, old, fat, skinny, tall, small.  Everyone wants pussy…  This is happening across every single city in every single state.  There isn’t a single city that doesn’t have some form of prostitution being engaged in the Cleveland area.  That’s 100% fact.”

Backpage prostitute in Cleveland Ohio.

Did you have a system in place to protect your partners?  “Of course I did.  Each girl was equipped with a handheld stun gun and a listening device.  There was always security on site and if anything ever arose – security would receive what I called “hazard pay” which was $500 to kick the door off the hinges if need be.  We made sure that we didn’t go into bad areas of crime.  Typically stuck to the neighborhoods of Westlake, Avon, North Ridgeville, Sheffield, Strongsville, North Royalton, Beachwood, Chagrin, Shaker Heights, Brunswick, North Olmsted, Berea, Olmsted Falls & some decent parts of Elyria.  This kept the risks lower.”

How often did you have issues with clients?  “About once or twice per year.  Sometimes there were arguments and disputes about money.  Sometimes a client wasn’t happy with the service ending so soon.  None of those situations ever ended badly.  It’s the drunk or high clients who get out of hand.  Those are the ones you have to worry and watch for…”

Service ending soon?  What do you mean?  “Well, you see, the hour isn’t a real thing in the prostitution world.  It’s actually “up to an hour”. Meaning once the John has finished, even if it took him only 5 minutes, his time is done.  An additional fee will be charged for “another pop”, which many John’s take up for an additional $50-$100.”

How many clients do you think you had in Cleveland?  “Over the entire span of time?  More than 25,000 unique clients.”

How many John’s do you think are in the Cleveland area and surrounding suburbs?  “Well, there’s about 2,100,000 people in the metropolitan area, about 60% of them are females, another percentage of those are juveniles.  I would say a good 300,000-400,000, maybe even more, regular clients.  This doesn’t count the businessmen that fly into Cleveland as they are truly big spenders.”

That many really?  Seems a bit high and approximate.  “No really it’s not.  Half of the firefighters who are at their stations sitting there twiddling their thumbs all night get horny and bored and when they get off their shifts their wives are off to work and well why not dabble with some of that excess cash right?  Lawyers, huge numbers of them, police officers, regular workers, college kids, drunk guys at bars who strike out, list goes on and on here.  Guys have the mentality of well I have to pay for her to go out to eat, pay for her to go to the movie, pay for her to drink, pay for the roof over her head and pay for her car and when they go through that routine enough and come to the realization that they are engaged in a form of prostitution to begin with it opens the door.  Understand this.  Most men realize that if they were poor or lived in a box, they wouldn’t be with the wife/girlfriend they have now.  Ie; it’s a monetary system that both sides are simply in true denial over (chuckles).”

Did you ever prostitute minors or know anyone who was?  “Never have I and never have I come across anyone else that was either.  It’s not as prevalent as you may think, at least not with structured operations.  People that do that are 1.) Predators and 2.) Unprofessional.”

Do you think Backpage.com aided in child prostitution and the exploitation of children?  “Absolutely not.  Were they on there from time to time?  Sure.  Did I ever see them?  Not to my knowledge.  They didn’t use their real photographs, always used someone else’s I’m sure or blurred out the face.  Fed’s have devices that can roam through pictures to determine the process used for spinners btw.  Good tool.  Very effective.  But it’s 100% not Backpage’s fault.  No way.  They might have allowed prostitution to go on, but they didn’t promote this type of conduct.  We all knew the rules with them.  I mean it’s kind of common sense.  People are going to do this regardless – it’s going to get worse now that Backpage is gone because these people are going to go off the grid and use other less monitored methods now.  Perhaps one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen happen in a long time.”

Are you just saying that because you rely on Backpage for your business?  “Nice try.  As I’ve stated I haven’t done this since 2015.  I learned my lesson the hard way and don’t plan on ever repeating that same mistake ever again.  There’s ways to do things legally though, without sexual contact and zero-touching, but I’m not involved in anything anymore and if I was, Backpage going down would be a good thing.  What do you think the rate for a gallon of gas would go up to if all the refineries in Texas were shutdown?  At least a $1-$1.50 or more per gallon if it was a permanent shutdown.  This is the same thing here with BP gong down.  The price for quality (non-catfish) girls has just doubled in Cleveland….”

 “Prostitution wasn’t made because of Backpage, Backpage was made because of Prostitution.”

But without Backpage how would girls still get clients?  “Is this a serious question?  Prostitution wasn’t made because of Backpage, Backpage was made because of Prostitution.  All Backpage did was make it easier to find the John’s.  But John’s are everywhere.  They work at every single store, they are at every single bar, they are playing games inside every single casino, they are at every single strip club, they are at every single gas station, they are at every single convenient store.  You understand where I’m going with this right?”

So how are girls going to find new clients now without Backpage?  “There’s plenty of dating applications and websites out there.  There’s also plenty of bars to frequent and streets to walk down.  There’s other methods as well, but I’m not getting into that with you.”

Do you think prostitution should be legalized in the United States?  “Yeah.  If they don’t then the government should be held accountable for all of the women who are taken advantage of, all of the girls who are forced to do it, all of the diseases that are spread and all of the murders, kidnappings, abductions and child exploitation.  It’s the governments fault for not making it legal and monitoring it the right way.  It’s the governments fault for thinking that they can stop something that they can’t.  It’s the governments fault for not turning in their buddies who are getting paid for keeping this restricted.  The United States Government is directly responsible for what is to come, and I assure you things will get far far worse before they realize the error of their stubborn ways.”

Why what do you think will happen?  “Prostitution is an effective outlet for people who cannot get laid, people who have urges and impulses.  Some of these people act on those impulses in a bad way.  Now these individuals – some of which also have social incapacities are unable to obtain what they want/lust/desire – as a result you will see more rapes, you will see more molestations.  If it was legalized and mainstreamed all of those numbers would drop dramatically.  It wouldn’t end, people who are sick are sick, plain and simple, but those numbers would drop.  Now, girls will be hidden again, stuffed in motels, worked from the gutter, walking down streets all hours of the night, ran or shine, taking huge risks without digital traces of their whereabouts and of those who they meet.  This is every serial killers, kidnappers and rapists fantasy.”

Anything else you would like to add?  “Oh yeah!  Prostitution isn’t going anywhere, ever.  No matter what.  The more you oppress people, the more they are going to do the things that you oppress them with.  It’s in our nature, it’s the problem in this country.  In addition, anyone that has issues with prostitution – their reasons bar common sense.  Churches proclaim against it while their pastors molest young boys and girls and the men in the pew’s haven’t even washed off the juices from the last prostitute they just saw.  Wives and girlfriends speak out against it out of fear of their significant other cheating on them.  Police and law enforcement follow the letter of the law, although they engage in this activity heavily.  It’s a joke.  Legalize it, save lives, help enrich people and their communities, cut diseases, it’s pretty plain and fucking simple.

 The Backpage.com Shutdown

Scumbagged.com’s “Bottom Line” and “Tip” rolled into one.  Opinionated. 

The Backpage.com shutdown has now put millions of lives at risk.

Recently, the Backpage.com shutdown and the repealing of the CDA (communications decency act) law has been touted as a huge success.  One that will finally rid the internet, the country and it’s inhabitants of a great evil.  One that engaged and promoted prostitution, one that saw and allegedly directly participated in thousands of minors being trafficked across the country along with millions of women (and men) selling their bodies for money.  While all of these things are up for debate and only time will show the results of these actions, the Backpage.com website actually gave state and federal authorities the opportunity to effectively monitor and track individuals who were put into the sex trade as minors and/or anyone whom was compelled (by force) to prostitute themselves.  The United States Federal Government has been able to net large scale drug & prostitution rings, find abducted girls, track serial sexual predators and protect society using the IP addresses used on the various accounts along with the telephone & payment information associated with the listings.  They were also able to easily monitor and track traffic, tag license plates and setup listening devices to learn more about each and every operation that they chose using Striker, StingRay and a host of other advanced devices when appropriate (some that can see through walls, others that can intercept any incoming or outgoing text message and phone call within a 1,000 ft radius).

In addition, Backpage regularly worked with authorities and even instituted a social network requirement which would allow the United States Government and authorities on a local level the additional tools to reference who the pimps and hoes could be in an operation via ip addresses.  Most posters & individuals responsible for ad’s weren’t smart enough to realize that when Backpage instituted their newest policy of having a social network account, that even if they made a false one, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook would all have a program installed known as “AE Detector” better known as “Multiple Login Detector” installed into their backends.  This specific tool actually shows any user who creates an additional account while already having a previous account – whether it be from the same device, ip, or if they ever logged in on the device with their real account in the past.  Gone are those days…

Unfortunately for America the website was shut down – and now millions of America’s sex workers are forced to “walk the track” once again.  This is actually a literal form where women and men will now be forced to walk up and down streets and alley’s all hours of the night in an attempt to accrue business.  This practice and method will resort in more abductions and kidnappings, murders and violence – all of which will go undetected and become harder to trace.  Not to mention the eye sore for local business owners and residents as they commute to work.  Prostitution isn’t going away, ever, so why pretend like it will?  Why is it legal in part of the country but not in the rest?  Only one answer for that and it’s common sense…  #legalizeit


  1. Let me get this straight, this website claims to be against corruption, yet champions prostitution? I am sorry, but anyone that does that IS a scumbag, period, full stop.

    • We’re a champion of common sense.

      Legalizing prostitution = reduction in corruption.

      Common sense.

      In any case, our users submit articles. We follow up from time to time, we provide opinions, end of story. But again in regards to this – it’s common sense bud.

      Deny it and you’re just another loony Libby.

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