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Whatever You Do Don’t Click Here!


You shouldn’t have clicked here, you are now about to be trapped within the asylum where inmates are lurking around every corner!  Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you can get away.  If for some reason you don’t get trapped or don’t here audio (even for a brief moment of time) try using a different browser.  Visiting this link on a desktop computer provides a better visual and audio effect. 

Be sure to visit the “Spooky Suspects:  Lorain County’s Scariest Inmates” if you haven’t already taken a tour!  There are some really ghastly, ghoulish and downright spooky inmates wandering around the asylum.  They are growing extremely agitated…  Visit them at your own peril!  



  1. […] You are urged to proceed with extreme caution, it’s almost Halloween night and the inmates are growing restless.  They are hell bent on taking over the asylum.  Some have been bitten and are infected with the retro-zombie virus, while others are just starting to turn.  If you pay close attention, you’ll see creatures transform right before your eyes.  Don’t leave the group, keep your hands away from the jail cells, don’t turn your back and most importantly DON’T CLICK HERE! […]


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