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Short Submissions: The Spectator, Bakery Scandal, Lisa Weatherholt, A Sick Man & More (Scumbags)


A collection of short user submissions that have been collected over the past week that don’t warrant their own articles can be found here.  These short submissions offered little to no information, broken links and incomplete sentences.  These should serve as examples of potential articles that may have been worthy of their own featured content that fell way short of the Scumbagged bar.

If you’re interested in submitting an article, please make sure to include a featured image, to be as descriptive as possible, include images and screenshots, court records and any and all supporting evidence that you may have to support your story.  The more information you bring to the table, the better your chances are of having your article featured on Scumbagged.com

Not So Fun Fact:  Scumbagged has not released more than 200 user submitted articles due to failure to include sufficient information…  


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Scumbag Breaks Passengers Neck By His Reckless Driving

Everything you need from these articles:

COBRA Says:  Everything we need from the articles eh?  Yet the articles themselves are broken.  So do we have a broken neck here or a broken article or both?  Which is it?  

Bakery Scandal

Bakery worker (she’s in the family) makes a derogatory statement about citizens of Lorain. Bad business.

COBRA Says:  Hmmm, well, didn’t even know Lorain had a bakery.  This is a horrible submission.  In other news (real news) did you guys hear the Steel Mill in Lorain is hiring 1,000 people?  

Sick Sick “Man”!

This is John S. from Rocky River, Ohio. I stumbled across him on a revenge site. A woman who made the biggest mistake of her life and in turn caused one of the worst moments in her son’s life. The mistake? Seeing through John to late. He’s been accused of sexually molesting her little boy. Sure some may be inclined to wonder the reality of such horrible accusations, especially from a former girlfriend. So ill leave on this note. No parent will put their own child through the pain and difficulties that even just being known as a child who had been molested. No parent would allow themselves to be known as THE ONE who brought someone so awful around their child and caused them such pain. DONT EVEN RISK IT!

COBRA Says:  We’re well aware of who you are even though you’ve used a proxy and fake username and information to submit ma’am.  What you’ve done to this individual will come to bite you in the ass when you least expect it, blatantly false and proof to prove it.  Enjoy!

Cleveland Screw’s Up Person’s Grave


COBRA Says:  The link above is broken, or perhaps not broken, but you cannot pull a direct docket link without logging in first.  Even with that being said, case information, information pertaining to the situation, anything would have been helpful in getting your article featured.

Lisa Weatherholt Fake Racist Cheats On Her Man

For someone that says all the racist words and plays it to her family like she is,had no problem cheating on her husband with a black guy and making a video for all to see.check it out at Pornhub under “***************”

COBRA Says:  We don’t allow revenge porn or porn in general on our website.  Please read our terms carefully when submitting.


Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judges and Lawyers: Work closely together while trying to milk your pockets. They aren’t allowed for make secret deals behind your back but they do. They will try to force medication on you or send you to a mental clinic in hopes of forgetting what your rights are or what your fighting for. Shirley Strickland Saffold is the worst of all.

COBRA Says:  Wouldn’t doubt what you said would be true, there’s corruption in all walks of life.  Why so short?  Why not more information, images, evidence, supporting statements?

The Bottom Line:  We appreciate everyone who submits articles, without you – Scumbagged wouldn’t exist, our communities wouldn’t be made aware of the predators and various underground individuals who could deceive and defraud.

SCUMBAGGED Tip Line:  If anyone needs help submitting an article we offer a 24/7 tip line service that can help you with any situation.  You can also submit your articles to the tip line as well.  Tip line information can also be found on the Submit An Article page.



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