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The GoFundMe Percocet Parents: Juliet Mishak & Thomas Britt (Amherst, OH)


The GoFundMe percocet parents are none other than Juliet Mishak and Thomas (Tommy) Britt of Amherst, OH. They use every excuse in the world to make GoFundMe’s in an effort to simply scam hard working people out of their money.  Juliet has even used her 9 year old son as a pawn in her scheme, knowing full well that she doesn’t even have custody of him and that the funds wouldn’t go towards him at all. Juliet Mishak is currently 8 months pregnant and using her unborn child as a pawn for yet another GoFundMe campaign.

Mishak & Britt both have a nasty percocet habit, one that virtually has them spending upwards of $17 per pill.  Sometimes the couple spends as much as $100 a day on their habit.  Together, the two resort to any means necessary to support their highs; Stealing, lying, cheating and of course scamming the whole world with their GoFundMe accounts!

The couple claims that they didn’t have a baby shower and that the newest GoFundMe proceeds are being utilized for much needed baby clothes, diapers, a car seat & accessories.  However, this is a blatant lie.  The “percocet parents” actually did have a baby shower and received more than $500 in gifts, gift cards and donations from family members and friends for the newest addition to their family.  What they did with the baby shower gifts is despicable as they sold, traded & cashed in on mostly everything that they received…

HAWK Says:  Don’t be fooled by these two, any donations will simply go towards their pill habit and not the other 7 reasons they are claiming to need a fund.  Scumbags…

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Pretty easy to spot a GoFundMe scammer, especially when they run more than 1, 2 or 3 campaigns in a single year.  It’s time for these two to man up, get jobs, get sober and start taking care of their offspring or simply stop procreating all together.  Pretty fucking god damn pathetic if they really sold all of their newborns clothes and items given from the baby shower…


  1. This is a lie. The last TWO were for the baby, THEY NEVER HAD A BABY SHOWER, the other two GoFundMe campaign’s were (1) When she got hurt and was unable to work for TWO WEEKS, and (B) When the apartment above her’s caught fire and DESTROYED EVERYTHING IN HER APARTMENT! And all the pictures SHOW BOTH EVENTS!
    She absolutely has her son. Her ex and her have shared custody 50/50, and Juliet is clean. As far as I know of so is Tommy, but I KNOW Juliet is absolutely clean!
    Whoever did this is petty and immature, and obviously just trying to start drama!

  2. Any one who knows me personally has seen that this last year has not been easy although complete true it has been a struggle. Someone who calls themselves “ed” has been sending very disgusting and despicable lies via messenger for two weeks now and has finally stooped this low as to create something like this. I have been clean and sober five years. After have an abusive relationship with a man who almost killed me I moved very quickly be due to his new girlfriends death threats to my small child. All public records at Sheffield lake and lorain police department.less then one month After moving the apartment above me caught fire and I lost everything I owned. This time we finally got the opportunity to share something special and exciting with the people who love and care for us and arr by no means :begging” for help. My fiance’s family live primarily out of state and due to all ready having a son and some on going health problems with those closes to me a GoFundMe me account was suggested. Drugs have no part in our lives today by the grace of God. It really saddens me that someone could carry so much hatred to lie and twist what should be a joyous and hopefully thing after a very painful year in to such a blasfomus story. If you read this or any of these please take a moment to use your brain. See the truth through the hate and the lies. Because anyone who would take time from their life to defile a loving family is not a good person and not a credible source of information. Thank you and God bless!

    Jeanine Buttriss ( ex best friend hooked on drugs)
    Shelbey Greco aka Coolidge ( stalker who sent death threats to my 8 year old)
    Martin Amador (abusive e boyfriend who smashed in my head and almost broke my neck)

    • You are a crazy bitch. Stop blaming people. You are the crazy one. You are the oldest person here acting like a child. Grow up already. Be a woman. Be a mother. Be a good person. Because all you know how to be is crazy.

  4. I know for a 100% fact you had a baby shower because I was at it! I also know for 100% fact that you both snort and take Percocet because I’ve watched you both take them. Why dont you just man up to your mistakes and change instead of dragging 3 innocent people that have no involvement through the dirt to make yourself feel better for your actions. I also know for 100% certainty that they had no involvement in this scumbag post

  5. I was at your baby shower and gave you a gift just like many others. Shame on you both for what you did with those gifts and money.

  6. I know plenty of people you both have bought drugs off while Juliet was pregnant because her “tooth pain” . I feel so bad for that unborn baby, being born to a mother who lost custody of her first son for being a Herion addict, now 9 yrs later she is a perk head, popping out a baby that will probably have issues because of her carelessness during her pregnancy. My hope is the father gets his shit together and takes that innocent baby and runs far away from her and her toxic lifestyle she refuses to change. This women is almost 40 yrs old and is the most immature women I’ve ever seen in my life. Everyone stay away from the craziness and pray for the child she seemed to forget she was carrying while she snorted drugs and manipulated loved ones.

  7. Juliet Mishak is far from a woman. A woman would have her own place, not be living at their parents house. A woman would go see a dentist if she was having tooth pain, not buying percocets off the street. A woman would take care of her body while caring a child inside, not smoke weed, snort percocets, huff whip its, or drink alcohol. A woman would be providing for her family, not begging for money over facebook and gofundme’s. A woman would pay for food for her family, not live off of food stamps. A woman would handle her own bussiness, not need assistants from the police everytime she has a problem. A woman would not call the police on her “fiance” for not providing drugs to her stating “he stole her phone.” A woman would take responsibility for her actions and change, not belittle others to make herself feel better. A woman would not involve herself in social media and only focus on herself and her family, not create drama. Juliet Mishak is irresponsible, negligent, a pot stirrer, a drama queen, a cop caller, a liar, a theif, and a drug addict. She is NOT a woman.

  8. Sorry Tommy but your mom caught you snorting a substance 2 days ago in her bathroom and yes I was at your baby shower………after you receive all this money an blow it all on pills what are you going to do next? I mean what are you going to do when this gig Is up? Hopefully this time when you both are sick you put in end to it.

    • How the hell are you going to out your own son for all of social media to read?
      Too bad Tommys “mom” didn’t write this.

  9. Maybe Noel is just sick of her son’s drug habit and being threatened by her son if she doesnt help support it. Tommy taking every penny he could from his mom or he would threaten to hurt her. Promising to pay her back and never doing so. Making his mother so poor she ended up in a homeless shelter because of her son. He was ok with his OWN MOTHER LIVING IN A HOMELESS SHELTER WHILE HE SPENT EVER DOLLAR HE MADE ON PERCOCETS. He is the scum of the earth by far

    • I feel bad for that mom. What some mom’s do for their children. Sometimes would be better if we didn’t help our children. Praying for everybody involved especially the baby.

  10. I think it’s hilarious that they had no defense when they were called out for not being sober, too many instances with exact information got it to not be true… lol funny stuff


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