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Short Stories: The Liar, No-Condom, The Itsy Bitsy ___, The Sex Addict, The Creeper & Big Belly Rose


Individuals who utilize the Scumbagged platform to voice their concerns, raise awareness and provide enough content throughout the duration of their article are always guaranteed a published featured submission (as long as they follow our ToS).  However, individual publishers who choose to deviate from our stipulated terms and provide very limited context (which is done out of sheer laziness and blatant incapability to construct a fucking sentence) will never have a featured article or see their article reach the masses on an individual level.  Contrary to popular belief we do not sit here and type up your submissions, add to your stories and or make them glamorous.  Some spelling errors may be corrected, some aesthetically pleasing touches may be put on, but that is it.

After these crappy submissions build up, we will compile them into singular articles (such as this).  Being that they technically don’t violate any law from what we can immediately discern, we do not want to restrict any user publications.  With that being said, contained herein are submissions by what we personally would deem to be worthless.  In most cases these individuals hold no weight (even though we don’t fact check), but it can be clearly evident that it’s most likely, in the majority of these circumstances – not the truth.  So with that being said, don’t take any of these seriously and just treat them as the ridiculousness that they truly are.

Readers Note:  Our primary reasoning for allowing these and compiling these is to simply maintain our integrity.  Compiling these and displaying them here will remove any “selectivity” concerns that may or may not be raised behind the scenes by “certain individuals/entities”.

Allow these submissions to serve as perfect examples that you should NEVER FOLLOW.  Don’t waste your time writing articles and submitting information if you can’t type more than a paragraph and if you’re not willing to speak the truth.

Richard Gillie of Spruce Grove, works for Bell Canada in Edmonton, Liar & Cheater

 This desperate loser is on many dating sites, including Ashley Madison. He really gets around.  He is a compulsive liar, so arrogant thinks he is God’s gift to women.  He will use you for money and sex then dump you and disappear.  Plays multiple women at once.  He is cheap as ____, has no money. Small ____. Run from this narcissist and to the nearest clinic.

HAWK Says:  Meh, where’s the content in this?  Regurgitated trash is what this is.

FAILS: Too short, nothing worth-while to read here.  Scumbagged readers average 4 minutes of reading time a day.  Going to take the entirety of 4 minutes to read this whole fucking article with all these combined.

Reza Rahbaran – Cocaine, Partying, No Condom & an STD (Miami, FL)

Reza Rahbaran (Miami based) was a fun hookup when we were both intoxicated (booze and coke) until he said “I want to do it without a condom” which I answered “No”, he penetrated me raw anyway without my consent. Yet he and his friends have a reputation in Miami for being total hoes.  I also got an STD from him!

HAWK Says: If this really happened to you, sorry that it did, but just doesn’t add up, not enough details.  Why take the time to expose someone and only publish bits and pieces and not conform to the rules?  Also, couldn’t help but notice you’ve posted this shit everywhere and it varies…  Just saying, not saying your a liar, but yeah good example of a poor article.

FAILS: Too short, not enough information, no pictures of individual.

Stephen Patterson: The Itsy Bitsy ____ (Miami,Florida)

My name is Natalie.  I dated Stephen Patterson for a while until I realized that I wasted my time.  He has a ______ (less than 1″ in length).  I feel that’s not satisfying and small ____ men should not breed only to have more small ____ men around.   I dated Stephen for a while until I realized I wasted my time . His _____ is less than 1 inch . I feel that’s not satisfying and small _____ men should not breed to have more _______ men around . This ruined our relationship.

HAWK Says:  Ridiculous.  Why even waste your damn time?  Really?  Shallow-fuckin-Gal here.

FAILS: Short as hell, and according to the author, the context which was described was also – short as hell.

Creeper, liar, along with a shrimp ______

This guy calls himself Dru, I met him on FB. He from San Antonio Texas.. He is a total creeper as soon as I accepted his request he immediately started messaging me. Asking me all kinds of questions like if I wear pantyhose and if I need anything to let him know. Long story short I fell for his nice guy act and he turned out to be a complete liar and to top it off he has a shrimp _____. He tries to act like he’s in his 20s when in reality hes almost 40. He has such a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way and honestly hes not worth the time nor headache ladies.

HAWK Says:  Definitely not worth the time to be featured on this website either.

FAILS: Not enough context, about a bunch of nothing.

Rose green

this girl likes to sleep with married men and send gross pics like this 😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢

HAWK Says:  Cruel and unusual punishment here.  My god.  My god sir…

FAILS:  Short title, no city, no state, one sentence.

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