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Church Gone Wrong: Ken Hawkins, Cult Leader of Really Recovered – Sex, Lies, Drugs & Deception (Akron, OH)


Ken Hawkins is an ordained pastor through “The Christian & Missionary Alliance“.  He is paid through them and supported by the group, along with his wife Megan & assistant Pastor Billy.  Through the word of God Hawkins founded a church based recovery effort dubbed “Really Recovered“.  On paper, it might sound and look good, after all, an ordained pastor who is preaching the good word and trying to help the drug addicted in the process, what could possibly go wrong.  However, the reality of this pastor and his rehabilitation efforts are simply rife with overdoses, a death, isolation, underage marriages and much more.  Ken Hawkins is in all actuality a narcissistic, manipulative & destructive cult leader, one who marries underage girls to criminals/drug addicts, abuses his wife and all the poor souls who are under his spell.

Hawkins is well known for using the name of Jesus to gain control over his followers. One of his hobbies includes arranging marriages between addicts and underage girls as well as marrying women in the so called church to men in the sober living house. Which is crazy since the two can not even start their lives together nor live together being that the husband has to complete the sober living program first. So what’s the rush you might ask? Well, this is how cults operate, by marrying within.  Keeping close and under constant watch.

Ken has a habit of convincing his followers that it is okay to lie as long as your doing the work of Jesus. For instance; lying to parole and probation officers, the courts, judges and even going as far as to faking or forging documents. Hawkins feels he answers to no one but himself.  He will bring you in to his close knit community and shower you with love and family and then he will beat you down, belittle you, bend you until you are at his mercy and then begin to build you back up but completely and totally under his control.

Ken Hawkins, cult leader & wife.

Hawkins teaches God’s word the way he would like his followers to understand it. This way he can control them, brainwash them & manipulate them.  And this, he is very good at.  He goes after society’s most vulnerable, broken drug addicts in whom have never been to church before or in many instances have no family to turn to. The men and women he controls and converts into his cult are instructed to cease communication with their family members and relatives and that he is their family now.

If the behavior or doubt of Ken and his teachings at any point in time is questioned – that said person is removed from the cult and the remaining followers are instructed to shun and isolate themselves from the individual.

Really Recovered Facts

really recovered
The Cult of Ken Hawkins & Really Recovered
  • The sober living house has about a 2% success rate.
    • The men living there have been placed in this house multiple times by Ken and even the courts.
  • There has been multiple overdoses in this sober house.
    • There has been a death in the sober house.
  • Underage girls are married to adult males.
    • Married a 17 year old to his assistant pastor.
    • Attempting to marry the 17 year old’s sister to an addict currently.
    • Attempted to marry a girl to a sex offender.
  • Anyone who speaks up or out against unethical practices is shunned and isolated.
    • Cult members are ordered to cease communications with the individual.
  • Members of the cult are sometimes instructed to cease communication with their family members.  This occurs when family members begin questioning the unorthodox and highly deceptive nature of Mr. Hawkins and his practices.

It should be noted that fellow pastors, the courts, the local police department and even the C&MA of this cult and Ken Hawkins unethical and perhaps illegal behavior(s).  As of this writing, nothing has been done.  The fact that Ken married a 17 year old girl to his assistant pastor and that he is now allegedly attempting to marry the same 17 year old girls underage sister to an addict in the sober house should raise eyebrows.  If not, then the fact that he attempted to marry a girl whom was only 3 weeks sober to a sex offender in the sober house should.  If not that, then the fact that in 9 months there have been 4 overdose deaths come out of RR.

Ken Hawkins

Ken has cussed out and bullied his wife on numerous occasions and he has even been seen kicking punching and choking his dog. If anyone else has been the brunt of his evilness you can contact Jeff Miller and Todd Sovine at the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  This doesn’t sound like much of a church, let alone a pastor to me.  Seems like the devil has slipped in and disguised himself as a saint in a sick and twisted world.


  1. I own a sober home for women. Ken told the women in my home to stop attending AA meetings. That they were not allowed a sponsor threw AA. Ken told them they should move IN WITH HIM. And his wife and kids. Isolating them from the recovery community besides the church. Ken has went to war with myself and former boss because we did not feel it was safe to let our clients attend church there!! 3 women moved out in his home. All relapsed

    • I was at the men’s soher house.he had a child molester as the house manager then he moved some of us to Wooster with him and Matt Arnold the house manager that loves child porn,he moved him in to his house to start a sober house there.to live with him and his children putting them at risk.Matt told ken before that he was thinking about putting spyware in the house to watch his kids changing in the bathroom.Ken made him give him his phone and said Jesus would take care of it.what a sick man he is.then when I went to leave the house I had my car parked at the women’s house and he took my key and wouldn’t give it back I had to call the cops on him not to mention all the other stuff that went on there.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding me. I know many members of this church personally. As well as the assistant pastor and his “underage wife” who are the sweetest people and happiest couple, and who had her parents permission to marry. This has to be some of the dumbest shit I’ve read. It’s NOT like Ken personally picked his assistant pastor and his now wife, & tell them to be together and get married! When you have a group of people, who go to the same events and church, whether they are drug addicts or not you’re going to have some people who end up dating and together!! I suppose he is supposed to have some kind of control over that? It’s okay when it’s a Catholic Church and some old mans wife passes, and he dates, then Marries woman he met at church! But it’s not okay if you’re an addict or sex offender right? You are the scum of the earth, and don’t deserve rehabilitation or a second chance, or a chance at love and happiness or marriage. Oh and addiction Itself has a very low success rate and high relapse rate!!! But Ken and RR should magically have the answer and have better numbers than the county and probation? The CMA has been contacted NUMEROUS times, (by the same group people may I add) have questioned, observed, and investigated Really Recovered and FIND NOTHING WRONG WITH HIS TEACHINGS. You can even watch their church services live on their Facebook page! Seems to me if he was trying to hide something they wouldn’t be live on Facebook! There is so much more wrong with this world, let the people who are trying TO HELP OTHERS alone. It’s sad.

    • Well guess what from the underage girls own words “ We skipped the dating period and went straight for the marriage because Ken said Jesus told him they were meant to be together”

    • Listen u freaking dumbass my nieces both are married and my nephew shunned from the church cause he didn’t want to go and kicked out of his home at 16 so listen to urself talk u brainwashed lady I am an exdrug addict it is mind over matter u only u choice to do that drug bitch my nieces have never done drugs nor my nephew or my brothers ex mother n law or father n law they also got shunned do u stop n think about the kids n the house with these sex offenders n going threw shit mentally no so shut up these ppl that are sober should be around sober ppl not ppl going threw withdraws I’ve helped many ppl including myself get off crack herion meth so it’s ok for u to have a kid to be married at 18 never being able to explore life or go to college you know what listen here you put yourself and those parents shoes are those 10 year old girls are those 18 year old boys being pushed off of married and you don’t what let me tell you something you little b**** maybe you should go get your ass some help because it sounds like to me you’re pretty damn brainwashed those people don’t deserve that that is mental minds if you are sober and you have never done drugs why do you have to go through that and watch people come down off of a dope fien drugs weekend you know what I’ve helped many many including myself once again and you know what it’s not that hard it’s mind over matter you choose to pick up that damn drug Jesus is there to walk with you and be with you everyday and he’s also up and heaven and in a book and can’t answer every prayer so what these kids n this house supposed to do when a sex offender has a crazy thought going through their head or a drug addict flips out and grabs a knife tries to stab somebody oh I forgot a damn prayer by ken where is children services y’all a cult and have trumatized my nephew brainwashed my nieces for years I always wanted to call or text n couldn’t understand why the numbers were changed or they didn’t answer or wouldn’t call back cause of ken let’s see how ken enjoys manfield prison and ask for help when he’s being raped or beat up at night wonder if Jesus will answer that prayer

    • Thank you for that long paragraph, I’m only 13 and am being accused of being brained washed yet this all started because not of Ken but of ladies not getting they’re way and I’m glad you understand our situation, love you so much, please pray for us :/

  3. This is a straight up cult. Period and he will go to hell. I grew up with one of the members and I can’t believe the way he is now. It’s heart breaking to watch.

  4. The fact that ken had two sex offenders staying at his house sleeping there is a illegal letting teenage boys and girls sleep in the same room as ken and Megan. Also Megan beats her dog with a metal stick. Ken lets his kids do whatever they want they can cuss hit people in there balls and beat up other kids and not get in trouble they baptize people that don’t even fully know Jesus they all say the same sayings every member of the church goes to him for everything. For example if there kids are being bad the mom don’t handle it she goes to ken or Megan and ken tells her what to do with them. If anyone goes against ken or say he’s wrong he doesn’t talk to them he is always right no matter what.

  5. This is a cult!!! . They shun people who speak out against their abuse. They use god to do their evil work. I wouldn’t be surprised if people start “missing” one day. Google cult people!! He’s a serpent, a snake among us! The fact there are underage girls and sex offenders. And people are living with eachother. Pretty soon he’ll purchase a compound with tiny homes on the grounds so he can control them all!!! And in a serman he said he “Ken” mastered 5 times in a day. He said this amongst children in a serman!!! Need I say more???

  6. Ken also Shuns people for going against him. Isn’t it ironic a church based on second chances and people with addictions shuns you if you go against Ken, who btw is not Jesus or God. He talked about masterbating 5 times a day in a sermon in front of children. This sicko needs to be shut down before there’s a mass suicide. People will start “disappearing” pretty soon.

  7. Is ken and his wife really recovering drug addicts? He said he started at 12….hmmmmm. he looks pretty good and healthy to have done heavy drugs since 12. Can anyone verify his bullshit story?

    • I assure you he is a recovered addict. He’s my uncle. I don’t and won’t attend any church, but yes. I have watched him cycle through addiction for more than 20 years, and that’s what I was alive for. We are not in close contact, we are not even really on speaking terms, I do not know the in’s and out’s of this church AT ALL, but he is an addict.

  8. I have never been to this place and never will. I’ve personally heard from numerous trustworthy people that there is real abuse going on. Perhaps not every member chooses to see it. I know there is one woman in particular who feels she is too “smart” to be fooled or brainwashed. Perhaps they’re more careful around her because she has a bad reputation for being a troublemaker, I don’t know, but her own child verifies it’s true. This same woman even tried to have her child forcibly put in their sober house for smoking pot, and he had to run away to get away from them! I have watched his “sermons” on video and it’s pretty apparent that he’s a narcissistic sociopath. He completely twists scriptures for his own advantage. I think that the org sponsoring him needs to pay closer attention to what he’s preaching and what he’s really doing, as CMA will lose all credibility and end up in jail with them. And seriously, the members who support this are some of the most hateful and nasty “Christians” I’ve ever met. This “church” is more like a militia. Ken Hawkins was kicked out of Mosaic of Wadsworth because he wouldn’t allow any church oversight into his little “addiction ministry.” When the church leaders wanted to know what he was doing with church members in his home, he refused to cooperate and threw down a “victim card” after he got tossed out. I personally witnessed that. I think they all knew then that he was a false prophet and sick. And yes, Hawkins considers himself a prophet. People are going to keep gathering evidence, along with other government agencies, and it’s all going to come to a head soon. These leaders definitely need rebuked in the name of Jesus. It’s horrible!

    • Funny that woman you are bashing is my mother. You are really going to say those things without knowing the full situation? As far as I am concerned, none of you know the truth and won’t seek it out. You rather be internet warriors and cast empty threats that mean nothing. None of what Any of you are saying bothers Ken or the leadership or anyone else in the church for that matter. However, it bothers me to know that there is a group of people trying to stop a church from helping those who truly need it. My voice isn’t restrained by Ken and my thoughts are my own. He would want me to keep silent, but I can’t, when there are clueless, ignorant people spewing lies about something they don’t even know about. This is a war you don’t want, I promise that. Jesus will get the victory no matter what!

      Oh and as far as Mosaic is concerned, look up prosperity gospel and Steven Furtick who they love to follow.

  9. I went to high school with the girl who married the assistant pastor and she dated my best friend in high school. She never did anything besides smoke a little marijuana here and there and she joined really recovered after her and my friend broke up. From what I’ve saw on social media, they completely brainwashed her into believing she was an addict. Something is definitely fishy about this group and it’s pretty pathetic that they would use religion to influence addicts for their own benefit.

  10. They are in Wooster at 714 Columbus Ave. They are renovating an area to house a lot of people. They told my friend, who was living there, that he should not take his medication for his mental condition and he should have faith that God would cure him. He has had a mental condition since he was 7. He was granted a 4-hour leave and when he returned they did a breathalyzer and he passed. After church, the drug tested him and said he failed for 2 drugs and alcohol. He swore he did no drugs and I called and spoke with Ken Hawkins and he said they would do another test. Then I got a call that they were putting him out on the street. I again called Hawkins and he said he left it up to the house manager. I spoke with the house manager and he said that if my friend would admit to doing drugs he could stay. My friend said he could not lie to them because Jesus would know that he lied and he did not want to do that. I even offered to pay for the additional test. He is now living on the street again. I believe the Christian thing would have been to believe my friend and retest him. Hawkins said that he had already peed and the test might not register now. He had been back less than 12 hours. I have never done drugs but I know that if you do them they will stay in your system longer than that.

  11. All of these accusations are simply not true. Everything posted here has been twisted. From the marrying of underage girls, Matt wanting to put spyware in the house, none of it is true. If you TRULY want to know what this program is all about, come to church on Sunday and really experience Jesus for yourselves. Ken, Billy, Josh, all of them are wonderful, loving people who go literally out of their way to help the lost and broken people of this world! They sacrifice everything they’re able to to help people and to show them love. Don’t believe what has been said here. Come and see for yourself.

  12. I was beging to go their for help when my mom passed away in Jan of this year yet they let the women that stole $12,000 worth of stuff from my dead mother come back after running from their i and told me that Jesus did not want me there this time. But thankfully I don’t have to Answer to that when I go up to meet my God 🙏🙏


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