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Eric McCrory – A Dangerous Drug Addict Who Stole a Dog & Held it for Ransom (Sevierville, TN)


Eric McCrory of Sevierville is a dangerous drug addict.  One that society needs to avoid in it’s entirety.  He’s a violent tweaker who recently stole a dog and held it for ransom to support his drug habit.  Yes a dog…  He stole a vehicle from a service station that had an emotional support dog inside of it named “Lola”. 

McCrory held Lola hostage for days while trying to scam drugs in the process.  He was also abusive towards the emotional support dog because upon her return the dog was nervous and shaking over the ordeal.

Eric McCrory was eventually caught and arrested.  He belongs in jail!  This worthless loser has a long criminal record and has been addicted to drugs, for years. He looks like a jobless meth head! This dishonest piece of shit needs to be exposed for being the violent, broke ass, junkie that he is.  Eric McCrory needs to be locked away for life, and should be forced to go cold turkey. He also needs to be forced to work hard labor for being such a freeloading, thieving, asshole for so many years.

Eric McCrory is a junkie from Sevierville.



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