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Michael “Mikey” Smith aka El Smitty – Lorain’s Broke Ass Baby Beating Herpes Spreading Wanna Be Gangster Disciple (Lorain, OH)


LORAIN, OH – Michael “Mikey” Smith, aka El Smitty, is a known baby beater, womanizer, cheater, manipulator, liar, cop caller & a fake “GD” gangsters disciple.  He’s popped his own work tires in order to get out of going to work on the company vehicle he was issued to drive.  He’s lost and quit 15 jobs in the past year or two.  He is totally disrespectful and a perfect example of the scum that this website was explicitly created to expose.

Mikey Smith has manipulated young children into telling lies to the police via threats both physical and verbal.  He’s also used the same controlling and abusive behavior towards his girlfriend, Kristie Howard (Zweifel).  He has been rumored to have sex with juveniles, most recently a 16 or 17 year old girl he cheated on his current girlfriend with.  He may have pending charges as the company vehicle he slashed the tires of had camera’s and documented that it was him who indeed slashed the tires.

Watch Mikey threaten a father to beat his ass for having his own child.  Listen to the way Mikey talks to people.  Would you want your own kid around this?  This young father can be overheard saying in the background “what do you have a gun”?  The father was being harassed, threatened and demeaned in this video and it should be apparent to anyone that has half a brain that no father would want their child being anywhere near this type of person (video saved in the event Mikey deletes it off of his Facebook account).

  • Current Employment:  Northview Villas off of Columbia to pay his rent.  Crashed his girlfriends car, never paid her back for it and made her buy another car.
  • Address:  Northernview Villas, 4877 Columbia Rd., North Olmsted
  • Phone:  (440) 406-7841
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004588532527
  • Make/Model Vehicle:  Tan Trailblazer, approximately 2005.

He doesn’t take care of his kids.  He can’t watch more than 1 kid at a time and never watches or spends time with them.  He’s highly abusive towards the kids and his girlfriend.  The abuse stems from emotional and physical, smacking and hitting a 6 year old child that isn’t his, threatening his girlfriend, beating her, choking her in front of a child and then told the cops that she hit him.  Then she went to jail and not him.

AUTHOR Says:  Wassup gangster?  Wtf you bout to do about this shit right here?  Wanna earn some real stripes?  You lil bitch ass nigga, lil faggot ass white boy, suck a nigga dick or sumn bitch.

COBRA Says:  Total scumbag degenerate right here folks.  

He has a record for beating up individuals, extremely bi-polar and has severe depression issues.   He allegedly jumped someone and busted their eye socket in 2015 which resulted in someone having to be hospitalized for days.  He also broke another individuals jaw years later which resulted in that person being hospitalized for days as well.  These are only instances that have been reported.

He had his girlfriend call the North Olmsted police and told her to make up a story about her baby dad.  Doesn’t want the baby father of one of his step-children to provide money, see his kid or have any relationship as a result of the father of the child being irate regarding his treatment towards his own son (rightfully so).

Mikey Smith also has genital herpes.  He has been having unprotected sex all throughout Lorain County and as far as South Carolina.  Numerous women have contracted the permanent incurable STD.

Fun Fact:  Will make fake Facebook profiles to even give himself likes and comments.

The Parents of Scum

Barbie & Michael Smith – Owners of “Smith’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning” are Pill Popping Junkies (Lorain, OH)

The Bottom Line

SCUMBAGGED Tip:   Stay away from this clown.  He’s a loose cannon who doesn’t care if you’re daughter is underage, if it’s your personal property or own mother.  You’ve been warned.


  1. […] LORAIN, OH – Barbie & Michael Smith, the owner’s of “Smith’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning” out of Lorain have been exposed for a myriad of issues.  They have owned the company for more than a decade and both Barbie and her husband are addicted to opiates and abuse prescription medication on a daily basis.  Any form of pain pill they can get their hands on, they will consume and by any means necessary.  They are also reportedly involved with other criminal behavior either directly or indirectly through their son Michael “Mikey” Smith. […]

  2. Come try your shit on me…I’ll be your huckleberry son…some people just ain’t been taught the right lesson in life yet…come to 10702 second st mantua ohio and I promise by the time you leave you’ll be calling me step daddy with respect in your voice.

  3. Yeah he also sells drugs sometimes he used to and would steal from cars and has jumped people this dude is a bad apple

  4. Met him a few times in my life. Not by choice either. Totally obnoxious, rude basically just an all around asshole that loves to run his mouth.

  5. I’ve tried to get this little bitch to come thru & introduce himself. I think he stays a block away, so distance isn’t the reason he won’t stop by….LOL,,

    • That’s bs 😂😂😂😂 all u people typing and don’t know the truth the chick and dude who posted this are heroin addicts that are mad because they got called out and truth be told Mikey ain’t no gangster but he’s no bitch stop claiming u called him out he will throw those hands if need be

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