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Armando F. Samaniego – Notorious Thief & Sexual Deviant (Los Angeles, CA)


LOS ANGELOS, CA – Armando Samaniego proclaims to be a DJ and all-around nice guy, whether it be on craigslist or other gear trading websites and he will come off as genuine.  But, as soon as he gains your trust he will slowly begin to rip you off.  As if his thievery isn’t enough to deal with he will later threaten you, your family and everyone you know with bodily harm.  He’s even gone as far as to actually “demand” expensive items.  Armando will break you down and take everything you have if you let him into your life.

Armando is a drug addict, a thief and he only thinks about himself.  He’s not a musician, he’s not a father, he’s not a family man, he is simply a monster who preys on the weak.  Armando is also a vindictive pedophile and a sexual deviant.  Putting it mildly he is a danger and menace to society. as well as a danger to society.  DO NOT leave your children alone with him especially young boys as he is a closet homosexual who loves to molest.

HAWK Says:  Hopefully this article reaches those who need to know, seems like Armando has some serious issues and everyone needs to be made aware.

Armando F. Samaniego

While he may not even remember things he stole from me I will spend 10 times that amount to systematically destroy everything he loves even after he forgotten what he even did because more than a coward he is a despicable disgusting untalented loser who is charismatic personality take him far enough to steal the garbage he collects in his black rotten core. His only hope is once he is rested he can spend his days in prison.




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