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Lucky Bezak Exposed – The Aces Bar & Grille Front (North Ridgeville, Ohio)


ACES CLOSED 1/3/2019:  Aces Bar & Grille Permanently Closed: How to Lose a Prominent Business in 365 Days

Lucky Bezak, the owner of Aces Bar & Grille located in North Ridgeville, Ohio, has been using his establishment to act as a front for a variety of illegal and shady endeavors ever since he first opened the doors.  In addition to the North Ridgeville Aces, Lucky also owned another Aces located in Middleburg Heights.  He used the Middleburg location as a “farm system” for unsuspecting young ladies.  Lucky has also extorted over-exuberant patrons for getting into minor altercations.  His kitchen staff is full of underpaid & overworked immigrants (possibly illegal) and last but not least, he operates an illegal sports bookmaking operation out of these establishments.  Hiding behind the company name “Aces” to perpetuate his various criminal enterprises

First, we will dive into the farming system & various methods that Mr. Bezak deployed at the Middleburg Heights location.  He would hand select young, attractive & sometimes addicted females during the hiring process.  He then proceeded to entice them with examples of how much money they could make on a good night for doing “extra” things. Moving forward, he would start by “slowly training” these young, unsuspecting ladies at the substantially less busy Middleburg location.  He would then keep these women there where they are stuck hardly making minimum wage (on a good day), where he could then feel each girl out, just to see how far she is willing to go.

NEW UPDATE:  Aces Bar & Grille Owner – Lucky Bezak – Faces Bankruptcy, Eviction, Divorce & A Hitman

Rumor Has It:  A SHUTDOWN?  Rumor has it that Aces Bar & Grille has been shutdown and is pending a sale.  Numerous workers have confirmed the businesses closure as of 1/2/2019.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

One example of a proposition can be found below and was submitted by a former Aces, Middleburg Heights employee.  She has asked to remain anonymous for the time being in fear of retaliation from Mr. Bezak and being vilified by the community.  In continuum; “Lucky” himself would take these young girls for a “night out on the town”.  He’s been seen using limo services to pick them up, showering them with money, making extravagant promises of transferring them up in higher positions within his company where the “real money is” and then would delicately wrap it all up with numerous sexual advances.

Lucky Bezak
Lucky Bezak the owner of Aces Bar & Grille in North Ridgeville & Middleburg Heights.

The Middleburg Heights worker stated “he gave me a $80 tip on my first night of work there in exchange for a spending a night with him, later on in the night I went back to his house and had sex with him, twice.”  Feeling bad about what she did, she quit working for Mr. Bezak the following day.

Aces Grille
Aces Bar & Grille in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

In 2017, two friends were having a good time, drinking & minding their own business while at the Aces bar in North Ridgeville. The night went on and one thing led to another when a verbal argument ensued with one of the individuals and a member of the kitchen staff.  In the midst of the argument, while talking, a member of the Aces kitchen staff stepped in and attacked the man.

Several more members of the staff joined in on the attack when the other mans friend (who has chosen to remain anonymous) stepped in to save the day by knocking out all of the assailants that were attacking his lifelong friend.  No police were called to the scene that night.

HAWK Says:  Well, if what is said in this article proves to be true, which based on the multitude of reports it’s looking that way, someone’s luck looks like it surely is about to run out… Lucky not so lucky no more.  Welcome to the scumbag club Mr. Bezak.  

Instead, the following day, Mr. Bezak contacted the two individuals who were fighting within his bar & issued threats to them.  Lucky came up with a manipulative story and threatened to call the police, unless the two individuals would show up for a private meeting.  The following day the two friends (accompanied by one of their fathers) met with Mr. Bezak upon request at Aces in North Ridgeville.  What transpired at the meeting was blatant extortion.  Mr. Bezak successfully extorted them out of a substantial amount of money in exchange for not filing charges (upwards of $2,000).  One of the men was also permanently banned from the establishment.

Gino Antonelli previous business partner of Lucky Bezak.
Gino Antonelli previous business partner of Lucky Bezak.

His original partner Gino Antonelli finally had enough of Mr. Bezak’s bonafide mobster mentality. He mysteriously parted ways with this thriving “culture” of a business several years ago.  After leaving Aces, Mr. Antonetti formulated his own various establishments, one being in the affluent East Cleveland suburb of Bratenahl.  His involvement in these various scandals is unknown….

That’s not all. Mr. Bezak has also been known to run a very lucrative and highly illegal sports bookmaking business.  He owed a former employee a substantial amount of money on a bet that he did not expect to lose.  This carried on for months until that employee was terminated.  Lucky has also had cases stemming from his various illegal gambling endeavors.

Lucky Bezak Gambling Charges
Elyria Municipal Court charges against Lucky.

Another ACES Fun Fact:  In August of 2017 a security guard and bouncer at Aces in North Ridgeville, named Sgt. Rizzo of the Cleveland Police Department interrupted a patron who was in the process of finishing making a basket that he was donating for a fundraiser (the fundraiser was helping a youth football coach with his cancer bills).  Sgt. Rizzo told the young man that he had to leave the establishment immediately stating that he was being “mean and vulgar” to one of the waitresses. After a moments hesitation the patron decided to bite his tongue and be on his way stating “Yea, okay, I’ll leave”.

While making his way out of the bar, the patron told Sgt. Rizzo in the parking lot “Tell Michael Brelo and his mother fucking brother that I said hey”. A short time later, on that same night while traveling eastbound on I-90 he was pulled over and actually arrested – for speeding. He was taken to the Cuyahoga County Jail and then the Lorain County Jail for a 12 day period.  Coincidence?  Who knows…

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Being a public figure and dabbling with ALL of the things that are happening here is just too much.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this was submitted, what is surprising is that it didn’t happen sooner…






  1. You are a previous employee that is mad
    because you were fired or something in that manner…lol… Now you are trying to make the owner look bad… Your the one that looks bad… look at your previous posts you were so desperate you tried to get a hooker and framed another man for what you did… I don’t know lucky and but if he did hook up with a employee that is between them and she must have quit because she was called out for what she is or was a HOE!!!
    You even think he is a mobster get a new job and move on with your life… Who cares if the kitchen staff are immigrants they need to work too. I am sure they have families to take care of just like the rest of the world…. If they are overworked or under paid that is for them to complain about. It must not be because they are working right… My husband has people walk into his job and walk right back out because people are lazy these days they want to sit on there behinds and get paid… Find a new job and get on with your live and stop hating on the men in the world that are getting there freak on……. HAWK you are a low life pig that can’t get a piece of booty without buying it…. You better hurry and get a new job so you can afford that hookup. On backpage.com Yes I did read your other posts… They are lame
    Proving your also lame….

  2. Lucky was fired 8/31 by the real owner, Darren Ewaska. Darren owns a financial advisor business- LPL Financial LLC. Why would he fire Lucky? Save his own ass? Lucky was guilty of all this and exposed?

    • Lucky left cause darren is a asshole. Darren forced Lucky out just like he forced Gino out. I heard his whole staff is about to walk out on him. For being a dick. This seems to be a habit of darren. He fired his partner in st croix. And already has had to hire 4 different managers in st croix do the fact he is a asshole. 4 managers in 3 months. Hmmm. Easy to find common demonator.

  3. You need to remove this photo of Sal Pulito immediately. He is past away from heart complications and his photo should not be up in this article. freedom of speech do your investigating but please show some respect for someone who has past on.

    • It is within the author of this articles first amendment right to share public images, however, upon administrative review we have removed the image. Sorry for your loss.

    • I do appreciate you removing as his family is steal grieving his loss he is in the photo with Gino. Please do remove photo still uploaded.

  4. People F up all the time, don’t make it more dramatic than it really is. No names?? NO credibility. Is he perfect? F no! Are you?? Lol Nope!

  5. I totally agree that Sal Pulito’s photo needs to be pulled. And Gino Antonelli? He has a wonderful restaurant business solely because of his own hard work and dedication. Whatever this is all about will come to light eventually. Just like those in the Cleveland music-loving community will remain loyal to the ones that earned & deserve ours.

  6. I’ve read a few of the stories on here, and couldn’t honestly distinguish fact from fiction. Primarily because I don’t know any of the people written about. This one, I do. After reading this story I’m now certain the person writing this isn’t a very good fact checker. Not sure why anyone would think it’s their job to vilify other people to begin with, truth or not. You seemingly get off on attempting to discredit and humiliate others to make yourself feel better. Quite pathetic. Find a more healthy, productive hobby.

  7. I cant believe what I read from this Hawk idiot.. This guys a real scumbag . somebody who would write bullshit about a bar and it owner. make shit up. trying to introduce defamation of character against Lucky ???? Hawk Is a POS. You dont think that Lucky is smart enough to know that anything sexual towards a employee is illegal. ? think he would jeopardize his business. his livelihood. his wife and kids by approaching his female employees this way ???? owners of strip clubs dont even lower themselves to do this because of the consequences. this ” no named girl” who went home with him to his house ???? Shes a tramp from the get go then. it said she did him twice.lmao guess they did it in his garden shed or wait better yet.. a tree house in the back yard. that way they did not wake up his wife and kids then..ya thats it…The gambling charges ? if your so smart Hawk.. look up the time frame with this.. it was the time during ALOT of bar owners where getting busted by the state for having/ selling the win money pull tabs in a bar.. and Im sure your two friend that were there drinking were drinking ice tea and shirley temples all night right ? not a couple of drunk assholes running their drunk mouths and looking for problems right ? and then you go after the doorman there doing his job ? any bar or restaurant ive ever been to if there is a person or persons who disrespect or swear or as you put it being “mean and vulgar” at a waitress or barmaid usually 99.9% of the time get their asses thrown out of the establishment. the guy was probably drunk and being a asshole to her/them. and considering as you stated ” there was a fundraiser. for a youth football coach ” I pretty sure that there were young kids there and dont need to see or hear a drunk ass acting like that.. so kudos to that doorman for getting rid of that problem.. its obvious he was no angel since you said he got arrested for speeding. I never heard of anybody getting arrested for speeding.. He had to have arrest warrants on him to have spent time in Cuyahoga County Jail and then the Lorain County Jail for a 12 day period. and they make the accusation the doorman who threw him out had something to do with it ?? HAWK YOU ARE A FUCKING LOOSER. A LIER. AND DISGRACE TO WHAT BEING HUMAN TRULY IS. YOU PLAY WITH YOUR BIG BALLS AND HIDE BEHIND A NAME OF HAWK. BECAUSE YOU DONT HAVE THE GUTS TO SHOW YOUR FACE OR REAL NAME BECAUSE YOUR SCARED OF YOUR BULLSHIT YOU PUT OUT THERE COMING BACK AND NOT ONLY ” BITING YOU IN THE ASS ” BUT BEATING IT TOO. YOUR THE SCUMBAG THIS PAGE SHOULD BE WRITING ABOUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I have worked for Lucky in Middleburg Aces and 7 months and the North Ridgeville Aces, I have never witnessed anything shady from him. He has also treated me with respect, I think he is a good man

  9. Wow … This article is garbage. I have read the shaming of people on this sight and it states no facts. I know the family personally. There is NO WAY he would have OR COULD HAVE EVER brought some girl to his house to spend the night. Gino ran Middleburg. Not Lucky. He was involved toward the end, but they were in no position to hire once he took over. And Gino didn’t leave the way this was written. He never wanted to let go. He was forced out. But, maybe it was a blessing in disguise. I know lucky is not a saint, I’m sure he has his flaws. But I’ve also seen him be the kind of person that is willing to give the clothes off his back to help somebody you need. So to paint him as this villainous person is absolutely absurd. What you guys do is let people submit stories, and yes that’s just what they are stories, rumors, Half Baked truth that are based on assumptions. And you run with them, and the consequence is that you are ruining people’s lives. If Lucky being forced out of aces was any result from this article being published, he has grounds for a defamation of character suit and slander suit. If the livelihood of his wife and children and employees are in any way affected by this article, they also have grounds for a lawsuit. You should be ashamed of yourself posting such a ridiculous nonsense that has absolutely no bearing in fact. I find it absolutely despicable that this website is even allowed to be up. In your About Me section on this website, you don’t list your names, no emails no journalistic fax, you state that you take submissions buy readers and it’s up to them to submit the true facts. So you let Anonymous readers of this website to submit whatever they want and you publish it to ruin people’s lives. I can make up a bunch of stories about people I don’t like to. And if I got caught then I would be held liable. But you hide behind a website and a fake handle and take no responsibility for your actions. You guys are not journalists. You guys are not whistleblowers. You’re spineless you have no backbone and you get off on bullying people. This whole thing disgusts me. There’s a special place in hell for people like you!

  10. Now I don’t care for Lucky, and I would not do business with him. However Richard is right. All of the bar managers got popped for the scratch offs I think it was. It was when the state was legalizing gambling and they did not want competition, so they went out and prosecuted people.

  11. Where in the hell do you come up with these lies. Lucky is one of the most kind hearted people on this planet. I have known him for many years and as someone else previously mentioned he would give the shirt off his back to help anyone out. He is a true family man and would never jeopordize his marriage. Plus he cars alot for his wife and kids. Whoever is in charge of this site, I hope you rot in hell and meet your maker. What gives you the right to print lies and ruin a person reputation!! And there is no gambling happening there. As mentioned in an above post those gambling charges were from the time all the bars were doing pulltabs and not froom running “books”.

    • Don’t worry, it’s football season and it won’t be too hard to get a video recording of a bet taking taking place with bookies around town. People like you only make things worse for people like Lucky. You will all realize that soon enough once we post the incriminating evidence that has been submitted. Don’t worry, it exists and you’ll see soon enough 😎

  12. Sheesh. 50k views on some freelance written article? Who wrote this article that everyone is flocking to and then complaining about? #nopublicityisbadpublicity? Sheesh 50k in less that a week

  13. Hey uhh lucky is like a nice guy and shit and uhh I can see how someone who wasnt mr lucky might think thag hawk is a mother fucking lying asshole with little lying lios that look like an asshole and i could also see how a person other than mr lucky might want said asshole wiped if ya get my drift.

  14. im not believing any of it ..lucky is a great guy ..one of the nicest people i know ..so if u know lucky like i do u know its all bullshit…so whoever is talking shit get a life and leave the.family alone😡


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