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INKspired Studios: The Worst Tattoo’s in Lorain & A Sick & Twisted Owner (Lorain, Ohio)


INKspired Studios was established in May of 2018, and is owned by a pathetic excuse of a woman named Rachel Grasso.  Grasso created the company with the help of Aaron and Donna Hruz.  Aaron Hruz guided and aided her in the direction of the tattoo industry and without him, INKspired Studios would have never turned into fruition.  When Mr. Hruz passed away, she took advantage of his death and attempted to turn her business into a cash cow.

The company is located at 1221 Cooper Foster Park Rd., in Lorain and features some of the lowest quality tattoo’s in Lorain County.  The tattoo parlor purchases low quality ink, ink that rapidly fades and is reminiscent of a jail house tattoo.  The sub-par work and crappy ink however isn’t even the worst part of the business…

In October of 2018, Rachel Grasso, after having suffered through months of a slow startup and on the brink of bankruptcy decided that she could turn her business around based off of someone else’s death.  Aaron Hruz, the very man who had helped her when she was at her lowest point in life and got her into the tattoo business had suddenly passed away, and Rachel seized the moment to offer paid tattoo’s labeled as a remembrance tattoo while spinning off her other addon’s to hundreds of Aaron’s closest friends and family.  All of which was done against the express wishes of the family.

INKspired Studios is cheap for a reason.  Not only do they do extremely poor work with low quality products, but the owner has also been featured in her own standalone article.  An article that sheds light into her evil, manipulative and deceptive ways.  She even went as far as to have a psychic contact the family in an attempt to make it appear that Aaron was communicating from beyond the grave.

COBRA Says:  Total scumbag company ran by an even bigger scumbag person.  If you go here, you might as well get a giant ass tattoo on your forehead that reads “I support pieces of shit”. 

Once You’re Done Read More on Rachel Grasso:   https://scumbagged.com/2018/10/20/rachel-greedy-grasso-exposed-tattoo-artist-profits-off-death-uses-psychic-lorain-ohio

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The Bottom Line:  Get a tattoo anywhere else and by anyone else.  Not only is the quality poor, but the owner of the business is an evil, sinister and corrupt individual who attempts to accrue profits in the worst ways imaginable.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Rachel Grasso and INKspired Studio’s should be ashamed of themselves.  To do what she did, to push the products that they sell, to permanently scar individuals, to go to extreme lengths to obtain profits (via another’s death) is just outright disgusting.  Support a different establishment, one that actually cares about the loved ones in your community and one that most importantly respects the wishes their mothers, fathers, sisters and significant others…  You’ve been warned!


  1. This is half the story by grieving angry people
    Rachel helped his friends grieve the tattoo was never her idea
    He had the tattoo before he passed his friends wanted it to remember him by
    And the bs about her making profit
    She didn’t charge more than the cost of supplies
    So if anything she did it for the charity of doing it
    Aaron would have never wanted this drama and this is too far to try and ruin someones life

    His friends could have went to anyone
    Numerous dif artist
    Who would have made profit and not care any about what the tattoo stood for

  2. Here is the question that should be asked, who are the people that Aaron told to get this tattoo after he is gone; did he tell them he was going to end up dead anytime soon? How many people knew he was going to do what he did. Maybe if they had told his father or mother about it, they would have gotten him help immediately and he would still be alive. Donna has the right to defend her son’s reputation, she should seek an attorney about this matter. Also, the deceased do not talk to the living, the Bible says they are conscious of nothing at all. So, if the ‘psychic’ was getting messages from the grave, she was communicating with Satan, or his demons. The Bible speaks of this too, not to do it.

  3. This women thanks it is cute to accuse her ex husband and the father of her children of sexually touching on my daughter.
    Killer part of it all this the bitch said that he told her he touched my daughter but continued to be sexually active with him and allow him to see her kids.
    Let her tell it he hasn’t seen her kids or been with her sense he told her that but he hasn’t been around so it wasn’t by her choice that he hasn’t. This bitch is a true definition of twisted and sick.
    After this sistuation was brought up she began to pull up my criminal history. I have a felony that I took a plea on because of certain situations but to be honest I wasn’t truly guilt of. Needless to say it’s over. I have driving misdemeanor and a petty theft from Walmart. Where I was with my bd and out of a 493 bill 82 and some change wasn’t rang up. But wait here is the kicker part this bitch has played the system and done her dirt just was lucky enough not to get caught. On top of that her and (a unnamed person) steal from Walmart on a regular. I had a conversation with both of them a little while back and they told me how they switch tags on stuff to get it cheaper…..lol.. that theft fyi
    And lets not forget her corney ass fake friend who lost her job for stealing pills. ( these bitch so quick to talk shit about someone else dirt but forget there just as guilty)


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