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Elise Janais Brown – The Sociopathic, Narcissistic Cheating Wife (Corryton, TN)


Elise Janais Brown is a 34 year old cheating wife (married to David Brown). She is a true abusive sociopath and narcissistic to the core! On Oct 18, 2018, Elise’s own daughter had enough of having to live with that vile, evil witch, so she hung herself, just so she could get away from her abusive mother.

Elise is now playing the part of a martyr, getting on all the local news channels, telling her side of the story and trying to cover up her dirty laundry, as well as her dirty house of horrors that her daughter was exposed to.  She is the prime example of a neglectful mother and an abusive wife.  She only thinks about herself and as a result she’s brought those that are the closest to her down.

The daughter ran away and attempted suicide before, because her life at home was so miserable, having Elise for a mother. The teen daughter was nothing but a nanny to her two younger sisters, while the mother went out chasing after black cock to cheat on her husband with.

elise janais brown
Elise Janais Brown is a cheater from Corryton, TN

Elise in the News:  Mother of Knox teen suicide victim: The system is ‘broken’

HAWK Says:  Definitely doesn’t like wifey material.  Hopefully Mr. Brown sails on to greener pastures.

Elise Janais Brown is nothing but a lowlife, white trash, gym whore who plays the part of the loving, devout Christian wife and doting mother. It’s all bullshit! She is a lying hypocrite! Elise uses the church to cover up her sins. She is a piss poor excuse of a mother, and a promiscuous, money hungry, cheating wife. Avoid this piece of shit! Elise Janais Brown is only after money, dick, admiration and attention.

The Bottom Line:  When you choose to get married, it’s a lifelong commitment, not a few days, few months, I’m horny going to mess with someone else type of commitment.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  If you are being cheated on by your wife It’s officially time to move on.  Don’t stay in a relationship that’s going to mentally abuse you and drag you down.  You’ll be deprived of emotional connection if you don’t.


  1. This pig 🐷 is a pathetic joke! I heard she blamed everybody, “but herself” when her daughter died. Elise tried to involve the school, but her daughter, Angelina was no longer a student at the school. Angelina was expelled months prior for possession of pot. Elise then tried to blame Angelina’s father, Jacob, but he had done nothing wrong. Elise then called the news media to attend the funeral, and then got on TV, pretending to be oblivious of her daughter’s depression, which led to her suicide. Elise did all that to cover her tracks, so nobody would believe that she was the one who caused her daughter to kill herself! Elise Brown did not shed one tear at her daughter’s funeral, because she is heartless, narcissistic bitch!

    This stupid cunt and her moron husband had to have a Go Fund Me page, because they couldn’t afford Angelina’s funeral, but they always have money to mark up their body with gaudy, trashy tattoos. Both she and her husband, David can go choke on a bag of black dicks!

  2. Elise is living on anxiety meds and other prescription drugs. She is a terrible mother, who is only concerned about herself. Elise just had another tummy tuck this month. She is obsessed with plastic surgery. This makes it her third or fourth tummy tuck, she has had, altogether. Elise doesn’t look good in a bikini anymore, and she got shot down last spring, when she got shown up on vacation by seeing another girl half her age and weight, looking better in her bikini, than Elise did. So naturally, Elise the fat cow 🐄 had to schedule another tummy tuck, because she couldn’t handle the competition.

    I feel sorry for her other daughters, Victoria and Natalie. They’re teenagers now, and Elise’s psychotic insecurities, along with her obsession to compete, is going to drive those poor girls down the same dark path, their older sister went before she took her life. It’s a shame, really.


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