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OPINION: Rally Against Issue 1: Kill The Bill Or See More Drugs, Crime & Deaths (Elyria, OH)


A storm is coming this November 6th when voting starts and ends in regards to “Issue 1”.   The bill, as it stands, if it were to pass would cause there to be more drugs, more crime & more deaths in our communities.  The propaganda that has been pushed through the plethora of television and internet advertising campaigns do not begin to accurately describe or explain what exactly Issue 1 will do if enacted.  This article sheds much needed light on the multitude of issues that will arise if the bill is passed.  In addition a “Rally Against Issue 1” is being held tomorrow (October 30th) at the Elyria Municipal Courthouse at 5:30 PM.  The purpose of the rally is to help educate and inform the public as to the detrimental effects of the bill.

For starters “Issue 1” is a very dangerous bill.  It makes the possession of any amount of fentanyl, heroin and meth a probationable offense with a lighter punishment than offenses like disorderly conduct and reckless operation.  The same will also go for drug dealers.  Dealers often have the drug (or drugs) that they distribute in their system due to ingesting (breathing) it  and touching it.  As a result, upon a drug test, dealers will simply say that they are users, receive zero jail time and be right back on the street in a fraction of a second.

The moment the bill passes Ohio will become a pipeline for drugs.  Removing the threat of jail from both users and pushers will only create a chaotic systemic disaster that will compound upon itself.  Drug users who perhaps were inclined to seek out treatment, or whom were on the cusp of sobriety, instead will simply be re-released into society with their dealer waiting for them on the other side of the sally port. 

Not So Fun Fact:  Treatment for addiction is not provided or required by this bill.  An addict is on his own in getting sober.  Judges would then lose their discretion on how to best deal with offenders before the courts.  Essentially the proposal dooms effective treatment efforts in courts across Ohio.

Drug traffickers, human traffickers, aggravated robbers and others will be eligible for up to a 25% sentence reduction.  It also shifts ALL cost to the local government.  Proponents speculate that savings from letting violent offenders and drug offenders out of prison will result in millions of dollars for treatment.  An analysis from the Ohio Office Budget and Management determined Issue 1 would not save near as much as proponents speculate and could actually COST the state money.  Local taxpayers will then be left with the bill.

Issue 1 has passed in numerous other states and being that the bill has is relatively new, the full entirety of results are pending.  However, what is known thus far is the following:  Overdoses, crime & confiscated drugs are all on the rise.  Take Oklahoma for example, the state hasn’t seen any savings, but instead has a now ballooning cost to provide the services.

Fun Fact:  Mark Zuckerberg is also backing the Issue 1 vote.  He’s pumped more than $1,000,000 into the campaign to try and help efforts get streamlined across the state and turn them into potential yes votes.  Why he’s involved all the way from Palo Alto, California, is a wonder.

Rally Information

The Rally Against Issue 1 will be held at the Elyria Municipal Courthouse on October 30th at 5:30 PM.  The Rally will be focused on getting voters energized and to the poll’s come November 6th, as well as educate and inform them at to the serious issues regarding “Issue 1”.

The Bottom Line:  If you plan on voting yes on issue 1 you need to understand that the negatives far outweigh the positives.  More people will die, more drugs will be accessible and more drug dealers will pop up.

SCUMBAGGED Tip:  Best bet is to Vote NO on Issue 1 for now.  Until they can create a bill that focuses on a reduction for drug users as opposed to both drug users and drug dealers as well as violent offenders, this is a bad bill.  Let’s stop it before it happens!  You’ve been warned.


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