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Secret Boob Juice: Did Cassandra Studebaker Get Brownie Points from the Fed’s? (Elyria, OH)


Cassandra Studebaker was sentenced last week in Federal court for drug dealing offenses. She was given I believe 6 or 7 more months of house arrest and no jail time. Pretty sure she named names and exposed people to get this type of punishment.  So those who associate with her be warned and also be aware of your own safety as some of these drug dealers may try to get even with her.

She uses a 4 year old’s urine to pass her drug screens (she keeps it under her boobs to keep the temperature warm). She is still using drugs and gets her friends to do her drug deals since she can’t get out of the house. This pic is recent of her…  She didn’t look too worried that she was going to court, so she knew she was getting off easy, in fact she appears to be more interested in making a dog butt kissy smile, which she can’t take a pic without doing.

HAWK Says:  The FED’s are “giving her enough rope to hang herself” apparently.  Based on the multitude of submissions and the evidence of her continuation in the same type of behavior that stemmed from her initial investigation(s), it’s only a matter of time before she finds herself in another jam.  When that happens, brownie points will be negated and this “victim” will become the perp…

Did Cassandra Studebaker get brownie points by aiding the Feds?



  1. She just got locked back up on Saturday October 31st and is back in jail for probation violations stemming from her last case. She got picked up at her dads house on east Ave. The dumb bitch was on the run from her probation officer since like February when she had her ankle monitor removed and was off house arrest. She still balls deep in the pill game and owe her dad thousands of dollars for product she used herself. She has a holder in jail and no bond due to a holder from the feds was told! She will go back to switching her way back out to freedom im sure SMFH


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